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   Chapter 7 He was so late

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I should have known not to trust Eric, he was late as it is. I couldn't describe how much I loathed this day and the company around me. I scanned through the people who were conversing in my parents huge backyard. My father was hysterically laughing at something Mr. Johnston, Laura's father had said. My mother was right beside me and I had questions for her.

"You really just had to invite him.." I let out a sardonic laugh, my dear mother raised her head to look at me as if I had grown two heads. She had her brunette hair in a nice bob. It suited her like a hand in glove. My mother was very beautiful and didn't look a day over forty.

"Robbie is still family, Leona." She gave me a small smile before her eyes went over to where he stood with Brenda. She was holding the bag with the babies needs and etc. I pictured her falling in the swimming pool in my head but as much as I wanted to hate her, I could never. Brenda Williams was a nice person. She didn't deserve any tantrums, I had thrown at her. Like the red wine I purposely spilled on her white dress at her very own baby shower, she invited me so what? I went there and ruined it.

She saw me from afar and waved with a smile, I gave her a firm nod before looking away. She stole my boyfriend and now she was stealing my family. Eric wasn't a Harlot, I wasn't a Harlot, Brenda was the bloody harlot. I thought, thinking about the way Eric would have said it.

Why was his smallest traits rubbing on me already... weird!

"It was very unnecessary for them to bring that thing with them." I corked an eyebrow at the little bundle of so called joy that Robbie proudly held as he talked to my uncles and cousins. He was so happy, happy for nothing. That was a bastard child, ofcourse they planned to get married soon but the fact remained that they had sex before marriage and a baby out of wedlock.

Did I have sex with Robbie? Well-

"Leona, don't be rude; it's a baby boy called Robert junior."

"How original." I pursed my lips into a thin line as I caught Robbie's eyes on me. I immediately composed my lips from a sneer to a rather cheerful smile.

"Lee, I won't allow you to insult an innocent child besides when are you giving your father and I, a bundle of joy?"

"My boyfriend is actually on his way." I rolled my eyes, chugging a bottle of sparkling water open.

"Oh, yes! I'm very excited

er said after squeezing the life out of my so called boyfriend.

"Nice to meet finally meet you, I'm sorry for being late and coming unannounced, I thought I would surprise Leona. She wasn't aware that I had booked a flight from Manchester just to see her." Eric smoothly lied shocking me by how he did it so easily with no conscience.

"Leona! Won't you greet your boyfriend? Is this how you welcome him." My mother pushed for me to hug Eric.


"Go hug that man, he must be jet lagged.." my aunt Debra added. For the first time, I hugged Eric Michelson and let me tell you this bring in his arms felt like heaven. He held me so close like I was the only person who mattered at that moment. His hands low around my waist firmly holding me against his rigid chest. His cologne intoxicating, he gave me a pearly white smile and my skin shivered. By the time I pulled away, I realized my parents were now talking to their other guests and my aunt Debra stared very weirdly at us.

"Alright there there Leo.." Eric said as if he was talking to a dog gently pulling away. "Do you fall for guys so easily or you just haven't been laid in a long time?" Eric whispered and honestly that was a slap on the cheek. I stomped onto his right foot making him groan in pain, I immediately checked the coast then realized everyone was minding their own business. He just always had to ruin everything, I felt stupid, I couldn't help it. He was handsome and smelt good. That is the most attractive thing or maybe I had fetish for men who smelt good.

Eric Michelson was a cunning lad.

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