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   Chapter 6 He was so grateful

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 4663

Updated: 2019-03-26 20:06

"Don't mutter a word to me, you harlot." Eric spat as he banged the door in my face. I'm assuming he got my little surprise from the restaurant. I wouldn't lie and say I didn't enjoy the seeing him miserable and upset. I had woken up excited to see his reaction. I was so busy enjoying the moment, I only realized he called me a harlot after he had closed the door.

Thank goodness, I had an extra keycard. Since I was the one paying. Clicking the door open, I saw him..

Messy curls, shirtless and loose fitting jeans right below his hips. I gulped down a feeling of uneasiness. He had an impeccable strong built and never was i a fan of tattoos but at this moment I thought his tattoos looked like art and my curiosity wanted him to tell me about each and everyone of them.

He glared at me before walking away, totally ignoring my presence.

"Ricky?" I called him by his nickname thinking just maybe that would lighten up the mood.

"Only my friends are allowed to call me that." He said as he cut his bacon and eggs before stuffing it in his mouth then chewing with his mouth open for me to see. It wasn't as disgusting as I thought it would be maybe because he was a rather good looking specimen with a disgusting attitude.

"I'm your girlfriend so I have a better privilege." I joked but he only stared at me as if I had said the dumbest thing in the world. He shook his head and t

first time gave me a genuine smile. I nodded because this was the first civilized conversation we had, had ever since our meeting.

"Sure." I waved before leaving. At least he was a grateful bastard and him calling me Leo was something I had gotten used to. No one ever called me that so it was very different and made me feel very giddy.

As I left, I thought about Eric. Did he drop out of school because the funds didn't allow him to continue? Did he drop out of school because he was dumb but he didn't seem dumb! Did he drop out of school because of lack of interest? When did his parents die? When he got into a car accident, how badly was he hurt? Does he have any siblings? What was growing up in England like for him? When did he get his very first tattoo? What are his dreams and aspirations?

I had so many questions, there was no denying he was a very interesting specimen.

Eric Michelson was like no other.

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