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   Chapter 5 He was so selfish

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It had been-

A week since I got acquainted to Eric Michelson. He was the most aggravating person I had ever came across in my life. Everything was going as planned, my parents had invited me to a cook out. I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce them to Eric. We were suppose to meet for lunch, he was an hour late when I decide I was about to leave. I would definitely find him in his suite playing stupid video games. Eric Michelson was everything, I did not want in a boyfriend.

"Leo.." I heard someone grabbing a chair across me. Looking up, I saw Eric, hair wet... tight fitting shirt and lose jeans that fit his waist perfectly. I had come to realize, he just loved wearing boots... was it a London thing or it was an Eric thing.

"You're late."

"Thanks for emphasizing on that but I'm here now." He replied giving me a quick smile, it was genuine. My heart faltered a bit, he was actually smiling at me... not that I cared right..

"Are you always late for everything, Michelson?" I composed myself, I had ordered two glasses of water and another glass of grape juice while waiting for him and I was too stuffed to order anything. Not stuffed but more like I didn't have anymore space? for anything more otherwise I would regurgitate everything.

"A very absurd habit, I picked up from school." He gave me another quick smile. He had a very beautiful smile, he was just handsome not that I would ever tell him because he acted as if he already knew. He smelled like aftershave cream, it was intoxicating. Him sitting across me made me feel a bit nervous. He didn't seem to mind me as his eyes roamed around the fancy restaurant, I had picked. The waiter gave him the menu, he picked it up and frowned. When he walked into the restaurant, everyone turned to look, maybe because he didn't fit in or because he just always grabbed attention where ever he went.

"Well you need to quit it." I said pursing my lips. I didn't want him to catch me looking but he always did and whenever he did, he had this stupid habit of wiggling his eyebrows at me. I simply rolled my eyes at him.

"Do you know how many boots, I can buy at Gucci with our bill from this posh restaurant?" He said scanning the menu once more.

"I'm paying, aren't I?" I paused. "Besides this is my father's favorite restaurant, I assumed he might bring us here soon enough and I wanted you to be acquainted."

"You think I can't use a fork and knife?" He raised a brow.

"I didn't say that!" I huffed.

"Well, Leo, I'm already well acquainted to places like these unless I'm dining with

the Queen of England then don't ridicule me." He gave me a fake smile before rolling his eyes.

"I didn't mean to offend you." I said under my breath.

"Whatever!" He put his plump pink luscious lips in a thin line. I quickly looked away when he caught me staring at his lips.

"You're paying right?" He questioned and I nodded. "Well lets put that to good use.."

Seven dishes later, I knew this was a bad idea. I shouldn't have told him I was paying because he made it a point to milk my wallet dry. Not that he could because with my grandfathers trust fund money, I didn't even need a job or to be working for the next thirteen years.

"You're not going to order again!" I hissed under my breath. I called for the waiter who was here within a second and asked for the bill.

"How do you not get fat from the amount of food you take in? Don't think I didn't see your bill from the Mariston hotel this past week. I will take all this out on your rental charges." I told him but he only rolled his eyes and utterly ignore everything I had just said to him.

He smirked then gave me a smile, a blush went on my cheeks. That was until he winked... he wasn't doing this to me all along. I turned my head to see a group of four girls sat on the table behind me, they couldn't stop giggling. I really thought he was smiling at me? Who was I fooling he already loathed my presence. I had never been likable. Everyone always preferred to associate themselves with Laura Johnston my bestfriend. Who had the heart of gold... not me the uptight upright friend.

Was this why Robbie left me? I wasn't tolerable. This sent me off the edge thinking about it. I put my spoon down and wiped my lips with a napkin. Chicken soup was the only thing I had ordered.

"You can just go sit with them.." I said bitterly, his eyes immediately lit up. What he did next shook me like an electric voltage. With his 6'1 height he towered over me as he went over to their table leaving me alone with his dirty drumsticks and messy half eaten ribs.

"Ladies." He said in his deep British accent which made the girls giggle. "I'm Ricky."

It took a lot for me to not knock him on the floor and grab him by his boots and walk out of here dragging him. I smirked when when the waiter came to fetch the bill. I solemnly told the waiter that the gentleman over there had offered to pay our bill and the four girl's bill. The bill went up to $679.24 I smirked as I grabbed my purse leaving the restaurant with my head held high.

I wouldn't let him step over me.

Surely not today.

Surely not ever.

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