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   Chapter 3 He was so skinny

Rent a Christian boyfriend By Antonette Liebermann Characters: 5337

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My parents-

Always held a annual gala, where all the funds went to charity. My father was always a giver and yes this year they expected me to bring someone. I had never brought anyone except Robbie, my stupid ex-boyfriend. We had been at it since our teenage days. He lived in our suburban area up north. My father took a great liking to him, I was happy and in-love. We were the perfect couple, we were going to get married and have a couple of kids but that all dissolved into acid when he made another woman pregnant. He told me, he was inlove with her and things between us weren't working. Everything suddenly became clearer and clearer, he had been with Brenda for a while... he cheated on me. He had ofcourse been planning to leave me but he couldn't you know why?

My father is a doctor.

That's sounds stupid because you're probably thinking. What does my father being a well known doctor have anything to do with my relationship with Robbie well-

Robbie is a pediatrician. He absolutely adored kids, he worked at the hospital which my father was in charge of. He didn't want to lose or mess up any opportunity of him getting a promotion by breaking up with his bosses daughter.

It was very unfortunate.

After that I swore I wouldn't focus on relationships but only my career. I moved to New York and now I was back in Los Angeles with my rental boyfriend.

That's if he actually shows up.

"Eric Michelson is sure taking his time!" I said rolling my eyes.

"Leona, you know he is coming from Florida right? It must have been a long flight and he is probably in the bathroom freshening up." Laura said putting a few strands of her blonde hair behind her ear. I just huffed and puffed while standing there. I was jealous, yes I was freaking jealous. Laura had a nice little petite body that could fit into anything and her blue eyes were just captivating. She could walk around in rags and still make it work. Do you know how it feels to be the other friend? The friend no one pays attention to. The friend that people only know because of her other friend. That's me, I'm that friend. I was slim but very curvy, it made me very upset. The struggle of buying jeans, a slim waist and a bigger bottom. I loved my body but whenever I was with Laura, I felt very self conscious. I got compliments but I felt that's all I had to offer, that's the only thing everyone admired about me, the body of an hour glass. So many times people told me what they would wear if they had my body. I would honestly rather be flat.

Waiting for Eric Michelson for four hours at the airport was not part of the plan.

"We wasted our time, did we really th

ink this was going to work? I will just tell my parents that I'm lesbian and you're my girlfriend!" I huffed, Laura giggled at this.

"I think I see him." She stood up and held the board written Eric Michelson in bold. I remained seated, narrowing my eyes across crowd until I saw him-

I pursued my lips, He was in ripped black jeans, black boots and a white see through shirt.

Just freaking great.


He walked so slow like he was on an airport red carpet. He had this beautiful curly black hair like Harry Styles once upon a time. He held his duffel bag over his shoulder in a 'I don't care stance'. The photograph we had seen on the website certainly wasn't this. He looked more ridiculous in person, this website was a rip off to think I had already made the deposit and paid for his fucking plane ticket.

He ran a hand through his hair as he approached us. He was so skinny and tall.. I thought to myself. He had a nice strong built, if I may say so myself.

"Lauren?" He smirked at my best friend who blushed. He had a beautiful accent if I may say so myself. Who didn't love a British accent? I know there are a couple of people but don't say it.

"Just Laura." She smiled.

"So did you decide, you wanted to walk to Los Angeles?" I intervened.

He chuckled, biting on his metallic lip ring. "Actually, I decided to take a bicycle."



List is endless.

"What took you so long?" I questioned.

"That's Leona, your soon to be girlfriend." Laura said softly making Eric frown.

He frowned.

He hoped Laura was his pretend girlfriend, I immediately felt rejected. Why did I feel jealous and hurt-

"I had to change my plane ticket to 12pm, who the bloody fuck wakes up at 6am for a bloody plane-"

Right here then and there, I decided I didn't like him.

At all.

"You ruined my schedule." I muttered as a matter of fact.

"Your schedule, oh my word are you the CEO of Coca Cola or you happen to be Bill Gates? If not then your schedule is nonexistent." He said rolling his eyes.

I. Can't. Stand. Him.

"Not at all, She's a nurse." Laura interjected not knowing he was being sarcastic.

"I would rather jump off a hospital window with my drip than have her as my nurse."

I gasped.

"You don't even know me, Michelson!"

Yes, I was hurt.

"Oh trust me, I know your type!" He said with a sneer. As we walked out of the airport terminal, he totally ignored me as he continued to talk to Laura. I felt rejected and jealous. I had paid for his hotel and this is how he repays me. Paid for his plane ticket and had to pay his agency a deposit.

Eric Michelson was a bastard.

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