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   Chapter 3 Alex falls in Love

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A year was lapsing since Alex relocated to Sun City town in Spring Valley. It was about ten months having an adventure with Debbie Lincoln's employee at the Dracula. Most of the weekends throughout the month, Debbie spent her time at Alex's mansion. Their bondage was tight with her love strengthening towards him while Alex was gradually getting acquainted with the feelings towards him. He was learning to love Debbie since her fiancée Suzie stayed away in the Amazon longer than anticipated. Her second year at the Amazon was lapsing and Alex's love towards her was fading in his heart. He decided to learn how to love Debbie and keep her around him for as long as he could manage.

Unlike Mike's indulgence in picking twilights along Lincoln Avenue and having sex with them at a fee and sometimes getting some for his friend Alex, Alex was more committed to Debbie and had decided to submit to her satisfactorily and keep his emotional and sexual needs attended to nicely and meaningfully rather than carelessly. She made sure that she visited Alex at least in the weekends to keep him company and settle for an adventure. Debbie enjoyed every moment in Alex's arms especially his prowess in making her attain maximum gratification he had never experienced before during love making. His active and aggressive sexual urge made her love him even more and more. She felt like a real woman with a real man exclusively for her. To Debbie, his financial muscle was less meaningful. His presence was. She felt attached to him like she was the missing link to his happiness. They were doing well until Maria, Kimi's little sister and Rhodes daughter came home from Crempton City. Hell broke loose. A baptism of fire was awaiting Debbie.

It was harvesting season and time to reap from the sowed barley and grape plantations in Sun City town along Spring Valley. Alex had offered to sell his product to Rhodes for his processing plant along Delta Avenue at a cheaper price. Since Rhodes was an aggressive businessman, sometimes he harvested barley from potential suppliers at his own cost and therefore needed sufficient and adequate machinery for the job. Kimi decided to visit Alex at his residence to make arrangements for barley harvesting as well as come to a compromise on a machinery financing arrangement with him. Alex assembled heavy commercial vehicles and machinery in Sun City town and them being allies he could assist on a flexible financial arrangement in acquiring harvesting equipment for Sir Rhodes. Kimi always had a slot card to Alex's gate and was allowed entry to his residence at will.

Maria had come home from Crempton City where she ran their law firm and was breaking for a long time holiday in order to have quality time with her family and her fiancé Andy while making wedding arrangements to be held early the following year. Maria decided to accompany her brother to Alex's residence to know their new neighbor she was hearing about. Alex was busy inspecting his field accompanied by one of his managers in his Phoenix pick-up truck. When Kimi and Maria arrived at his residence he was not in the house. Alex had authorized his servants whenever a visitor came looking for him with emphasis to Debbie, Kimi and Rhodes to be informed immediately through a phone call. Mike and Matt were just buddies and knew their way around his residence and their presence raised no need of urgency. He was informed right away. Kimi and his sister Maria were seated at the lounge having glasses of juice served to them, when their host returned from the field. Maria was seated immediate to the vestibule and when Alex entered their eyes met abruptly.

Alex felt an attraction that he had never encountered before. Maria was an angel. She was wearing a simple fine dress that fitted her nicely. She was a simple woman with a figure for a model. Her chocolate appearance was an attraction to die for. Her beauty was magnificent. Her dark long hair made her look like a princess. Alex was tongue tied his eyes steady on Maria's. He felt unimaginable attraction towards the new queen. He took time in retrieving his hand from hers in a long handshake that left her in amazement. Kimi was suspicious on noticing the look on Alex's face as he smiled lightly with a glowing face. Her eyes smoldered like furnace. Love was eminent in his eyes. Maria retrieved her hand from his forcibly. He snapped from his dilemma before proceeding to shake hands with Kimi. Finally Alex was in love. It was at first sight. It was unexpected and incontrollable as his heart pounced on his chest vigorously and rapidly. His heart was in skip beat mode. Maria had eclipsed the existence of Debbie in Alex's mind. Alex sat next to Kimi on the opposite side to Maria perhaps to sustain his sight of the beautiful jewel.

"Ahem.... welcome. I hope I didn't keep you waiting?" He said.

"Not at all. We just arrived. This is my little sister Maria. She is the one that we told you about. She is taking a break. Maria, this is Alex our neighbor, friend and business Associate." Kimi mumbled.

"Your place looks beautiful. Maybe I should visit you quiet often.

What do you say?" She complimented.

"Oh. Sure! Sure! I wouldn't mind, anytime." Alex responded hastily.

"You look great. You are beautiful. Kimi told me about you and I definitely knew you were a jewel." He flirted with her.

"Thank you. You look good too." She said.

Kimi was not amused by their conversation. He smelled a rat and noticed that Alex was flirting with his little sister Maria. He decided to interrupt before it went any farther. He cleared his throat cunningly to attract Alex's attention.

"Mm m.... mm m" Kimi coughed.

"It's harvesting season eventually" he continued changing the topic.

"I wanted to talk about some issues" Kimi proceeded.

"Oh. Yeah... "Alex nodded. "It's like I suggested. I am supplying your industry with all my barley at the agreed price." Alex responded turning back his attention to Maria.

"That's clear. What else?" He said. "We need some equipment from your assembly. We need to procure a harvester and two tractors on loan." Kimi explained.

Alex was not responding. His mind was lost in a love nightmare. His eyes remained gazing at Maria. He was in a different world, his own jungle of intertwining romantic euphoria. He dreamed having Maria all for himself.

"Hey! Alex!" Kimi called.

"Yes!" startled, Alex answered.

"You heard what I said, Right?" Kimi asked.

"Of course yes. It's done... whatever it is." Alex responded unsure of self.

"Alright then, we'll start right away." Kimi said.

"Yes." Alex affirmed nodding. Kimi and Maria rose from their seats ready to leave their friend's house. Alex offered to walk them to their car as they chat. He had not had enough of Maria and wouldn't let the conversation with her end. Kimi had to interrupt repeatedly reminding them that he was leaving. Maria found Alex charming and interesting to chat with. At the back of her mind though, she knew of her engagement to Andy her fiancée. She was cautious not to spill the beans and kept her thought to herself. Alex on the other hand enjoyed every moment with her. His heart beat in excitement and in rapid spirit. It was in love. He made sure that Maria's attention was on him. He could not cross the border while her brother Kimi was present. He vowed in his heart to lay a mission strategy to woo her heart and make her his queen and the princess of his castle. Kimi did not like it at all. He felt sorry for Andy, his sister's fiancé. He saw a huge storm coming ready for devastation embarking on eroding his sister's relationship with Andy. He was not sure what to do when the storm arrived. He thought of putting a full combat armor to battle any enemy threatening his sister's happiness. However he chose to lay back and wait for the right moment.

Alex was not aware of any engagement to Maria. He did not know she was about to tie a knot with another man. Nevertheless he was equally ready for battle and willing to offer anything to get Maria. He was bound to find out about any engagement anyway. He waved at them as they drove towards the gate in their red Ferrari. He smiled broadly at Maria as she waved back at him. Maria was not suspicious of Alex and thought it was Alex's nature of hospitality and charming personality. She was in for a rude shock. A storm was in its way ready to sweep her off the ground. She liked Alex but he loved her.

On their way home, Kimi confronted Maria seeking to know what that was all about. The flirting and smiling between her and Alex back at his residence. He reminded her that she was engaged to Andy and nothing should compromise their status. He made clear of his unwillingness to support any possible relationship with Alex. Maria retaliated that nothing would separate her from Andy and stressed she only liked Alex for his charming expressions and his hospitality. Maria loved Andy and had agreed to marry him the following year in a huge ceremony that would mark the commencement of a long term commitment until death broke their knot. Both were busy in their professions with Andy committed to his career as a physician while Maria kept herself occupied in their legal firm being a legal practitioner who wished to develop her career unlike her brother Kimi who opted to commit himself to his father's estate. They hardly spent quality romantic time together but capitalized on the few incidences they met. They both reserved each other's place in their hearts and kept their love burning whenever they communicated.

In some occasions it took sacrificing some time at work for Andy to visit Maria at her house in Crempton a few kilometers from his office at Crempton Hospital. They would briefly have fun and make love before Dr. Andy's pager beeped to interrupt their moment requiring him to respond to an emergency case needing his expertise. Maria understood their situation since she too knew the importance of Andy's career despite her father being of wealthy affluent personality. She realized that Andy tried his best to squeeze his schedule to have spare time for her. That kept her patient and determined to preserve a place in her heart for her fiancée. Maria was an understanding woman. Her inner beauty was even greater than her physical chocolate appearance Alex was seeing. He was yet to experience her real beauty.

Back at Alex's residence, he gave instructions to his field manager to arrange for harvesting of barley with Kimi. He also instructed his assembly manager to render deserved service to Kimi if he sought any. It was not clear to Alex what he had really agreed to with Kimi but he did not bother to mind. His mind was on Kimi's sister Maria. He lay at his master en suite bed thinking about Maria. He imagined of her beauty. The way she smiled, dressed and walked was an image to reckon. He fantasized feeling her imaginative presence around him. He imagined of a life with her. Alex was building his own castles in the air smiling like a mentally challenged, alone in his bedroom. He was thinking of an appropriate plan to accomplish his mission. He did not have Maria's contacts but that did not bother him. Furthermore, he was welcome at Rhodes residence anytime. He thought of that option and decided to pay them a visit in the evening for an opportunity to chat with Maria. It had been long since he visited Rhodes and his wife Elizabeth anyway.

A visit at their residence would appear as normal and harmless without the suspicion of a hidden intention. This was disguise. He could not wait for dusk. He felt anxious to see Maria again. Debbie was not in the picture and for a moment she was forgotten. She was busy at the Dracula as usual unaware of the new development. Her perceived lover was fantasizing for another. She was at the verge of losing Alex to Maria. Alex's instincts told him that his action to woo Maria would arouse a drama and criticism from Debbie and Rhodes family. He was embracing for an ultimate challenge ready to confront anyone including his own business associate and friend Sir Rhodes, Maria's father.

At the onset of dusk, Alex embarked on a journey to Rhodes residence to get another opportunity with his daughter. He dressed elegantly clad in a classic silk and covering his eyes in dark shades. He opted for his black metallic Mercedes Benz convertible amongst his fleet. When Alex arrived at Rhodes residence a stone's throw away, Rhodes and his son Kimi were not present. Elizabeth, Rhodes wife, Maria and Kimi's mother was in the house with her daughter busy in the kitchen preparing a special meal for dinner. The noise of cutlery in the kitchen announced her presence. Her mother was seated on a couch at the living room following a soap opera in the television. Alex walked in smiling radiantly as usual to Elizabeth proceeding to shake hands.

Elizabeth was a humble and a friendly woman who instilled quality discipline to her children. It was evident in her face that she was a jewel just like her daughter during her hey days. Rhodes had definitely married a princess both at heart and appearance. Elizabeth had not known Alex had met with her daughter earlier in the day so she called her for acquaintance. Maria was unaware of Alex's presence in their mansion and hastily abandoned what she was doing to answer her mother's summon. She was on an apron when she walked in on Alex seated next to her mother. However, Maria was not surprised by his presence since she thought it was a routine visit perhaps for business or casual fun with her family as she had learned.

Finally, Alex's opportunity had presented itself. He struck cleverly and cunningly in intense anxiety and nervousness.

"Maria!" her mother called. "This is Alex, meet Alex our friend" Elizabeth introduced.

"Mother, we already met. I accompanied Kimi to his house" Maria sincerely retaliated.

"Oh... I didn't know. That's okay. Serve him something to drink" Her mother said.

"Welcome Alex. Let me get you some juice lemon or anything?" Maria offered as she shook hands with him.

"Don't mind. I am not new here. We can get it together and maybe I could keep you company in the kitchen. I could learn one or two things from your cooking." Alex said. He rose from his couch to follow Maria into the kitchen.

"Well get to familiarize with yourselves" Elizabeth hinted. Meanwhile, Alex's heart was pounding than ever before. His mind rolled like a wild roller coaster as he thought of what to say to Maria. He embraced himself for incidental consequences ready to take inherent risk. He was willing to try his luck and compromise the existence of any other relationship including Debbie's or Suzie's Alex walked closely behind Maria into the kitchen where the recipe for the dinner awaited.

"So, what will you have? There is milk, juice, lemon even beer." Maria asked.

"Give me lemon juice. It's fine with me." Alex replied.

"I am preparing French fillet for dinner and some lobsters. Maybe you should sample my delicacy." she said proceeding to the cooler for his lemon juice. Alex was watching her all along lost in wilderness. As she bent over, his eyes remained steady all over her body. He sampled every part of her body.

"I must. Maybe you are the best cook in the whole world." Alex replied complimenting her. He stretched his hand to hold the glass of juice his eyes smoldering in love as their faces met. Maria definitely noticed the look in Alex's eyes and knew something was in the offing. She retreated walking away towards her prepared recipe. Alex leaned on the counter fitting besides her watching her prepare the meal.

Maria was a wonderful cook. Whenever she was home, she prepared special delicacies for her family. The house help went home early whenever Maria decided to prepare dinner and only remained when she was unavailable or wanting to take a rest. Kimi always liked dinner prepared by his little sister and Alex witnessed why. It looked delicious as it cooked. It was mouth watering. Nonetheless, Alex was particularly interested with the chef than the meal. He observed her as she moved around. They chatted about themselves and their careers until Alex struck the nail on the head.

"Maria!" Alex called softly. "You are a magnificent woman. Your beauty is elegant. Like a rose. Your intelligence is insurmountable. I love the way you speak and your radiant smile." He said proceeding to hold her hand.

"I think I am in love with you. I really am. I love you Maria." He spilled his heart. His eyes shone brightly. His lips trembled in tension. He looked at her in anticipation.

Maria retrieved her hands away slowly on Alex's utterance. She was shocked. She was lost of words and remained tongue tied for a minute.

"You are kidding. Right?" she said.

"I am definitely serious. I mean it Maria." He replied.

"Alex! I think you are insane. Your emotions are controlling you. Besides, you just met me today. You are really insane. You need a psychiatrist." she said in disbelief.

"I loved you the moment I laid my eyes on you Maria. I can't help it but obey my instincts. My heart yearns for you. I love you Maria." Alex defined his emotions.

"No! No! No! It's not possible Alex. Furthermore, I am engaged to Andy." She blew it. He stared in shock extremely devastated by what crossed his ears. Alex turned numb for a while coming into terms with reality. His heart bled for the sake of love. It was unexpected for him as he was unaware of any engagement between her and any man. However, Alex vowed to go to any extreme and own Maria. He was unwilling to let go of her and thought of options in his mind. On noticing Alex's devastation, Maria consoled him informing him he was a good man and would meet the love of his life in due time.

"I am sorry Alex. I can't love you. You are a good man anyway. Try and forget about me." Maria consoled.

"It's you that my heart yearns. I can't get over it." Alex remained stubborn.

"Why don't you visit me later on we talk about this, privately?" Alex hinted embarking on a seductive plan. Maria was not sure about it though. She was concerned that it would be inappropriate to speak about Alex's emotional appetite. She gave it a thought and eventually obliged to pay him a visit one of the weekends but she didn't commit to any particular date. Alex had no option but wait. He made sure he got Maria's personal contacts promising to call her sometime. His obsession to Maria rendered him vulnerable and unconscious to and of any consequence. It was consequential for Debbie to collide with Maria on such an occasion. Alex did not think about any. His mind was centered at Maria and Debbie was not in the picture. It was consequential to jeopardize Maria's engagement to Andy. He didn't give that a thought either. It was consequential to compromise his friendship with Maria's family. Neither this nor that mattered. Of essence to him was Maria.

The dinner was ready when Rhodes and his son Kimi returned home. Alex was still leaning over the kitchen counter his eyes welling in lingering tears. Maria proceeded to set the table for dinner while Kimi applauded in excitement on learning that his little sister was the chef. Alex followed her to the dining room. Kimi was surprised to see him emerge from the kitchen and suspicious of Alex's gloomy face. Rhodes thought it was a routine visit and displayed excitement at Alex's presence. He was unaware of any intention towards his daughter unlike Kimi who had noticed intent earlier in the day at Alex's residence. Nevertheless, Kimi acted normal to his friend's presence in acknowledgement. They sat round the dining table settling to enjoy Maria's meal. Although the delicacy was exquisite, Alex didn't seem to enjoy it. Instead he looked unhappy out of the ordinary charming composure that he usually exhibited at Rhodes residence. He sobbed and loathed within himself keeping a closer look at Maria.

Meanwhile, Maria was acting normally but in her heart, she was disturbed and uncomfortable with Alex's presence. She was in pretense to hide any suspicion. Maria was sympathizing with him. She appeared to be a nice man with a lot of compassion and an urge to love unlimitedly. She felt sorry for him especially because she could not break her engagement with Andy for a man she hardly knew. She hanged on to their relationship with Andy. Andy was known to be Maria's fiancée by Rhodes family and who were willing to betroth their daughter to him. He was their favorite especially because they both valued their careers and Maria confessed to love Andy as her fountain of happiness. Nothing was more important to Rhodes as her daughter's happiness. With his plate unfinished, Alex begged to leave citing a full stomach and a business he needed to take care of. It was only nine O'clock in the night and Rhodes was surprised

that Alex was leaving. He had known him to be jovial and reluctant in leaving the residence opting to chat into late hours of the night as they drunk wine. It was unusual of Alex.

"Leaving now?" Rhodes sought.

"Yes Sir, I have to do something. I'll be back again. Maria! Thanks for the dinner. It was delicious. Elizabeth! Thanks" Alex bid as he rose from his chair proceeding to the door.

"Okay. We will talk. Kimi, see him to the door." Rhodes affirmed asking Kimi to see him off.

Maria was aware of what the termite in his pants. She watched him walk out of the house and proceeded to the balcony at the top of the mansion to catch a glimpse of his reaction as he drove off the compound. She stood there sobbing about what Alex had told her in utter confusion. She was still in shock and disbelief. In three minutes time, Alex's Mercedes was screeching to an abrupt halt outside his house. He didn't bother parking in the garage but instead left it at his door step alighting hastily slamming the door behind him. He entered the house and headed straight into his room. He felt overwhelmed in grief. Tears lingered in his eyes while his heart beat rapidly. He locked the door behind him and jumped over his bed. He lay on his back sobbing uncontrollably. He couldn't believe what he had just heard. It was impossible for Maria to be engaged to another man; he thought. He loathed at the thought of Andy in his mind. He hated Andy. It was him he found to be the cause of his disappointment. He wept secretly.

A week went and neither Debbie nor Suzie had received a call from Alex. In contrast, Maria received his calls virtually on daily basis wondering when she would see him again. Suzie was less worried as she remained busy to her research. Furthermore it was typical of Alex to boycott communication with her whenever he heard she was not yet ready to return home. Unlike Suzie, Debbie was worried sick. It was unusual for Alex not to call her at least once a week seeking sometime with her on weekends. The work load at the Dracula within the week was enormous restraining her from any outings. She was quite unhappy and extremely uncomfortable. She however, knew Alex was not ill since Mike and Lincoln's son Matt kept teasing her about the wild adventure when they caught her nude at Alex's residence. She could hear them speak about Alex and his barley harvesting deal with Kimi. Her fear of him being ill was eroded. She decided to sustain her emotion until the following weekend. She thought of paying him a visit on the following Saturday at his residence. Meanwhile, Alex was occupied in making calls to Maria. Maria ignored his calls before eventually giving in to answer after a sustained ringing spree. Alex was mad about her. There was no doubt that her visit would mean a lot to him and so Maria decided to visit his residence the following Saturday too. Alex was excited by her concurrence. His excitement eclipsed any thought of an ensuing drama. He arranged for the finest wine and instructed his manager to send the most magnificent flower bouquet from Crempton City to reach his residence early the following Saturday. He warned of consequence of failure. It was to be done. This was an order.

Everyone working in Alex's castle was temporarily relieved of all duties on Saturday morning and ordered to resume the following week on Monday. It was a surprise to all but they obliged. Alex wanted a discrete private moment with Maria on arrival perhaps avoiding embarrassment in the midst of his own employees. The flower bouquet arrived early in the morning by courier and his manager subsequently calling to make sure his job security was confirmed. It was four O'clock in the evening and Alex was seated at the couch nervously when Maria beeped the door bell. Alex was already watching her on the surveillance screen as she slotted at the gate using Kimi's card. He rose and walked hastily towards the door to open for her sighing away. As he flung the door ajar, beyond stood a real masterpiece of beauty. Maria hardly wore makeup except for lipstick and toned eyelashes but looked exceptionally elegant. She donned a gray trouser suit that fitted her perfectly throughout her tall body. Her hair dangled nicely over her shoulders responding to the soft traction of the wind. Her moderately black heeled shoes gave her a nice posture. Her purse matched her shoes well. Her golden bracelet matched the earrings and anklet. Alex remained tongue tied for a moment in awe before inviting her in. She was equally nervous about the whole thing because she was aware of what she was there for. Her conscious was tormenting her. Maria was not sure what would culminate at Alex's residence but showed no sign of doubt or fear.

Alex was an extremely handsome man who could lure any woman into his arms like a real apex predator. He was already making progress. Alex led Maria to the living area surpassing the lounge and offered her a seat. She sat at the couch uneasily before settling down calmly. Alex proceeded to the bar and returned with a chilled bottle of Kingfisher wine holding two glasses in his hands. He poured some in her glass and handed it over before having his and settling directly opposite Maria.

They sipped the wine silently as they stared at each other alternately. Alex decided to set the ball rolling and broke the silence.

"So, Maria, how have you been all the while?" Alex asked.

"I have been okay. I am enjoying my holiday pretty well." She said.

"What of you?" She shyly asked.

"Well.... before I met you, fine but after I met you, nope." Alex responded sympathizing with self. Silence struck again. Maria was not sure what to say. Alex was hypnotizing her mind making it difficult for thoughtful ideas.

"I have a surprise for you. You want to see it?" He proceeded eventually.

"What's that? I fear surprises." She stated.

"Just sit back and relax. You will like this one." He said as he walked towards the back door to get the bouquet.

The flowers were nicely stacked and intertwined sealed neatly by a transparent artistic nylon foil. At the middle of the stems, they were tied gently with a card attached on the knot. He returned holding them behind his back as he smiled away his face glowing in awesome radiance. Maria noticed his happiness written on his face. It was evident how much she meant to him. Love was clearly displaying itself in his eyes. Maria was confused in unending nightmare and crazy dilemma.

"Surprise" Alex said. He handed the bouquet to Maria and stood right in front of her as she gazed at them in amazement. She loved them a lot.

"They are beautiful. I like flowers. How did you know?" She reacted smiling broadly. Alex loved to see her smile that way. He knew she was gradually creating a space for him in her heart.

"I knew you would love them." Alex replied looking at her steadily.

"Thank you." She said gratefully.

"Aren't you going to read the card?" He hinted. Maria detached the card from the knot and proceeded to read it. The message was heavy and every organ of her body was suddenly attentive. It was encrypted: I LOVE YOU...... ALEX: Maria didn't know what to say. It was harsh sweet reality.

Alex sat next to her on the couch taking her hand and kissing her wrist. He drew even closer and closer his eyes stuck on Maria. He was feeling the attraction that he had always yearned for. Maria was lost in a wilderness. She tried to speak but Alex kept intervening. He didn't want to hear her mention Andy. He lifted his right hand to her face touching it tenderly with his thumb. Maria was gradually getting turned on by Alex's action. She was falling for his seductive approach. She gazed steadily at Alex's eyes as he went on to kiss her soft lips.

"I love you Maria" Alex said and kissed her again. Maria gradually got into the trap. Maria responded equally against Alex's enchantment from his broad masculine chest down to his extremes. They both surrendered to the moment of unavoidable attraction. While they lay on the couch Maria leaning over Alex's bare chest, their faces glowing of pleasure as they flirted away, Debbie walked in on them. Hell hath no fury.

Debbie's body froze disbelief and extreme shock eminent. She remained tongue tied with her mouth wide open in awe. She doubted her eyes as they remained transfixed. Alex on seeing her standing in their midst had no words to defend himself. Maria was perturbed. She did not know who the woman watching them was. She clumsily covered herself up as Alex sought for his pants idling on the floor. Alex was in trouble as both women sought answers from him. He was more concerned about Maria. He did not want to lose her for a moment let alone forever. He was aware that his chance of making her his lifetime partner had been compromised but decided to fight on. He tried to convince Maria that he had no emotional obligations towards Debbie. He confessed to Debbie that he never loved her and was only enjoying her company. Maria was equally angry as Debbie but decided to walk out on Alex. She felt embarrassed as Alex persuaded her to stay and explain to her what had transpired. She wept as she proceeded into the car speeding off dangerously at high velocity. Alex watched her vanish. Debbie on the other hand remained in the house awaiting answers. She slapped Alex's face hard repeatedly as she wept loudly in harsh reality. Debbie was devastated as she felt her love was in betrayal. Alex had nothing much to say but stress to Debbie that he did not love her.

"I don't love you Debbie. I never told you I did." Alex said, walking away across the staircase towards his room.

"Alex. After all we had. We had something special." Debbie said as she wept following him towards his room. Alex remained in his room locking Debbie out. He felt guilty about what he had done. He knew he had hurt her feelings but decided to stand on his decision. Debbie slammed the door continuously with her knuckles without getting any response. He was not willing to face her as she cried in overwhelming pain. He could not say anything but lay on his bed as he watched her on the surveillance screen leaving the premises in a hurry. She walked past the gate wiping her eyes from the painful heartbreak.

Maria got home somberly and entered her room. She thought Alex was an angel of sorts but was turning out to be a demon infidel. She sobbed quietly with tears lingering on her eyes. She ignored her mother's knock at the door as she remained locked in her room. She was not ready to talk about it. Maria had cheated on Andy her fiancée and that haunted her even harder. Telling her mother Elizabeth or her father would assassinate her character and would irk them. She decided to keep it a secret and avoid Alex. She was disappointed by herself and hated what she had done. Her encounter with Alex was unimaginable. She failed to believe that she had fallen into the fangs of a serpent that easily. Her mother Elizabeth was suspecting something was wrong and decided to keep vigil at her daughter's mannerism and character throughout the week. She thought of Alex being the cause of her daughter's woes but decided to wait for the right moment to confront Maria. Andy was bound to come at Rhodes residence later in that month to finalize his wedding plans with Maria. The possibility of Andy finding out about Maria's unfaithfulness in the event of Alex deciding to blow the whistle was unimaginable and a scary ordeal for her to comprehend. Most of that week, Maria remained cold and her unhappiness was visible from her face for the entire family to notice. Kimi's instincts were gradually unfolding to be real.

The month of December had just lapsed and Maria's wedding was set to be held in mid January after celebrations for the New Year had ended. Andy was upbeat and excited about the festival looking forward to tying the knot with his beloved fiancée. Alex's phenomenon was still in Maria's thought since he remained persistent on convincing her not to marry Andy but instead accept his apology on what he had done earlier and offer him her heart. Alex's persistence had affected Maria tremendously and her family was getting agitated by Alex's actions. Rhodes relationship towards Alex was deteriorating with him warning Alex on many occasions to forget about his daughter Maria and search elsewhere. Kimi went along with his father most of the time during such crisis and that was not an exceptional. Their friendship was dwindling. Unlike Rhodes and Kimi, Elizabeth remained positive towards her daughter Maria. She had noticed how much her daughter meant to Alex advising her to follow her conscious as well as her heart. Immediately after making wedding arrangements and settling on a date, Andy left to Crempton City convinced that he finally would have Maria as his wife. He left to make final adjustments in an upbeat mood having been promised abundant love by his fiancée Maria. Maria had not disclosed to him that she had cheated and was gradually falling in love with

Alex. Alex kept calling late in the night pouring his heart out. He went to see her on several occasions in the absence of Rhodes and Kimi taking with him expensive and romantic gifts for her. Elizabeth kept it concealed since she wanted what she believed was best for her daughter. She had decided to let her decide what was apt with her. Elizabeth wanted Maria to make a final decision even if it meant compromising her wedding with Andy.

Maria's mind was preoccupied as she remained in a dilemma and pressures to yield a final decision. Rhodes had vowed that only Andy could marry her and any other person was s stranger including Alex. Andy was Rhodes' favorite and had known him for a long time. Unlike Alex, Andy's family was close to Rhodes' known to be a good family by him. It was impossible to convince Rhodes otherwise making Maria vulnerable to an influenced decision. Maria could not stand a confrontation from her father and decided to take his choice. Throughout her sobbing and confusion, Maria's biological changes went unnoticed until she came into her senses. She had missed her menstrual period. It was an alarming realization that forced her to visit the health center in Sun City town. The doctor's report at Sun City health center confirmed that she was a month and half pregnant. Maria was shocked by the news and contemplated on what to do. She returned home and decided to keep it a secret from everyone including her mother as she thought deeply. She concluded that the pregnancy was Alex's. That made her woes worse having assured her father, Rhodes that her mind and soul were set up for a betrothal to Andy.

Maria was contemplating on terminating the pregnancy secretly but her conscious could not let her. She contemplated on enforcing the pregnancy to Andy but her conscious haunted her even harder. Maria shied from confessing to her mother since she knew that Elizabeth would try to convince her otherwise. Maria knew her father would do the extreme for her sake and didn't want to disappoint him by letting the cat out of the sack. She evasive towards her mother as she endured morning symptoms of the pregnancy keeping house locked in her room in most occasions. Maria wasn't sure about confessing to Alex that he was at the verge of fatherhood. She feared his actions.

Maria's wedding was a classic with affluent persons in attendance. She rode on a white pony in style as the procession headed to Sun City Cathedral where her parents attended Church masses. In her mind was a pending decision. Although she had made up to proceed with her betrothal to Andy, Maria's heart reminded her of Alex and the baby she was carrying. The expensive long motorcade followed the bride closely at a snail's pace. Rhodes and his son Kimi were elated by the festival. Andy was in great excitement his face shinning radiantly as he waited for his bride to arrive at the Cathedral. Lincoln was among the entourage too in a supportive gesture to his long time ally Rhodes. For the first time Matt accompanied his father in a function perhaps because Maria was a childhood friend. They were about the same age. The men wore dark shinny suits supplemented by a designer white shirt and a black bow tie.

Andy was looking splendid in his Scottish suit and a black bow tie too. Audrey, Andy's long time friend who had married a few years ago was his best man and looked splendid too. Both men waited in anticipation for the bride to be presented to them by her father as soon as she arrived. The reverend was in upbeat mood too as he prepared to officiate and consummate an honorable marriage for affluent individuals. He was ready for them and waited calmly but anxiously in his vestry. Invitees arrived at the Cathedral clad in exquisite designs while others followed the motorcade in excitement making joyous ululations. Everybody was excited except Maria and her mother Elizabeth. Although both the bride and her mother looked extremely beautiful and composed for the festival, they had hidden thoughts and uneasiness within their hearts. Elizabeth's instincts haunted her. She felt that her daughter was hiding something on the flip side. She felt uneasy.

Rhodes had declined on inviting Alex to his daughter's wedding for fear of a scandalous act from him. Alex was teeing off at his castle's rooftop where his artificial golf turf lay, unaware of the unfolding events around his neighborhood. He could hear noises from a distance as the motorcade hooted but ignored the entire event until Mike arrived at his residence. Mike had not known of any prevalence relationship between his friend Alex and Rhodes daughter Maria as it was confined within Alex. Alex desisted on confessing his love to his friends Mike and Matt lest they gambled with what he felt for Maria. He kept it all to himself. As they teed off, Mike innocently mentioned the ongoing festival to Alex. It was a surprise to him. His heart beat rapidly as he remained numb for sometimes. He felt his heart bleed for Maria and could not comprehend losing her eternally to Andy. His body felt feeble as he proceeded to sit aside on the bench. He felt his eyes sore in tears. He hated Rhodes for not inviting him as his friend to the wedding and angry with Maria for not hinting about the date of the wedding. His body was agitated with an urge to do something malicious. Mike had never seen his friend that irked neither had he seen him shed tears before. He knew something was the matter and did not feel amused by his friend's emotional reaction to the news he had delivered to him. Alex looked devastated and extremely shocked by the news of Maria's wedding leaving Mike confused and lost in a quagmire of disbelief. He had not known that Alex loved Maria that much as he exhibited. Mike was ready to offer him any moral support to whatever decision he assumed. He was ready to join him for battle and stand behind him whatever the consequence. Although Mike was a rogue character and an infidel, he was Alex's true friend.

As both men sat sorrowfully on the benches contemplating on the available options at hand, Alex's cell phone rang. It was Maria. On reaching the Cathedral's doorstep to a triumphant reception, Maria's conscious couldn't let him proceed to the altar. She felt that Alex had a right to know about her status as the father of the conceived baby. She spoke softly in a shaken tone over the phone as she busted the news to Alex. Maria confessed that she was expecting his baby. The crowd watched her suspiciously as her father led her along the aisle to the altar where Andy was waiting anxiously. Wedding bells rang as well as celebration carols. The minister stood behind Andy and Audrey as the bride approached the bridegroom. The congregation sat silently as they waited the big moment where the minister pronounced them husband and wife. Andy smiled radiantly as Maria wore a disguising smile. The minister was not mincing his words as he read between the lines keenly everyone all ears in excitement and anticipation.

"We are all gathered here to witness these two young birds take a new step into marriage in holy matrimony. Marriage is an ordained institution since time immemorial when God created man and a woman to live together happily in fulfilling His covenant. If there is anyone in this congregation who has or knows anything that should hinder these two to be ordained as husband and wife in holy matrimony to confess now or forever holds their peace" The minister rolled the ball to the congregation's court as silence struck. He sipped some water. As the minister embarked to continue, a loud voice halted with everyone looking behind, over their shoulders in disbelief. It was Alex. Following closely behind was Mike. Maria finally smiled in relieve. "I love that woman!" Alex shouted "She is pregnant for him too!" Mike added

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