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   Chapter 7 The Clone

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The Republic of Compton was free of the dreaded ADV. Crempton city, the capital of Compton and Sun City town, the agribusiness hub of the Republic were now known to be free of the ADV, at least as per the government authorities. An immortal man was on the loose by the name Alex. Only Dr Bell and he knew that he was a career of the dreaded ADV and was left out during the isolation exercise instituted when the deadly Acquired Deficiency Syndrome caused by the ADV threatened to wipe out tiny Sun City. It was not in Dr Bell's knowledge of Alex's intimacy with former secretary Annette. Alex hadn't disclosed the vital fact to the doctor thus conveying the virus to a secondary intermediary whose whereabouts was unknown.

The Republic of Kodidjo was a distant land miles away east of Compton. Kodidjo was in a different global continent, the continent of the haves and have not. She was a tiny republic by her geographical size. However, her populace was soaring to the brim beyond government's ability to provide. Her economic muscle was limited in comparison to the Republic of Compton. The latter was by folds financially able than the former. The gap between the haves and the bums was overwhelmingly large. The affluent financial lords controlled the land of Kodidjo. The poor were ruled abusively and trodden upon in all aspects of life and social rights. The Republic of Kodidjo in a nutshell was desperately poor. Her citizenry wallowed in murk of nail biting poverty marsh. Contraband indulgences were the order of the day in Cape Town the capital city as the populace tried to eke a living. Prostitution, mugging, drug peddling and all that appertained to crime were the order of the city. People had to earn a living.

To compound her broth of her bitter concoction of trouble, an exotic disease was out of its nest and was pestering. It was spreading like wild fire to overwhelming bounds for anybody to offer a solution. Kodidjo woes got messier. Cape Town was recording the highest number of casualties from the mysterious disease. The only government hospital in the city was overwhelmed by the events of unrecognizable infectious disease. The town had not witnessed such deluge of its people before regardless of her poverty prevalence. This was a mockery to their humanity and dignity of mankind. The nature of deaths was even more horrifying than anyone has ever seen before. The government hadn't any clue of the puzzle but watched from yonder as its citizenry perished one after the other.

Bodies were strewn all over the hospital's morgue. Some piled up and stacked altogether. Their appearance was stupefying and horrific. The stench of fast decaying bodies was pungent and unbearable. The town was turned into a dungeon of the grim reaper. The site for the mass grave was filling up at alarming speed about to soar over. The bodies were set ablaze as they piled to unacceptable level. Burning them was preferred due to the mystery behind the disease too. The only fact clear to doctors of Cape Town was its highly infectious nature. They knew the only realistic explanation for the fast spread was by way of contact from human to human. However, in what way, it was nobody's guess. The other money in the bank question was its epicenter.

People came up with all sorts of theories trying to uncover the mystery behind the fire spitting dragon in form of a disease. Some said it emerged from the highlands of Kodidjo her tropical rainforest of the apes. Others blamed poor sanitation in Cape Town and pointed a blaming finger to the relevant authorities. Staunch religious persons prophesied an Armageddon. They declared the end of the days for the human race. The mystery was brain shattering and a rare conundrum of a brain teaser. Doctors had their own theory too. They ruled out airborne conveyance of the virus. If at all the virus was transmittable airborne, its incubation period would have been shorter and even more disastrous. They believed it was by physical contact but the manner of contact was not clear. They wondered if it passed through casual touch, mouth, intercourse or other way. The first casualty of the disease was a woman named Annette. But it was a while since her death. They pondered. Besides, how she acquired the disease or the dynamics associated with the disease had not been conclusively arrived at.

Cape Town city in the Republic of Kodidjo was Annette's abode. She was among the many citizens of Kodidjo who were driven away by circumstances to seek greener pastures in foreign countries. Annette had chose Crempton city in the Republic of Compton to become Alex's employee. She had travelled to her home town for Christmas holiday without knowledge that her sole act of sexual indulgence with her boss had blemished her health status. She was oblivious of being infected with the deadly ADV let alone suspecting Alex of carrying the virus. Alex had passed the virus to her in that single act of burning desire of the flesh. Her Christmas went well alright, but her return to Crempton was never to materialize. She was gradually indisposed while at home with the ADV crossing its incubation period to assume ADS form. Her death was mysterious so was her condition before she died. She was the grapevine of the community before her scalding painful experience of pain to death. Annette's husband was a truck driver in Cape Town. His routine was characterized by voyages to and from the heart of the city hauling goods in most days of the week. The absence of his wife coerced him into cheap women tramps of the city. He too was unfaithful while Annette was away in distant land. On her return, the virus had found another intermediary. Her husband literally extracted it from her as he routinely engaged in hard sex with her trying to recover her absenteeism. He was to succumb later to the fangs of the ADS and followed his wife to the grave not long after her death. He too had done his part of pollinating several twilight women with the virus. Annette was the epicenter of the epidemic that trodden on Kodidjo. She came in for Christmas jingle bells and brought a jungle with her.

Alex was busy going through his pile of work in his office at his assembly plant in Sun City town, when he heard the news anchor in his set spill the beans of horrifying news. There was a mysterious virus on the loose in Kodidjo, he said. The news anchor went on to stress the overwhelming number of people the virus had claimed in Cape Town. The mention of Kodidjo and Cape Town city sent shivers down Alex's spine. He instantly thought of Annette. To compound the entire situation, she hadn't returned from her home country. Alex was certain she was the source of the virus in her country. It had never struck him what he did with Annette would fight back like a dying horse and haunt him back. He certainly knew the continent of the haves and have not had eaten of the forbidden fruit and risked total contamination if the crisis wasn't resolved urgently. He rued his gluttonous act of his flesh forbid by his doctor. Had he not had intercourse with his secretary, things would've been different.

"Dr Bell. There's a problem" Alex called him at his office.

"What have you done? I'm not ready for any more favors" the doc brushed off.

"No. Nothing I've done now but then" Alex was beating around the bush. He tried to explain.

"When?" the doc interrogated. He was curious now. Alex was full of crawling worms in the can. He was the kind that surprised by dropping a bombshell.

"It was years ago, when the ADS was venomous" Alex on the memory lane.

"You spread the virus! Didn't you?" Piecing up the clues, the doctor asked.

"I think so. And it's a mess!"Alex responded. He confirmed the doctor's fear.

"Oh no! Kodidjo!" Dr Bell had also seen it on TV. He had thought the reported virus to be what he suspected, The ADV. He was now certain after Alex confessed his affair with Annette, a Kodidjo.

Although Dr Bell had been irked by Alex's frivolous act, he considered the demise of the people of Kodidjo as an opportunity in disguise. He had found conducive environment to try his new invention, The Anti ADV vaccine. It was abbreviated AADVV. The AADVV hadn't been tried on humans to find its ability or lack of it of combating the dreaded ADV. He and a group of fellow scientists decided to set out to the East. They took a trip to the Republic of Kodidjo and pitched tent in an endeavor to salvage her citizenry. There was need to try the Anti ADV vaccine if it worked in any way. The problem would be considered solved in the entire planet if the Anti ADV worked. Dr Bell however, wasn't optimistic about the vaccine curing those already contaminated. He believed it would only prevent those free of the virus. It culminated into separating the chuff and the wheat.

The medical practitioners in the Republic of Kodidjo were clueless about the disease consuming the people. The presence of foreign expatriates led by Dr Bell was more than welcome. Dr Bell's team was of angels of life according to the victims. The team took most of their time informing them of the elephant in the room. Their hosts were awed especially after learning a similar crisis in the Republic of Compton some years ago existed and had never known about it. The source of the mystery in their country remained anonymous. Only Dr Bell knew the epicenter of their woes. He had the link between Annette and Alex. It had everything to do with the mystery and was even clearer after learning Annette was the first victim of the epidemic. He was convinced beyond doubt but decided to cover it up for his career's sake and Alex's loyalty.

The public sensitization came in handy for the residents of Cape Town. They now understood how the virus was transmitted. The bits and pieces were falling in place. Thanks to Dr Bell and his team's effort of sensitizing them. It was clearer why most twilight women, long distance haulers and hoteliers were succumbing to ADV that bloomed into fatal and painful experience of ADS. The government finally had an idea what was to be done. Myths were proven wrong so was religious theory of Armageddon. The stigma prevalent on human casual contact came to a halt. Sanity was returning to the dreadful city and the sinking Republic had hope in the horizon. However deaths were still a common phenomenon as those already in the full term of ADV succumbed to complications of ADS after incubation period lapsed.

The government declared a state of emergency to its citizens. An order was issued sternly to the entire populace for a compulsory blood screening procedure. Everybody had to take the revered test to ascertain their own status. People had no option but flock at the main hospitals and makeshift screening centers provided throughout the geographical area. Those found contaminated had to be isolated to a makeshift camp created by military police away from the city. Those granted clean bill of health were let go under strict instructions not to engage in immoral acts that would rekindle a crisis. Those who had taken the test once where scarred by an indelible mark

family and continue the family name. However, it had taken Ryan ages to realize his father's desire for a grandchild. He had taken too long and his father was now dead but his dream was fulfilled and witnessed on his behalf.

"I'm happy for you, son. I'm thrilled" Alex confessed her excitement. They held tighter against each other's shoulders in sweet imaginations of a bundle of joy beckoning.

Eva moved house from her mother's house in Pluto to the Baxter's Castle in Spring Valley. Ryan wanted her closer to him now more than ever. He watched as his fiancée blossomed. He would feel Eva's tummy often whenever he felt the urge. Ryan's love for Eva was now beyond doubt. He was foolishly in love with her and his world shrunk to the needs of his fiancée and the unborn baby. At one time, Eva had a fever that scared the hell out of Ryan. He was at the verge of running nuts as he uneasily loitered along the corridors of the hospital at Sun City even in the thickness of darkness. He couldn't watch the doctor check her in his presence for fear of the worst. Not even the persuasive conversation by the nurses would calm him down until the doctor let Eva go home with a clean pass. He sighed.

The ultimate moment arrived and Eva was rushed to the delivery ward in face clenching pain. It was the same ward Ryan was born in albeit by caesarian procedure thirty six years ago. Ryan remained nervous throughout the painful ordeal of his fiancée. His 'father' was beside him and Maria; Kimi's daughter clung on him to calm his nerves. Finally, there was a cry of a baby. A daughter was born without complications on its part or her mother's. Both were awesomely adorable.

"What's her name?" Alex asked

"I think you should call her Maria too. Just like me" Maria uttered innocently. The room remained quiet for a moment before Ryan who was now a dad, broke the deadlock.

"Good idea cousin. Maria it is" Ryan loved the name. He hadn't known his mother since childhood and the idea of his daughter carrying her name seemed appropriate. He thought his 'father' too would welcome the idea. Maria was beyond a name for them. It was symbolic.

"I got a namesake! Again!" Kimi's Maria exhibited her excitement.

"I'll go with it too" Eva had little option. She wasn't in a position to argue. She needed all the energy she had remaining. After all, they seemed to love Maria's idea.

"I love you all' Ryan said. He was overwhelmed of joy as he held little Maria in his arms. Teenage Maria shed a tear as she watched her cousin hold the little angel in his arms and envied him. Besides the fact that she was a model, she too loved the idea of becoming a mother just like Eva. Alex stood there like a stooge without words. He was tongue tied. He finally had an idea what a real family meant.

Ryan's wedding wasn't dramatic like his father's. It was pomp and melodious. Eva looked glamorous in Samantha's bridal gown. Ryan wanted a memorable event that would honor his mother. He chose his mother's gown for Eva but it wasn't available. His father had cleaned it up of blood stains and framed it behind a huge mirror in his master bedroom. Samantha's was next available option and by sheer luck it accessorized Eva quite nicely. Even if Maria's was available, it might not have fitted Eva right like Samantha's. Eva had a smaller body than Maria's but was almost same size as Samantha, Kimi's wife. Little Maria had just started crawling when her mother was betrothed to her father, Ryan. She was all over the church pews, altar and aisle during the entire ceremony. She too stole the show. Finally, Alex's lineage had been rekindled by little Maria. She was a spring from an oasis as Alex's family was akin to a river that had no source without a woman in it. Wherever he was, pleased he must have been. His clone witnessed the unfolding events first hand and guided as necessary just like he would have. Perhaps he even outdid the mentor.

Alex's clone was one of those dynamic accomplishments of a senior scientist who took pride in venturing where others won't trend. He was Dr Bell's greatest achievement of his scientific career besides developing a vaccine for the deadly ADV. The SEPP was a noble idea fuelled by Alex's desire to create own perpetuity of his personality thus funding the project almost single handedly. The clone's ability to assume the roles of his predecessor was an epitome of The SEPP's success and a clear evidence of possibilities. He was the reason why Dr Bell easily ventured into developing another clone, this time in the open domain. However, Dr Bell never lived to witness the birth of a second clone. He died long before the embryo was fully developed to maturity. Dr Bell didn't have the privilege of unveiling the breakthrough to the citizens of the Republic of Compton. His successor did and granted himself all the credit. Unlike Alex who Dr Bell had cremated upon death, his was a normal interment graced by his first clone representing Alex, Ryan and most of his medical colleagues and learned acquaintances. It was during this burial ceremony that Ryan was presented with his father's ashes in an urn that was kept by Dr Bell. He had clearly instructed Ryan to preserve the jar and its content in a sacred way and never to discard it. Dr Bell's successor as senior scientist never intimated to him what the urn represented as his predecessor hadn't also disclosed this to him. It was Ryan's weirdest moment of all time. Inheriting a jar full of ash was puzzling and its significance was elusive. However, the surviving Alex had the answer to the puzzle which he kept close to his chest.

Although The SEPP was now in the limelight, not every Tom, Dick and Harry wishing to be propagated could afford. It was a white elephant in terms of affordability. It was certainly an admired program for those who were afflicted by the deadly ADV but if wishes were horses, then everybody would have easily rode one. The Anti ADV abbreviated AADVV was still significant for those who hadn't been infected with the virus causing the Acquired Deficiency Syndrome abbreviated ADS which was a grave bounty hunter of sorts. Acquired Deficiency Virus was a baptism of fire for those who lived with it and had no means to propagate their cells especially in the continent of the haves and have not, East of Republic of Compton. The Republic of Kodidjo for instance, was infested of poverty and developing a scientific research unit was least of her worries so were other similar countries in the East.


In the precipice of the unfolded events, a disaster looms at the entire planet. A devastating wave is eminent and ready to strike. The epicenter was at Alex's residence in Spring Valley around Sun City town and at Annette's residence in a foreign land. Time bombs are about to explode scattering a deadly epidemic across the planet but now, could be anywhere. The forbidden fruit has already been consumed. The clock is ticking away gradually as the incubation period lapses for the deadly Acquired Deficiency Virus (ADV) to transform into Acquired Deficiency Syndrome (ADS), only that this time not in Sun City town but in foreign lands and eventually perhaps the entire planet. Observe where you lick your honey from.

Disclaimer: The content, events, places and characters depicted herein are purely fictitious and do not refer to real life events, places or persons


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