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   Chapter 6 Smart Intern on Demand

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"Dad, the grader" he asked

"What about?"Alex responded

"I struck a deal" Ryan continued

"Eighty thousand dollars, cash on delivery" Alex explained to his only son and turned business associate.

"I'm smart dad. I do cash on delivery" Ryan bragged already. Alex was proud of his offspring. He was his only begotten son with late wife, Maria. Ryan was running on full as regards business stature and acumen. He was fitting perfectly into his ageing father's shoes. Ryan learned the ropes of his father's business dealings easily. He had Alex's genes within himself.

Besides his business prowess as his father's intern, Ryan was turning out to assume his dad's physique and exquisite lifestyle. Alex's once studded muscle toned body was ebbing off gradually. His son assumed and replicated similar physique of dad's once youthful appearance. He was akin to copycat, a copy paste sort of. An apple surely doesn't fall far from its mother tree. Style was also in Ryan's genes. His designer outfits and his many tuxedo suits transcended perfectly with his tall slender but masculine body. His curl kit hair was his mother's, Maria. Besides the curly hair, Ryan had other attributes of his mother too. He was exceptionally docile and exercised humility to the highest degree. He was soft spoken and easily likeable to people. Ryan was thus a combination of admirable character and intellectual acumen.

Ryan had not known his mother in his entire lifetime. Her story was one of those tales of ancient descent. Maria had lost her life to a bullet from Debbie's gun barrel when her son was a toddler. The fact that the said impeccable fate occurred on a day supposed to be her happiest, during her betrothal to her beloved love, Alex, made the tale even more mystical. Had Debbie been alive, Ryan would've sought answers directly from her. Perhaps it would've sounded more rhythmic from the horse's mouth. He couldn't comprehend Debbie's action to have to terminate his mother on such a sacred day. What wickedness, he rued. By all standards and judging by his father's tone of voice, whenever Maria was mentioned, Ryan could tell his mother was a real beauty, likeable, loved profoundly and excessively missed.

In Alex's heart, Maria's absence was a remarkable scar. Her death was his greatest indelible blemish into eternity. Guilt was his punishment for causing Maria's death. Had he solved his row with Debbie amicably, a casualty in the form of his most meaningful woman in his life wouldn't have arisen. He pondered on it throughout his existence without her. Perhaps for conscience sakes, Alex's office was awash with Maria's framed murals. However, perhaps for curiosity sakes were also framed pictures of his most controversial women in his life. Suzie's and Debbie's pictures hang behind the office door. Unlike Maria's, easily accessible with one of them resting at Alex's desk, theirs were somewhat intentionally concealed. Unless you knew his office by detail, it was near futile noticing them.

"I miss her dad" Ryan sulked

"Who?" Alex played dumb

"My mum" he said

"Oh! I miss her too, son. She was a good mom" Alex was feeling the pinch. He rued her wife's absence in their lives. Ryan's words pierced like a sharp sword through the surface of his skin and into his heart.

"Tell me more" Ryan pressed on smearing the open wound of pepper.

"I remember when she bore you" Quiet a recollection for Alex.

"I couldn't keep up with her courage!" he recalled vehemently

"I imagine my size then" Ryan thought.

"Yeah! You were a monster pumpkin. She had to endure caesarian" his father continued.

"I was helter. I perspired profusely almost to dehydration" Alex wore an amusing radiant face at the point.

"I imagine a painful smile when I let out a cry" Ryan was enjoying the moment.

"Now look at you! You're a grown man!" his father was proud of their journey hitherto.

According to Ryan, Debbie had robbed him of maternal love. He would've loved the sense of growing up beside his mother. Her action was Ryan's most complex riddle similar to a paradox dice. To know no bounds by committing such heinous act of murder to the extent of terminating own life was grievance ingenuity.

"Why did she do it?" Ryan accosted his father. Alex had it coming and knew the moment would come. He was aware of his son's curiosity.

"Debbie loved me too much son" he confessed his heart out.

"But...but to kill! Ryan cringed.

"It's ambition son. I also killed your mother" Crunch of guilt was all over Alex's face.

"You messed her up and left her to the dogs. Right dad?" Ryan had hit bull's eye.

"Your mother knocked me off my feet. I couldn't resist her so I put Debbie aside" Alex confessed.

"For once, I was in a love bubble. Debbie couldn't stomach the breakup" he continued.

"She either owned you or nobody else" Ryan put the puzzle together.

"Hey! Your client is waiting. You don't want us losing business young man" Alex cut short the shenanigan.

"I'll finish with him right away. Let's catch up later over a sip and you'll tell me about this other woman" Ryan said pointing at Suzie's mural behind the door. He hastily left leaving his father in his monster office.

"The client doesn't have the whole day son" Alex sent him off.

The mention of Suzie was another case of a rotten apple in the room. She was one of the many dirty linen of his youth. The name was a terrifying nightmare that drained him a pound of his strength. He felt feeble to the tip of his toes. His face stiffened as he poured a tot of his favorite Kingfisher wine into a glass. He shed a tear as he sipped the wine staring across his office window. The memory of his friends, Matt and Mark was also tormenting. The world seemed like an empty vacuum he survived in. Despite all his wealth and expansive property, Alex's happiness faded immediately at the thought of Suzie and the bitter pill of Acquired Deficiency Virus that traversed his blood stream as a dose of vengeance from her. It is only at the mention of Suzie's name or the thought of her that reminded him of the grim reality of being a carrier of a deadly virus, the ADV. He had survived all the years thinking every moment was his last but surprisingly, he outdid even his doctor's projection of twenty years. He was still alive and physically fit like a fiddle. Alex surely had lots of skeletons in his closet. His son Ryan had no clue of his ADV status. Only his closest confidant and exceptional scientist, Dr Bell knew of his nail biting dilemma. Both were almost the same age. Again, both knew about the creepy secret of a human carrier of a deadly virus that was perceived eradicated through an orthodox method of isolating the infected leaving them at the mercy of the grim reaper. At least according to the government authorities and the entire citizenry of the Republic of Compton, the mysterious dreadful ADV was a concern of yester years. Authorities became complacent but Dr Bell. Besides officially engaging with the scientists to develop a Stem Egg Propagating Program that they ambitiously believed would clone a new individual in future, Dr Bell also worked zealously on developing a vaccine for the dreaded ADV.

Alex was Dr Bell's specimen, provider of blood samples that he used in an endeavor to achieving a vaccine that would not only be a breakthrough but also a reprieve in the event of the deadly ADV bursting its banks. For over twenty years that Alex had been living with the virus, no much to write home about had the doctor achieved. However, every other day was more optimistic and as the doctor aged, his moment of triumph felt closer and closer. Success was forthcoming. At least if at all he was breathing and his brains remained intact he was heading there.

Had it not been the Stem Egg Propagating Program that Dr Bell was intensively engaged in and consumed most of his time, perhaps he would've discovered a vaccine for the ADV. However, the Stem Egg Propagating Program also known as The SEPP by scientists was equally important to Dr Bell as another of his brainchild. He had initiated the ambitious program. Dr Bell was definitely a worker bee and an intellectual powerhouse. After the deadly ADV had threatened to render the entire Sun City town extinct and turn it into a ghost town, Dr Bell sobbed on an alternative way of saving humanity and cradle of mankind if a pertinent medical solution was never available. It was then that the idea of The SEPP dawned on him. He intended to clone a complete replica of the victim and somewhat offer continuity of a similar personality but in a different independent surviving individual albeit a total look alike. First, he had to seek funding from somewhere. The government was too skeptical to help and had a tightened noose funding policy that was unreliable. The doctor approached wealthy Alex with the idea. Alex was excited by the idea and offered a helping hand but not without arm twisting the brilliant scientist. He was more than willing.

Alex was exceptionally wealthy commanding dozens of businesses that formed his billionaire empire. His empire included heavy commercial vehicle assembly plants both at Crempton and Sun City towns, barley and grape plantations in Sun City and a wine processing plant among other businesses. Although The SEPP was an enormous gamble with his finances, it was worth the risk considering what was in it for him had the venture succeeded. His two conditions were clearly outlined. The first was easily recognizable to the doctor. Alex demanded that the doctor remained confidential about his ADV status. Not even his son Ryan had to know and of course not anybody else except the doctor and himself. Dr Bell was in control of his loyal junior scientists who danced to the tune of the piper albeit suspicious. Time was not right for Ryan too, to burst the bubble. The second and most stupefying condition was being experimented in The SEPP as the prioritized clone. Dr Bell was convinced and had no alternative but oblige lest financing. That too had to be concealed from his son too.

Alex needed to check on The SEPP's progress at the research unit. He decided to pay a visit to Dr Bell's office impromptu at Crempton's research unit. It was on a Friday and would've loved to spend some of quality time with Ryan over the weekend and perhaps catch with his business associates like Kimi, Maria's brother and Ryan's uncle over a drink of sorts back at Sun City town. He therefore found it apt to visit Dr Bell on that Friday before he set out for Sun City to his Spring Valley residence with his son later in the day.

"Hey son" he spoke to Ryan before he left.

"I'm listening, Dad" Ryan answered. He was busy going on their clients load in his in his in-tray before his desk.

Ryan's office looked pleasant too. It was juxtaposition to his father's. Atop his door, was labeled Engineer Ryan Baxter, Operations Manager. Ryan was an Engineer with honors in mechanical engineering, a career suitably appropriate for his father's business genre in motor vehicle industry and dealership besides his agribusinesses. At Ryan's desk was Maria's picture mural too. A clear message of the extent of value she meant to both men even posthumously. The desk was sparkling furnished mahogany lumber with creative artistic wisdom evidently showing as a final product. Behind the desk sat the beholder in his own right his head still bowed to a sheet of paper in hand while the other fondled with the computer mouse deeply indulged.

"I'm leaving momentarily" his father spoke. Although Ryan was busy with his mind into the workload ahead of him, he was all ears.

"Where to, this early?" he sought raising his head to face the senior Baxter.

"I've an appointment with the doctor. Dr Bell" Alex informed.

"You and the doc, what are you up to. You sure get along nicely" Curious Ryan.

Alex twitched a muscle. This is one of those moments that he had to lie to his son. He knew he had a secret vendetta transacting Dr Bell and himself but couldn't divulge it to his son no matter how much trusted.

"I'm just catching up with an old pal. You know" he spilled the lie.

"Oh! Like convergence of old folks eh" Ryan joked


uts or her wellbeing hitherto. She left to spend Christmas season with her family, a trip meant to last briefly. Her long absence from the firm prompted Alex to hire Cecile, her too, a foreigner.

"What's going on, Ryan?" Eva was convinced he was up to nothing civil.

"She's my secretary damn it!" Ryan retaliated sternly. His eyelids were twitching and his pupils dilated. He was a bad liar.

"Yeah Ryan! Of course I know she's your secretary!" She fumed and pitched. She was a scorned woman fuming of fury and range.

"I presume an official business" Ryan still persisted cunningly.

"Then why hang up?" Eva wanted to uncover the mask of deceit. She then continued fuming. "And ….and calling you at this hour of the witches?!" Cecile was now a witch.

"How thoughtful?" She mocked

"Ok! I have had it!" Ryan responded carelessly. His anger was a sign of guilt. He never yelled before at anyone not even at Eva. Only when he didn't want to talk about something, he would rather walk away than enter into such confrontation.

"You're cheating on me, Right?" She told as she saw it.

"Hey! Hey! Save it!" Ryan practically covered her mouth with his hand. He rose on his feet, put his boxer short on then grabbed a bed sheet.

"I'm going away! I'll take the guest room" he said leaving the room agitated.

"Ryan! Ryan! He wasn't responding. He didn't even turn his neck.

"You're walking out on me now?" Eva was speaking to herself already. She was devastated at that. Her repeated calls while he knelt on the bed were not helpful. She broke down to tears after Ryan ignored and banged the door at her leaving her entangled in deep sorrow.

Alex had retired to bed after Kimi left for his residence to keep his wife Samantha attended. He didn't grasp the events of the crossfire between Eva and his son. His son's relationship or rather secret affair wasn't in his domain. He hadn't known of it while they engaged in a conundrum of sort right under his nose. Ryan was an intellectual genius thus shrewd in his affair with Cecile keeping it strictly within his own rules of the game. This time Cecile had broken the covenant by calling him at that hour of the night against Ryan's rules of the game. The fact that Eva was with him even worsened Cecile's action. She had no idea how much injury she had caused.

Ryan decided to let out his frustration on Cecile. He dialed her line via the telephone downstairs.

"I told you never to call me after eight! Did I or didn't I?" Ryan roared like he burnt in hell.

"Hey! Don't get worked out now!" Cecile tried to calm him down.

"Eva is with me you dumb!" Ryan's other rare side of personality was taking dominance.

"I don't give a damn. I too got needs!" Cecile put it black and white. She too wanted a piece of Ryan. After all she had always submitted herself whenever Eva wasn't available. She was missing Ryan and was in pursuit of a night out thus the call.

"What? You better give a hoot! Eva is my girlfriend lady!" Irked Ryan was still barking. He was foreseeing a crisis judging by Cecile's tone of voice.

Left, right, centre and overhead, he was under siege by Eva and now Cecile.

"I'm taking my position too. I have an equal right if not absolute" Cecile was making her sentiments known.

"No…no! We can work this out amicably sweetie" he changed tact.

"I love you Ryan. I need you now more than ever" Cecile poured her heart out. Ryan wasn't sure what to say. He was not convinced who he really loved. Eva was good and Cecile was equally good.

He stammered on her next statement.

"I…I love you too sweetie. Now I got to sleep. Let's talk about this later" Ryan said. It was meant to end the conversation at that point. He wasn't sincere.

"Goodnight then" Cecile said.

"Goodnight to you too" Ryan affirmed.

"And I miss you Ryan" Cecile was hesitant at ending the conversation. She was not satisfactorily convinced. The line went silent.

Eva had not had a wink of sleep the entire night. Ryan too had a nightmare. However, Alex had a sweet slumber all the way until dawn. Eva left early in the wee hours of the morning without intimating to either of them. The breakfast table was set and as both men sat for morning nourishment, Eva was absent. The silence was creepy. Their usual morning chat was lacking. Ryan's breakfast tasted terrible. He wasn't into it. Alex was keen and broke the monotony.

"Where's Eva? You didn't send her away in the middle of the night. Did you?" he asked.

"I'm a gentleman dad. I couldn't do such" Ryan played safe. He put himself in the middle of the quagmire.

"But where is she? Still sleeping?" Alex persisted. He wanted to lay it bare by exposing the unforeseen and the worst.

"No dad. We had a quarrel. I'm told she was gone before dawn break" Ryan confessed.

"What did you do?" Curious Alex

"Nothing dad. We'll sort it out anyway" Ryan forced a smile.

"I hope so son. She's a good lady. You better!" the dad asserted. Alex wasn't willing for his only son to repeat the mistakes of the father. He was convinced his son's quarrel with Eva emanated from a third party, and had to be a second woman. Ryan would always tell him anything that bothered. This time his sincerity was elusive. He was hiding something from him. He thought Maria, Ryan's mother would've mentored their son to make a decisive choice of a woman had she been alive. Ryan was not aware of his father's status as an ADV carrier. Had he known about it and how his father contracted the dreaded virus, perhaps he would've handled his relationships carefully and more strict. Alex was tempted to tell his demise but was held back by the plan he was into with his personal doctor and scientist, Dr Bell. He chose not to.

Ryan's weekend started beautifully but had ended dramatically. He battled with his conscious for the remainder of the weekend. Sunday morning was awful and the entire day was tormenting. Eva was not calling him. She was not answering his calls either. Again, Cecile was persistent in calling him for the better part of the day. Uncertainly, Ryan ignored her calls for lack of words to speak to her. It was a never ending quagmire. His heart and mind weren't working in sync. He decided to switch off his cell and remain anonymous too. Perhaps Eva would be tempted to dial his home line. He thought. She didn't.

While Alex was away to Kimi's, his son decided to drown his thoughts in some bottles of beer. He took a drive to Sun City town all the way to Sir Lincoln's Dracula which was still rife of activity and most of Ryan's friends grooming the club. Ryan's closest confidant and ally Dan was among the revelers. Dan was seated at a corner with other of his friends most of whom knew Ryan. Ryan was not a frequent visitor of the club and a visit was a clear indication of something terribly gone wrong. Dan offered him a seat next to him before signaling the waitress. Ryan demanded a bottle of pure brandy on rocks. Dan's insistence of a lighter drink fell on deaf ears. Ryan was apprehensive.

"Hey dude" Dan snatched the half full bottle of brandy from Ryan.

"Enough!" he said.

Ryan was too drank to keep his head up his neck. He clung on the little amount remaining in his glass.

"No...No...No! Give me my booze" he spoke intermittently and loudly. He wasn't himself. No one had sighted him in that state of incoherence before. Not even his closest friend Dan.

"No dude. You're drank. Do you want to kill yourself with this?" Dan maintained his stand. "I do what I desire! It's my life!" Ryan fumed while drowsy. "Now! Give me that!" he was trying to wrestle the bottle out of Dan's hands. He missed it and went tumbling down with his seat following suit to a thud on the floor. Everything else on the table scattered into a messy confusion. "Come here! I'll take you home!" Dan pulled him up. "Hey! Luke" he referred to his other friend. "Take my car. I'll take his. Let's take him home before he kills himself" Dan proposed. They both harnessed Ryan on their shoulders between themselves and practically dragged his feet on the floor headed to their vehicles onlookers in pursuit by their eyes.

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