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   Chapter 5 Stormy gale

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Ashley was in isolation at Crempton Hospital's isolation unit. She had been taken ill and had been identified as the second victim of the ADV. The Acquired Deficiency Virus had ended its incubation period and transformed into a deadly disease The Acquired Deficiency Syndrome. Ashley was the second victim to be made public by the government and the scientists despite Alex carrying a similar virus that he colluded with personal physician Dr. Bell to keep it confidential. Ashley's hair was falling off gradually while her skin peeled off slowly. Her blue eyes were turning pale as they popped out from their sockets. Fingers and toes had begun to decay creating excruciating pain unimaginable to her. She writhed in pain as her days headed towards a halt. It was impossible to establish the source of Ashley's infection since she had no relation with Suzie and the fact that she was a twilight whore. She earned her living as a commercial sex worker popular with the affluent individuals of Sun City town.

Ashley could not possibly ascertain the source of her demise neither was the government or the research officials. It was now clear that the ADV was looming large. She waited helplessly for her ultimate departure. Her time lapsed gradually as she became thinner and skinny. Her expensive seductive beauty was no more. She spoke in excruciating pain as her hands trembled like feeble twigs. Unlike Suzie who had her parents standing by her, Ashley was fighting a lone battle. Scientists observed her keenly as she succumbed to the ADS to capture some hints about the deadly syndrome. Ashley breathed painfully as her pulse dwindled producing a whizzing sound before dying eventually. The second victim had fallen prey of the ADS this time from Sun City town.

Despite having contacted the virus before Ashley, Alex remained healthy and strong. Nothing had changed in his physical appearance. He was still handsome and robust. He learnt of Ashley's death over the media even before Mike told him. Her death sent cold shivers down his spine. He felt that he was the next victim although he had no clue that Ashley had contacted the virus from him. He counted his days as his son turned two years old. It was on his son's birthday that Ashley had dragged him into a sexual spree that he never realized over his drunkenness. Alex watched his son grow to turn two while counting his last moments. He never thought he would celebrate his sons second birthday. He found it to be a miracle that he was still alive. Dr. Bell was equally awed by Alex's status. Three years had gone by with the ADV in his body but he was not ailing. According to the research carried in the Amazon after Suzie's death, it was impossible to survive for two years with the virus in the blood stream. Alex had surpassed the deadline to Dr. Bell's amazement.

Dr. Bell's curiosity was aroused into an urge to study Alex but he decided to remain vigilant for a little longer. Over a year and several months had passed since Alex's wife Maria died and he had learnt to live with it. The only uncertainty in Alex's conscious was his health. He believed that his days were numbered and was going to die soon but he decided to resume his chores occupying his mind with something useful for positive thoughts. He acted normally with more zeal. He exercised routinely to maintain his robust masculine physique. Meanwhile, Mike had cut his visits to Alex's residence so did his other long time ally Matt Lincoln's son. Something was definitely wrong. Both never attended Ryan's second birthday despite their addiction to parties. Unreasonably, too many days had gone by without setting eyes on his friends Mike and Matt. Alex's calls went unanswered several times until Mike picked.

Mike coughed persistently as he spoke with Alex over the phone. He claimed it was an ordinary influenza attack and he would recover soon. Alex was not alarmed by Mike's coughing even before hearing from his father in-law Rhodes that Lincolns son Matt had been taken ill and was admitted at Crempton Hospital. Matt had tested positive for ADV. The news traumatized Alex extremely. He suspected that Mike was also following suit since he knew both his friends drunk from the same cup in an orgy in most occasions. He feared for his friends. The situation was becoming worrying to everyone on the report of the third victim laying in isolation at Crempton Hospital. The deadly ADV was becoming a reality to nationalists others citing isolated cases. Most believed that those who had the disease had a genetic malfunction that was rare claiming hereditary possibility. To Alex, it was not a fuss but reality. Sir Lincoln was not surprised by his son's demise as he knew his rogue behavior in utmost irresponsibility. Lincoln had tried to woo his son into the right track of life in vain. Matt chose a life for himself and was suffering the consequences as he lay helplessly in the isolation ward in regret. His health deteriorated rapidly in unimaginable pace. He watched Alex, his father Lincoln and friend Rhodes helplessly as they viewed him on the death bed through the glass wall. No one was allowed into the isolation room. Doctors were not taking any chances as they feared deadly contamination from the body effluents as puss oozed out from the decaying parts of the body. Nevertheless, Matt's demise was shocking to Lincoln as he was his only son.

Matt stared closer at death as he whined and writhed in pain. His body emitted obnoxious fluids and puss. His hair fell off leaving his head spotless bald. Alex visited the hospital often to stand by him in his last tracks of life. Matt could hardly speak as his friend spoke to him over the trans-receiver behind the glass wall. He moved his head slowly looking at Alex with pity full eyes sorrow and pain written across his skinny face. His status tempted Alex into confessing that he too was positive of the ADV but his selfishness restrained him. Every time he watched his friend, he felt an emotional experience that contributed to his tears running down his cheeks. He believed that he was the next victim to follow suit. Matt decided to donate his body to the research institute as a gesture of goodwill to save the people. Matt knew his life was a mess and he wanted to give back to the society in his last moments. He knew his sexual experience with numerous women in Sun City town would turn out to be a nightmare. He contemplated on the number of people that might have been carrying the deadly virus. He confessed to the doctors that a huge populace was at large with the virus at least those he himself had intercourse with. He knew that his friend Mike must have been infected too. They had drunk from the same well. He begged Alex to talk to their friend Mike not to transmit the ADV any further. Matt spoke in overwhelming pain gasping to his last breath as Alex yelled in extreme devastation. His friend was no more.

Sir Lincoln had lost his only son remaining a lonely man as he aged on. Mike had already heard of his friend's fate and he knew his was similar. His health too had deteriorated transforming him from party-going to keeping house. He lay in his bed at his mansion that he lived alone as he sobbed deeply. He contemplated on his fate sorrowfully as he coughed hard his skin hardening gradually acquiring a discolored effect. Mike had contemplated suicide attempting to take his life on several occasions using Halothane an aesthetic drug he had bought. He could not wait to feel the pain that his friend had felt. He finally concluded that suicide was the ultimate choice. He rose from his bed painfully as he tried to reach for the bottle of Halothane and a needle syringe. Stacked closely was a bottle of dry gin and a glass. Mike sucked the Halo thane with the syringe and injected it into his body. He mixed some quantity with the alcohol in the glass and gulped it down leaving the dry gin bottle empty. He left a small note and placed it on the table next to the empty bottles. The note was addressed to Alex.

My friend Alex, I was dead long before I took this stuff. My life was a mess and I urge you to lead a better life.

I could not endure the pain. I had to do something. I was a dead man walking anyway. Please understand

Goodbye Alex.

Mike lay on the bed as the anesthetic overdose took its toll. He slept to never wink his eyes open. Mike was dead before Alex went to his residence. Alex found the note that he read on painfully breaking a tear. He sat next to his departed friend somberly as he called the Sun City town sheriff's department citing a suicide incidence. Alex was the only surviving man among his two friends.

Sun City was known to be a peaceful, harmonious and free of epidemic. It gradually turned into a monster town. The ADV had spread like wild fire with more people succumbing to the deadly ADS. Twilight women quit their trade as many of them rued being infected with the deadly virus, with several of their friends dying in extreme circumstances. More affluent individuals succumbed to the Acquired Deficiency Syndrome leaving their families orphaned and their residences deserted as living in the town became a nightmare. Everyone lived in fear with an anxiety of uncertainty. The government introduced stringent measure in the town as most victims of the ADS came from the little town.

A giant isolation ward was established at Sun City town health center. The town was quarantined. No one took chances in Sun City town compromising personal safety. The town had literally turned into a ghost town as the ADS swept the population rapidly in a disastrous epidemic. Sun City town populace shrunk tremendously. No one had a clue where the epidemic originated from around the town. Only Dr. Bell had a clue. He knew that his boss was infected with the ADV from his fiancée Suzie who had carried the virus from the Amazon. The government ward filled to the brim with ailing people but surprisingly to Dr. Bell, Alex was still standing and living large despite his status. Five years had gone by since Alex lost his friends to the disease. Eight years had gone since he contacted the virus that caused the ADS from Suzie.

Dr Bell summoned Alex to the science Research Headquarters in Crempton City. He too wanted to know how he managed to live with a deadly virus in his blood stream for eight years. The doctor was keen to understand the mystery posed by the deadly samples extracted from his spermatozoa, his serum and flesh tissue to carry out a vigorous study on the structure of the virus and its presentation in his body. He was curious to study his specimen's Deoxyribonucleic Acid structure. After several hours of scrutiny at the research headquarters Alex was released back to his residence. Dr Bell embarked on a mission to find clues of his long time client with a team of loyal scientific experts. Alex waited anxiously to learn about his fate and his surprising existence. No one in the Rhodes family knew of Alex's status. He remained secretive on the matter as he spent most of his time with Ryan. His son was his happiness as he had lost all his friends to the deadly ADS.

Alex was thankful to God that he had lived to witness his son grow to a young boy. He treated his son like a king anticipating his own death. They rode in his Clipper together catching the aerial view of the natural landscape as he opted to spend final quality time with Ryan before his ultimate judgment. His son was getting addicted to his father too. They visited his mother's mausoleum on several occasions and spent some time comprehending Maria's death in remembrance. Alex dedicated most of his time to his son and his posthumous wife over his business empire. After vigorous tests on Alex's body samples for a period of several weeks, Dr Bell discovered an immortalizing factor within his body. He realized that the deadly ADV was unable to multiply further from its original structure. Whenever it turned out to complete its incubation period the red blood cells in Alex's blood stream consumed the ADV restraining it from transforming into reactivity. Alex's Deoxyribonucleic Acid strand was also unique. It was found that Alex's DNA alignment was quiet superior and made him resistant to many infections. The strand exhibited extraordinary strength. It made Alex immortal to several infections including the mysterious Acquired Deficiency Virus. However, Dr Bell concluded that his survival also depended on maintaining proper feeding habits utilizing disciplined dietary keenness. He predetermined old age was also a factor that could weaken his immunity. Alex was in his forties and therefore his robustness was estimated to last for extra twenty years. He had twenty more years to live wit

h the ADV in his blood comfortably observing disciplined dietary habits before old age struck. Dr Bell predicted.

Dr Bell proceeded with observing behavioral characteristics between the ADV and Alex's red blood cells to capture their interactions against each other. Alex was a lucky man. More and more people succumbed to ADS while he watched them. Dr Bell informed him of his immortal status to his amazement. He was surprised of his capability that he had not known of in his entire life. It was a sigh of relieve. He would live for at least twenty more years carrying the deadly ADV so they presumed. Alex was an immortal carrier of the deadly virus. The government ordered all Sun City residents to take tests to determine their status. Those found to be ADV positive were permanently isolated from the streets in a quarantined zone within the government isolation wards. Thence mutual advice was given on sexual intercourse abstinence for a period of one year in case the ADV went undetected. The government wanted to clean up the virus from the streets as a permanent cure was not forthcoming. The directions were meant to reduce the virus prevalence rate curbing new infections.

Despite the stringent measures from the government, Alex remained in his residence. His financial muscle and affluent personality bribed his freedom. Alex continued with his usual routine in impunity. He too had a clean bill of health card issued like everyone else free of the virus which was mandatory by government's standards. His was issued by Dr Bell. Sun City's population had shrunk by half of the initial dominance. The crisis had claimed half of Sun City's population after escalating into uncontrollable levels prompting the government to result into strict directives. That was the only solution as it sought to investigate the crisis lest it became a global epidemic. No one envisaged of migrating into Sun City town. It had lost its preference from its original serenity into a catastrophic expedition to attempt. Its unique landscape was the only prevailing feature that remained intact. After laying a controlled framework to contain the crisis, everything was eventually stabilizing with the entire population taking tests and those infected isolated. There was need for isolation as the disease was still vaguely understood. Contamination from decaying body fluids was feared. It was still a mystery.

Most of the people infected with the ADV were in their mid forties and the young generation. The elderly and the children watched in amazement. Rhodes and his wife Elizabeth were getting into their late seventies and the disease was equally mysterious to them. They watched the younger generation succumb to the Acquired Deficiency Syndrome losing close associates like Mike and Matt, Lincoln's son. Kimi was in his mid thirties literally controlling his father's estate as the old man weakened due to old age. Kimi assumed the responsibilities of the family as he took care of his parents fading into the last stages of life well lived. Alex and Kimi became a pair as they associated in business dealings and family responsibilities together. Alex assisted Kimi whenever he had a problem so did he. Alex had become part of Rhodes family. His status could not allow him to remarry. His residence was dominated by his field employees and house helps. He chose to be at Rhodes residence spending time with the family and his son Ryan when he was not attending to business. At free time they could tee off at his golf turf or take a ride in his helicopter. Kimi would join them in having fun easing from the day's chores. Despite their cordial association, Alex never confessed to them about his status. He chose to let fate decide. They associated as normal beings without him arousing any suspicion. He did not want his son Ryan to face traumatic psychological torture thinking about his father's fate. Time was not yet ripe to narrate his clumsy past to his son. It was not yet to tell him that his mother Maria too contacted the virus immediately after his birth, a fact she too was not informed.

The ADS was finally under control. People desisted from immorality and unprotected sex with those already infected dying at an alarming rate. Most homes had orphaned children after parents succumbed to the ADS with one of the spouses picking the deadly virus that caused the disease from the streets of Sun City town. Prostitution ended along Lincoln Avenue as most twilights decayed from the ADS with Ashley leading the way. Ashley was the fly that spoiled the entire broth when she picked the virus from Alex and spread it around the town. The chain was eventually coming to an end. The government had succeeded in halting the epidemic and urged the residents to curb immorality and maintain faithful ethics. Protection implements were deployed in the entire country. With all those measures taken the spread of the ADV was contained. However, an immortal man was looming large, free like a bird. Alex retained his freedom with impunity and isolating him for the rest of his life was impossible. He carried the ADV within himself but maintained moral standing to avoid transmitting it to another person. An immoral act from him meant commencing another disastrous chain of the ADS. Contaminating a second party with his blood or body fluids would also spell doom over the town once more. The safety of the populace was in his hands. Alex had managed to refrain himself from sex taking caution on contaminating a second individual, his son included. He remained vigilant and responsible as he led his life cautiously. He had witnessed his friends writhe in pain eventually succumbing to the disease an experience that haunted his mind consistently. He would not want that to happen again.

Rhodes died peacefully in his residence at the age of eighty. His wife Elizabeth survived him but passed on a year later at the same age only elder by a few months. Kimi succeeded his father perfectly fitting into his shoes. He controlled his father's estate as the sole surviving heir. Alex assumed the responsibility of his son acting as his mother assuming the role Elizabeth had taught him. He was doing well for a single father. Ryan permanently moved to his father's residence. He was already a young man leading a comfortable life getting all that he needed from his father. They loved each other heavily with each one of them being there for the other. Ryan's father was his world. Similarly, Alex's son was his world too. He was the only family he had left. After calm resumed in Sun City town, Kimi married his long time girlfriend Samantha. He needed a companion in the vast establishment that he solely resided on. Kimi was now ripe for marriage. He was more than ready.

Unlike Alex, Kimi's wedding ran smoothly without fatalities and drama. His past life was a clean sheet of record. Kimi was a disciplined and morally upright young man who valued his essence of life as his mother raised him to be. He tested negative for ADV so did his fiancée Samantha as was the requirement to be tested before tying the knot being one of the authorities' directions within Sun City town besides having the warrant card. Kimi's wedding was magnificently graced by dignitaries from various directions including affluent Lincoln, Rhodes friend who was aging into the eighty brackets. Sir Lincoln represented his friend Rhodes as Kimi's father to receive the bride into a new family.

All the thorns had been removed and all the suckers splinted out of the little town. The infectious populace had been cleared from the face of Sun City town and only the presumed virus free remained standing. The deadly Acquired Deficiency Virus was driven into extinction with all the residents having confirmed their status while the ADV positive individuals gradually succumbed to the syndrome into the graves. However, Alex was looming large as he turned fifty. Approximately thirteen years had elapsed with the deadly ADV flowing freely in Alex's blood stream. He appeared healthy and robust as usual despite the prevalence of the virus in his body. Twelve years ended without Alex experiencing the warmth of a woman. His sexual appetite went unsatisfied as he loathed and sulked in restraint. He could not risk an accidental transmission to a second party lest a devastating spree recurred in Sun City town.

For twelve years, he had managed to restrain his sexual desire forgoing intercourse with a woman. He could not re-marry for the sake of the entire community's safety. Restraining himself from sexual submission was an ultimate challenge that was driving him against the wall. He was gradually losing the battle as his sex appetite overwhelmed him aggressively like a bush under fire. He fought with his mindset to discourage an out of hand situation to no avail. He kept himself busy in his business dealings and spent quality time with his son Ryan discouraging malicious indulgence. Ryan was a young boy about the age of fourteen. He had escaped the deadly ADV by a whisker as his mother Maria bore him before contacting the virus from his father Alex. He was a healthy boy who guaranteed his father's happiness.

Annette was Alex's new personal secretary at his firm back in Crempton city. She was a beautiful lady in her late twenties several years younger than Alex her boss. She clad like a queen and her pearl of beauty hardly went unnoticed. Her dark hair that dangled freely gave her an appearance inherent from the rest of the crowd. Annette's skin tone was smooth and radiant making her beauty manifest itself among men. She dressed in a black mini skirt slit wide creating an urge for an adventure. Her red blouse fitted tightly displaying a captivating appearance of torso. She walked into Alex's office in a catwalk mastering a seductive gait that drove her boss wild. She walked magnificently towards her boss's desk wielding an office file against her chest and her nicely manicured nails visible from yonder. Her mini skirt was torturous as she bent over to pick a loose paper on the floor. Alex watched her in disbelief as she picked the 'stubborn' paper from the floor. He was drooling.

Temptation was creeping into uncontrollable extremes. He was turned on by his secretary's seduction and as she rose with the paper in her hand, she couldn't help but smile at her boss's posture. Alex stood still with his mouth wide open in amazement and utter discomfort. His mannerism exhibited a desire of a starving man. Alex was sexually famished and his evident discomfort called for attention. Annette chose to risk her fate and took the opportunity to capitalize on her boss's dilemma obliviously. Annette walked slowly towards Alex keeping a steady eye contact with him. She smiled enticingly at her boss inviting an adventure with him. Annette thought that a moment of pleasure with her boss was not harmful and was willing to take inherent risks and venture into deep waters. Judging by her boss's mannerism, it was clear that he was willing to tow the line and tango. She wrapped her arms around Alex's neck as she kissed him lightly on his lips. She kissed repeatedly drawing her prey into her snare.

Alex was already boiling with great anxiety for an experience with Annette. His conscious concentrated on his urge and was 'willing to drown the entire community on quick sand for a moment with Annette His health status was overruled and forgotten as he drowned into Annette's persistent kissing. They indulged in passionate kissing with extreme excitement. They repeatedly indulged in the office until dusk fell. The experience was breathtaking and enormous for both of them. They sat over the desk leaning on each other as they recovered spent energy. Alex had done it again. It never dawned on him at that moment the worst was eminent. He was infected with the deadly ADV and had unprotected copulation with his secretary Annette.

A disastrous chain had been rekindled. Alex's status was unknown to Annette who felt on top of the world having had a sexual adventure with her boss. She felt like a conqueror of all odds having succeeded in luring her boss into her other side of personality. It never dawned on her that all that glitters is not gold. As she dressed up and walked away, the deadly Acquired Deficiency Virus accompanied her on her tracks. She walked into Alex's office as ADV negative and left otherwise. She waved at Alex as she locked the door behind her ready to go home. A sleeping tiger had been woken. The deadly ADV had been rekindled by an act of immoral indulgence of an immortal man and a vulnerable woman. Annette was a foreign immigrant into Crempton City in search of greener pastures. A foreign seed had been planted in her.

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