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   Chapter 4 The Prodigal Fiancée

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The drama at Maria's wedding had just ended with Alex becoming Rhodes entire family's nemesis but Maria and Elizabeth. Maria turned rebellious to his father and brother Kimi and decided to give Alex a chance. She desisted from their pressure to terminate the pregnancy and opt for Andy. Elizabeth supported her daughter's decision stressing that it was malicious to terminate a pregnancy and touting for her daughter's liberty for independent decisions. Their persistence for Alex turned him to be a foe among Rhodes and Kimi. However, they continued to associate in business dealings opting to work with managers rather than engage personally as was earlier. Maria decided to remain at home and kept distance from Alex to create a transition for the wounds to heal. Alex obliged in concurrence paying her a visit once in a while and in disguise. They often engulfed romantically over the phone with Maria agreeing to visit her new fiancée whenever an emotional appetite arose. They were eventually getting along nicely and

Maria's happiness was rekindling. Elizabeth enjoyed every minute of her daughter's happiness something she had been enduring and longing for excruciatingly.

Maria's pregnancy was beginning to exhibit itself making her love Alex even more. She felt his presence whenever she felt her hands on the bumpy belly. Alex was excited by her status feeling the developing baby by his palms whenever he visited Maria or otherwise. Finally Alex's heart had genuinely settled on Maria and Suzie was fading away both in mind and at heart. Suzie was forgotten history until she called from the Amazon informing Alex of her trip back home. Suzie was prompted to return home after she contacted a viral infection from the Amazon. She had acquired a virus scientists referred to as Acquired Deficiency Virus abbreviated as ADV.

This virus was unfamiliar to scientists and had no known cure. It multiplied gradually in the blood with an incubation period unknown to them. What was clear to them was the mode of transmission. Suzie had contacted the virus from a blood sample she was working on extracted from the wild primates. She had accidentally pierced her finger with a needle unknown to them that the sample carried a dangerous virus. The scientists at the research center in the Amazon concluded there was a possibility of contacting the virus through sexual intercourse since the serum from the same extract exhibited the presence of ADV. They knew a looming crisis was eminent. Suzie decided to return home at its incubation period to watch the clock tick. She was devastated on learning that the ADV could not get an immediate cure with certainty that she was heading to the grave. Her clock was ticking gradually. Suzie did not inform Alex of her condition and decided to keep it confidential.

Neither Alex nor Suzie's parents were brought to light over the prevailing condition. When she arrived at the airport she smiled radiantly as usual disguising her true status. Everything appeared normal to her parents who received her at the airport. They had not seen their daughter for a long time and her return was anxiously anticipated welcoming her to a triumphant reception in great celebration. A party was arranged for her at home. Alex was an invitee but he declined to attend restraining himself from unfaithful indulgence. He wanted to forget about Suzie forever and begin a new era with Maria.

The absence of Alex at Suzie's welcoming party boiled down unpleasantly with her. She felt betrayed and denied by Alex. She couldn't comprehend the fact that he had called it quits in that manner. Her anger was overwhelming her heart. However, she chose not to portray discomfort or unhappiness to her parents who were in an upbeat mood. She chose not to spoil the party and compromise her parent's genuine hospitality. Meanwhile, Alex remained at his residence keeping himself occupied at his estate to restrain any wild thought about Suzie. He wanted to lead a new life of faithfulness and emotional responsibility. Alex felt that Suzie had abandoned him compromising his relationship to her. To Alex, Suzie was a prodigal fiancée who expected everything to be apt just the way she had initially left before her trip to the Amazon. He wanted Suzie to be around him all the time and to quit her trade as a scientist but she opted for her career citing natural passion to it. Alex disliked it vehemently. He had proposed to her to quit research and instead work with him in the motor vehicle manufacturing industry. Alex was a wealthy man and found no need for his fiancée to work away from home. Furthermore, there were large hospitals established within the country and around Crempton City that he felt were appropriate avenues for her job.

Alex was a selfish man when it came to romantic relationships. He always wanted his spouse to be within his reach if not at his residence. From Alex's point of view, Suzie was history to him. Although she knew her status could not allow a lifetime relationship with Alex, she felt it was abusive and inhuman for him to dump her like a heap of trash. Suzie's patience was dwindling as she waited for Alex to show up at her residence in Crempton City. She decided to embark on a mission to Alex's residence in Sun City town. She left home mysteriously without notice. She drove at high velocity towards Sun City from dawn to dusk. At Sun City town, she only needed to mention Alex's name to find his residence. Alex was famously known around Sun City town for his affluent personality and his drama at Maria's wedding Rhodes daughter who was equally prominent.

Before darkness fell, Suzie was hooting at Alex's gate. Alex was not aware of Suzie's visit and when his gatekeeper told him there was a lady who wanted to gain entry into his residence by the name of Suzie, he was surprised and confused of what to do. He instructed him to let her in as he sat at the couch watching her drive in on the surveillance screen embracing for a heated confrontation. She was a zealous woman with an element of toughness within herself. Alex knew that he was in for a troublesome encounter. She thunderously entered the house at an electrifying pace as she sought Alex's audience. She found him seated idly gathering composure in anticipation. Although Alex was a built man in body appearance with a masculine posture, he hardly lost his temper especially towards the feminine. He kept calm as Suzie knocked his head with her tiny purse. He did not bother to defend the wrath of the purse over his head but restrained himself until all her anger towards him rescinded. Suzie settled down for a chat seeking answers from Alex. Tears welled in her eyes before trickling down as she spoke bitterly.

"You are an imp Alex." she cursed.

"How can you do this to me? I loved you whole heartedly" she said.

"You abandoned me. You chose your career over me. I believe you loved your career more than you loved me." Alex complained.

"But I always requested your status when I was away. You remained in my heart Alex." She said as tears ran down her cheeks.

"You have to understand me now. I don't love you anymore Suzie" He confessed in a low tone voice.

"How can you say that? I love you. Please." she lamented.

"I have moved on now. I am expecting a baby from my fiancée. I plan on marrying her." Alex spilled the beans. He wanted to put her off completely. Suzie was shocked to the extreme. Her heart bled in pain as she contemplated revenge. Suzie could not accept her new position neither was she letting go. She wanted a bitter revenge that Alex would never forget. She composed herself wiping her tears away. She pretended to accept Alex's verdict promising to move on with her life.

It was already eight O'clock at night and Suzie could not leave for Crempton City through the thickness of darkness. Her residence was miles away for a safe cruise at night. Alex offered her the guest room to spend her night after she promised to leave him alone forever at sunrise. They proceeded to watch a movie at his cinema room in a friendlier co-existence. Alex thought he had jumped a hurdle and their relationship was in the past. Suzie on the other hand was planning for revenge. In her mind she contemplated of the suitable revenge that she could deploy. Her heart felt betrayed and loathed in bitterness but on her face wore a disguising expression as she congratulated Alex of his new acquisition. Her ego was pushing her into malice. The guest room was situated downstairs unlike Alex's master en suite upstairs. Alex was preparing himself for a quiet slumber after a hectic day. He decided to take a cold shower before slipping into his beddings.

Suzie was embarking on a seductive mission. She desired infecting Alex with the deadly ADV. She wanted to give an equal measure of her pain and frustration. She wanted him to succumb to the infection and die eventually as her fate was already sealed and widely blamed Alex for her predicament. If she didn't have Alex, no other woman could have him. She undressed herself into complete emptiness. She stood in front of the mirror putting a determined and daring face before covering herself in a towel. She walked stealthily barefoot and stopped at Alex's bedroom door in premeditation. The door was not locked as she pushed it ajar softly keen not to attract his attention as the shower ran consistently. She locked the door behind her in similar sleekness. She could hear the running of the shower as Alex bathed at the further end of the room. Suzie dropped the wrapped towel on the floor before laying herself over Alex's bed with her posture suggestively choreographed facing the bathroom door as she waited patiently for him to emerge. As the shower stopped running, she embraced herself enticingly. Alex walked out of the bathroom with his towel over his shoulder. He was equally nude. He wasn't expecting any guests in his room and definitely not his former fiancée. Suzie's presence disturbed his conscious. He walked towards the door wrapping his towel around his waist to open it, ordering her out. The door was already locked and the keys lay on the bed next to Suzie. She enticed him teasingly with her sexy body, her eyes looking at Alex drowsily in a seductive manner. Alex was heating up and drawing closer to the hiatus of his own grave. He could not turn down Suzie as he had a firsthand experience with her in before. They had a phenomenon sexual experience before and this time was not different. He was falling for the snare gradually.

"Come on Alex. It's the last time." She persuaded enticingly in a seductive voice.

"I won't harm you. It's just me. You know me. I am satisfying, sensational, fulfilling and a sweetheart." She continued sensationally seductive. Alex's testosterone was out of bounds to unbearable limits. Suzie was simply irresistible. This was the last time. He promised. They kissed persistently in mouthfuls into submission engulfed in each other's arms. It was a mission accomplished for Suzie and a taste of own medicine was beckoning upon Alex.

Suzie left Alex's residence early on daybreak bidding farewell to her former fiancée. Alex sighed in relief on his success of jumping a steep hurdle. Suzie was history to him and that made his heart and mind serene, so he thought. Oblivious to him was Suzie's status. He had no clue whatsoever that his former fiancée had a hidden dirty secret beneath her. Alex had dug his own grave by falling for Suzie's seductive trickery. Suzie left the residence having accomplished her mission and within her conscious she was a winner. She believed that Alex deserved the bitter pill to swallow proportionate to what she felt when he decided to call it quits. Her clock on the face of the planet was ticking and a moment was beckoning when the ADV would become mature and kill her. However it was sweet sorrow for her as Alex would follow suit like she yearned. She went back home to wait for the ultimate moment that would surprise the entire family and Alex.

A year had elapsed since Suzie contacted the deadly ADV and about five months had gone by since she successfully lured Alex into the snare. She began exhibiting symptoms stimulated by the presence of the ADV in her blood stream. Her body was weakening into feeble appearance. She coughed hard and extraneously. Her skin was losing its normal texture gradually. Suzie was taken ill as the deadly ADV crawled aggressively into Acquired Deficiency Syndrome. It had completed its incubation stage into a fierce disease. The virus had taken its toll prompting fellow scientists to create awareness of its existence through the national media. However the scientists gave no clear road map of combating the insurgent virus as they too contemplated about it. It was a new strain of a deadly virus originating from the Amazon.

Suzie was admitted in a private ward under observation from experts and fellow scientists. Her parents watched their daughter through the glass wall in anguish as she succumbed to the ADS gradually. Her flesh was decaying gradually as her hair peeled off dropping piece by piece. She looked fierce at first sight. Her captivating beauty had lapsed into an unfamiliar ghost. Suzie's case caused a scare and an aura of discomfort throughout the nation. Alex ignored the news and comfortably led his life as usual without suspicion of any kind in his mind. Suzie's memory in his mind was entirely eroded leaving no trace of her within himself. He took the news of the disease as everyone else did. He had no clue that he carried the deadly ADV that caused the fierce disease ADS. He did not know that his former fiancée was the first victim of the disease nearing her final days as she lay helpless writhing in pain at an isolated private ward. Suzie scribbled on a ruled page writing a note to Alex as her last moments stared. She informed him of his status promising to meet him in eternity. She stressed that they were meant to be together forever and in eternity and his betrayal was consequential. She handed the note to her fellow scientist sealed in an envelope and instructed him to deliver it urgently to the named residence immediately she died.

Suzie had virtually decayed in her entire body losing her fingers and toes. The stench in her ward was unbearable. Her beauty thawed like ice under the sun. She was only thirty pounds when she died from the deadly ADS. Her death shocked her family and colleagues leaving fellow scientists in a dilemma as they embarked on a mission to unearth the ADV structure in an endeavour to finding a lasting effective cure. They did not know whether Suzie had infected any other person as they desisted on limiting the transmission modes to sexual intercourse and injection. The experts feared the possibility of diverse modes of transmission. Although Suzie's fellow scientists had known of her infection with the ADV opting to remain confidential to witness its effect for an action, its outcome was overwhelmingly fierce. They feared a disaster was looming and a huge epidemic beckoned. What the experts had witnessed from Suzie's condition haunted their minds putting them in an aggressive mood to unearth a solution. They petitioned the government to provide necessary support in equipment and financing to facilitate their research back in the Amazon. This was to be daunting task for them. News about the existence of the ADV spread like wild fire throughout the community with most populace downplaying the matter citing grapevine. Ignorance took its toll.

Maria's gestation period was over and had carried Alex's baby to full term. She was at home with her mother Elizabeth when contractions struck. She was experiencing labor pains. She yelled as the contractions persisted prompting the need for a mid wives' attention. Her mother Elizabeth realized snappily embarking on a journey to Sun City health center. She drove Maria to hospital before informing Alex over the phone. Alex was overhead his estate in a helicopter doing his routine inspection when he received the call. He abandoned the inspection and flew towards Sun City town from Spring Valley. He was anxious to see his new born but shivered nervously in anticipation for a smooth delivery. He wanted Maria to be safe and sound. When he landed his helicopter at the health center, cold sweat ran down his spine as he stormed into the delivery unit. Doctors conjured him to stay outside the delivery room as they proceeded to attend to Maria. Her mother remained beside her as she writhed in pain. Maria was sweating profusely as the contractions intensified. It was not forthcoming.

After several hours of overwhelming labor pain without progress, the doctor concluded that she was to undergo a caesarean. He ordered for an emergency response in preparation of the procedure. Maria was hurriedly led to the operating surgical theater for baby's extraction and to save her life. Elizabeth held Alex's hand tightly in consolation as they both waited nervous

ly. They remained quiet hardly talking to each other until the doctor emerged with the news. Maria was safe and so was the baby boy. A sigh of relieve filled the air. Alex celebrated in a loud laughter as Elizabeth let tears of joy. The doctor allowed them in to see the new born baby and his mother.

The doctor instructed that Maria had to remain in hospital for full recovery before she could be discharged. The baby boy had to remain behind with his mother for three days before Alex could take them home. He had to wait a little bit longer for his family to return home. He decided to throw a small celebratory stag at his residence with his allies for his new status. He felt extremely happy to have sired. He called Mike and Sir Lincoln's son Matt to join him for the party bragging about his new status. He prepared the best champagne and the finest wine produced in Sun City town the Kingfisher. He kept abundant stock of it as he waited for his friends to walk in sipping his wine subtly in enjoyment.

It was eight O'clock in the evening when Mike and Matt arrived at Alex's residence. Among them were several other neighborhood residents but notably Ashley was among the ladies who accompanied them. They all formed a small crowd for a good party. Alex could not refrain himself from gulping more and more glasses of wine in excitement. By the time everyone got down into the party holding glasses of champagne and wine while dancing to the playing melody, his speech was already distorted as he spoke loudly in celebration reminding the invitees that he had a son. As the night ripened everyone was exhibiting uncouth behavior having been influenced by the consumed alcohol. Mike and Matt were busy flirting and teasing the women around the pool area. Alex lay on the floor having had enough of the liquor and unable to move from one point to another. He was practically immobile staggering to the floor whenever he attempted to rise up.

Ashley had always wanted an adventure with Alex who turned her down on several incidences. An opportunity was presenting itself for her to prevail. Ashley worked as a commercial sex prostitute in Sun City town. Mike was Ashley's frequent client and on several occasions they accompanied each other. Her services were exchanged for money sometimes entertaining both Mike and Matt in an orgy. Ashley yearned for a sensational adventure with Alex and his intoxication presented a lifetime opportunity for her. She decided capitalize on his unconsciousness. Ashley lifted him from the floor where he sat leaning his back to the sofa. She struggled with the human 'baggage' upstairs proceeding along the corridor to Alex's bedroom. After locking the door behind her, Ashley laid him on his bed after removing his sandals gently. Alex lay on his back helplessly. After an enticing moment albeit of cold kissing, Alex was dancing to her tune in oblivion predatory vigor awakened. Ashley enjoyed the experience throughout the adventure as she continuously defiled Alex in his own bed. They repeatedly engaged in copulation until she had enough of him. She dressed hurriedly before frisking her prey's pockets and left his room leaving the exhausted man nude over his bed. All that mattered to her was that she had licked from the jar she had always drooled for. She returned to the party and begged Mike to leave. They left in Mike's car smiling to her sweet mischievous adventure with Alex. Exhausted party revelers dozed off on Alex's couches in a clumsy pattern until dawn when they left to their homes to kill their hangovers.

Three months had ended since Suzie was deceased. Alex's son Ryan Baxter was three months old. Maria had agreed to Alex's proposal to marry her and was planning a wedding. Ryan had changed Alex's lifestyle tremendously as he dedicated himself into responsible fatherhood. Alex's son became his whole world as he pampered him with all sorts of gifts strengthening his love to Maria. He loved his new family rationally and submitted all his attention towards them paying frequent visits to Rhodes' residence. Rhodes was gradually accepting Alex back into his family perhaps burying the hatchet and letting go of past ordeals. He loved his grandson a lot and was a factor in easing his perception towards Alex. Kimi had already accepted reality that her younger sister loved Alex and made a decision to iron out his differences with him. Elizabeth was elated by their change of heart convincing them to let Alex marry Maria as she wished. They all settled into making plans for another Maria's wedding only that this time she was getting married to the father of her child. Alex promised heaven to her when they get married. They spent quality time together as they embarked in building a strong foundation in their relationship. They engaged in intense romantic adventures and outdoor experiences with their son.

Maria decided to quit her legal profession prompting Kimi to hunt for a new chief executive officer for their law firm in Crempton city. Instead Maria decided to engage in Alex's businesses in an orientation to familiarize herself to her would be husband's dealings. Their love was unbreakable as they perfectly bonded. They made wild love on diverse avenues from the golf turf to the swimming pool. Sometimes their sexual urge demanded attention in their offices and even in the barley fields. Their love prevailed to the extreme in the odd places. Their love was at its peak until one bright morning a mail was delivered at Alex's residence. A servant signed for it keeping it safely until Alex woke up. It was Suzie's note from her death ward. Alex woke to sad news as he read through the note. His world was crumbling down like a house of cards. His facial expression told the entire tale of a devastated man. His face was turning pale wearing a collection of wrinkles across it and between the eyes. He could not comprehend Suzie's inhuman act. He read on.

Dear Alex, I kept my end of the bargain. I loved you so much but you chose to betray my heart. If I couldn't have you all for myself then no other woman is worthy your love.

You are infected with the deadly ADV that you abandoned me to succumb to. Soon you shall die and follow me into eternity where we will be together forever. I just led the way your time is coming.

An eye for an eye. Tit for tat.

Love Suzie

Alex remained frozen in disbelief. He remained gazing at the note reading it over and over again. His lips trembled as his hands. The shock was devastating. The note was fierce with a frightening phenomenon. He inspected his body curiously perhaps to note any physical changes. What Suzie had done was unimaginable. Alex was getting worried about his fate and that of his fiancée Maria. He felt guilt within himself that if it was true he was infected with the ADV he would never come to terms of the likelihood of having transmitted the virus to his fiancée. He was literally in shock. He had also slept and had intercourse with Ashley who was obliviously in his picture. He had never known that he had sex with her even after waking up nude on his bed. Maria was his concern as well as the fate of young Ryan his son. In the event of both him and Maria succumbing to the fangs of ADV, little Ryan would become an orphan. Alex's estate was all in vain too. His young life was at risk as he was only middle aged. His mind rolled like wild roller coaster tormenting his head in a dwelling nightmare. He decided to confirm Suzie's allegations. Alex summoned his personal physician at his residence and narrated the unfolded ordeal. He demanded to be tested instantly waiting nervously for his fears to be confirmed.

The doctor extracted blood samples from his veins and promised to give the result immediately he arrived at Crempton. Crempton City was far from Sun City town and Alex knew he had to wait until the following day. He instructed the doctor to act extremely confidential over the matter and at no circumstance whatsoever should he divulge his status to anyone. The doctor left Alex's residence immediately soon had he arrived at seven O'clock in the evening. He embarked on a mission to unearth his bosses' status as the note received earlier in the day alleged. It was approximately a five hours drive from Sun City town to Cremptom City and therefore the doctor was scheduled to reach his office at eleven O'clock in the night. He decided to work on the blood samples immediately he got to the office to beat his morning deadline. Alex's blood system was contaminated and the news unfolded to him over the telephone from Dr Bell.

Dr Bell was in contravention of government regulations and in violation of doctors code of ethics as he colluded with Alex to keep his case buried in silence in exchange of financial privileges. Alex instructed the doctor to run similar tests on Maria after luring her to attend frequent medical checkups. Maria's blood sample tested positive to ADV. It was now clear to Alex that his fiancée was also positive and only their son Ryan had sound health. Maria never knew of her status as she was involuntarily and subconsciously tested by Dr Bell. Alex decided to zip it in until the ultimate time came. He could not comprehend Maria's reaction if he told her he had infected her with a deadly virus. He continued with his chores as usual disguising the true underlying facts. Alex never showed any signs of suspicion to his fiancée. He treated Maria in the usual manner as they continued with wedding arrangements. He wanted to consummate their relationship through marriage before the ultimate judgment and baptism of fire. He wanted to legitimize his family before his days on earth lapsed for the benefit of his son Ryan. His little son was his only heir. He contemplated on leaving his entire estate to an executor on behalf of his son to assume control when he attained the legal age of twenty one. That was the only option he deemed apt for him notwithstanding the fact that Ryan was only at the mid of his fourth month. He knew that in his absence Maria's family would take care of their son sufficiently. Ryan meant a lot to Rhodes family. He was putting his house in order before he confessed to Maria what awaited them at the end of the road. He decided to confess to her after their wedding scheduled for the subsequent month.

To Alex's relieve and them being of sound health physically, the wedding day had finally come. Alex clad a white three piece suit with matching designer shoes. He looked extremely elegant at the sight of the invitees. His firm manager Ted was honored to be his best man with his wife as the bridesmaid. He too looked splendid in a similar suit he had never clad before. They both stood anxiously in the same Cathedral where Andy stood with his best man Audrey on their failed wedding with Maria. Alex's bride was looking splendid too. She wore a large white curvy gown with a long trailing train that gave her an appearance of an angel. She smiled radiantly as she entered into Alex's personal SUV the Falcon that was scheduled to take her to the Cathedral. Maria was extremely happy on this day unlike the attempted betrothal to Andy. The motorcade formed by lavish vehicles led by Alex's unique brands with the Toad driven by Mike and his classy Mercedes Benz driven by Kimi, cruised along Rhodes highway towards the Cathedral at a snail's pace decorated magnificently in Cream white ribbons and balloons.

Matt had a chance to feel the comfort of Alex's Falcon as he chauffeured the bride to the Cathedral. Rhodes was in an upbeat mood so was his wife Elizabeth. They were happy for their daughter as she made an ultimate choice of her own to marry Alex and live with him as her husband. Elizabeth carried her grandson warmly in her arms as they drove to the Cathedral. The procession attracted the attention of residents in Sun City town as the motorcade cruised across to the Cathedral. The chopper waited in the Cathedral's compound to airlift the newlyweds to their desired destination. The congregation sat calmly and silently in the Cathedral in anticipation of the big moment. Maria walked down the aisle with either hand holding her parents. Alex smiled broadly in excitement as the bride proceeded towards him. The trailing of the gown held lightly by the bridesmaid rolled along colorfully. Maria looked beautiful as the tiara shone brightly to the Cathedral's lighting. Maria looked exquisite and an Angel to yearn for. Wedding bells rang so did the carols play. The festival looked elegant as the minister proceeded to join the two love birds

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness these two lovebirds take an ultimate decision to spend their lives together as husband and wife in holy matrimony. Marriage is an ordained institution since time immemorial when God created man and woman to live together happily in fulfilling His covenant. If there is anyone in this congregation who has or knows anything that should hinder these two to be ordained as husband and wife in holy matrimony to confess now or forever hold their peace." The minister announced and remained silent waiting for any response.

The congregation remained silent in anxiety lest an incidence similar to Alex's dramatic havoc on Andy's moment repeated itself. After a reasonable period of silence elapsed, the minister continued.

"Alex!" He called. "You may remove the veil" The minister directed. Alex proceeded as instructed. Maria smiled attractively at him.

"Rings please" the minister requested. Ted presented the golden rings forward attached neatly to their grooves. Alex inserted the golden ring on Maria's finger as the reverend read the recitation to him.

"Alex. Do you take Maria to be your lawfully wedded wife to hold and to cherish in times of sorrow, sickness, poverty or abundance until death does you part?" he asked.

"Yes I do." Alex answered in affirmation. Maria responded to the minister's recitation in affirmation too.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. Alex, you may now kiss the bride" The minister pronounced as the congregation applauded in a celebratory mood.

"What God has joined let no man put asunder" the reverend concluded the ceremony.

No sooner had the minister concluded in a benediction than a loud bang was heard. It was a gunshot. The crowd took off to all corners of the chapel. Another one followed suit. Maria dropped to the ground clinging on Alex's coat to a pool of blood. Right at the entrance of the Cathedral laid a woman her head soaked in blood. It was Debbie. Debbie had shot Maria dead and subsequently herself. The crowd wept in shock. Alex yelled to the peak of his voice as he wept overwhelmingly. He had lost his wife to a gunshot fired by Debbie his first girlfriend in Sun City town. Maria's parents were traumatized in shock. They had lost their only daughter. Joy had turned into grief. Alex held his wife tightly in his arms staining his white suit as he wept wildly in pain. He had not confessed to Maria about their status. Ryan had to grow without a mother from that tragic moment. A double edged sword had cut through poor hearts.

Debbie too had decided to end Maria's life if she couldn't have Alex as her husband just like Suzie had resulted to frustrate his life. She lay on the ground in a pool of blood holding her gun on her right hand as Rhodes called the sheriff's department to handle the incidence. Loneliness had crept into Alex's empire again. The only woman that was special to him had passed on. He took the blame of causing Maria's death as a consequence of a clumsy past. Maria's family decided to bury their daughter at her father's residence which Alex obliged. He offered to build an honorary mausoleum at her grave in her memory. Elizabeth assumed the responsibility of a mother to her little grandson Ryan. Alex decided to live in his residence alone as he contemplated on his woes. He thought he carried a curse. He had lost his wife and tested positive for ADV in a span of a year. It was incomprehensible. He contemplated suicide but he minded his son Ryan. Alex restrained from his routine chores delegating his duties to his senior employees. He decided to give himself a transition period to heal his wounds. His heart bled painfully as his mind soared with deep thoughts. Although Alex kept house on most occasions, he preserved time to see his son. Ryan was the only valuable thing he believed he had for his remaining days. He is the one who gave him the will to live longer for his sake. He prayed for more days in the world to see his son grow. He made sure he provided to his son as his mother would have wanted. He never abandoned Elizabeth even in his period of bereavement. Elizabeth was doing quite well in nurturing her grandson for a woman of her age. Elizabeth had been a good mother to her children Kimi and Maria raising them positively in good behavior and character so she extended her olive hand to her grandson Ryan. Alex was pleased with her. His son was in safe hands.

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