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   Chapter 2 Familiarity

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Alex's schedule was inevitable and demanding as he strove to create an empire in Sun City town. With the help of Mike who was already familiar with the prevailing circumstances in the town, Alex was already getting acquainted. Unlike Rhodes and Sir Lincoln who used a single engine Cessna aircraft, to inspect their fields Alex deployed a customized helicopter, a Clipper, to move him around to and from as his business empire demanded frequent visits to Crempton City. His style was talk of the town on every Sun City town's resident that left the former richest man of the town challenged. Rhodes was Alex's neighbor and therefore, witnessed his prowess first hand. However challenged he was Rhodes remained Alex's best neighbor keeping his usual lifestyle in a meek and humble way. Alex was a mechanical engineer and owned a vehicle manufacturing plant back at Crempton until he decided to cast his net wider and extend his empire into Sun City town. He put up a heavy commercial vehicle unit along Delta Avenue next to Rhodes processing factory.

Farther down the road from Alex's residence was Lincoln's establishment neighboring Mike's residence at the opposite direction. Mike's entrance was on the opposite side to Lincoln's. Alex was already getting knowledge of the town's culture and its residence and remained a puzzle to many around him. His style was unmatched, from his dressing, cars and business prowess. Alex's personal cars were uniquely customized from his own manufacturing company being the only brands not for sale unlike the rest. He parked in his garage the only brands of their kind. With exception to his sporty black metallic Mercedes the other three models were uniquely and solely manufactured in his own taste and design. One was a Falcon which was his official vehicle. It was a huge sports utility vehicle that utilized a hybrid engine propelled by gas and electricity. Parked besides each other was his red sporty Toad with a detachable roof similar to the Mercedes'. Last was his field operation Phoenix, a pick-up truck that he substituted with the helicopter in his barley plantation inspection tours. Just like Rhodes and his counterpart Sir Lincoln, Alex employed several domestic workers and managers to facilitate and run designated affairs. Mike remained his closest associate and a personal friend to him. Alex met most of the residents through Mike. He had introduced Rhodes and his family and had a chance to visit his house. He met Rhodes, his wife Elizabeth and son Kimi. Alex had not met Maria, Rhodes daughter for the past two months he had been living in Spring Valley. Maria had not come home for the last two months as she chose to remain in Crempton City to leave their law firm in order before taking a long break and spend some quality time with her family and fiancé Andy.

Andy was planning on marrying Maria his long time fiancée. Andy was a doctor in his mid thirties just like Alex. Due to his and her fiancée's busy schedules they hardly met in a romantic atmosphere to exchange their emotional feelings. Alex was unaware of this furthermore he was not interested in seeing Maria; he thought. Alex was getting attached to Rhodes family and he became a frequent visitor to his mansion discussing business and socializing. Kimi was also getting along with Alex since he found him to be a prosperous young individual with a lot to offer.

Alex had already offered to supply his barley at a cheaper cost to his father's processing factory making them closely attached. Mike on the other hand was alienating Alex into his character. Since Mike was a party fanatic, he always insisted to hold parties at Alex's residence bringing with him Matt and an array of skimpily dressed girls from the streets and the neighborhood. Alex was slowly getting along with his friend's habit and was gradually drowning into the partying bug. He however insisted on partying within his residence or Mike's at the public domain's expense. He was at the behest of his residence and only visited Sun City town in need preferably to inspect his assembling plant along Delta Avenue. He had just finished speaking over the phone, and settled beside his swimming pool sipping a glass of juice. As he sat feeling the comfort and appreciating the evening breeze, he scrolled through his phone book idly. He stumbled on Debbie's name. His mind snapped in remembrance. Her name had rekindled his memory after two months of a suppressing schedule. He felt sorry and sympathized with her for neglecting her charming hospitality on his first day in Sun City town. Debbie was afraid that she would never see Alex again and felt deserted by her first sight love of her life. Every single day, Alex was in Debbie's mind hoping that he would come to see her again. She thought of asking Mike about the where bouts of Alex but shied away. She was optimistic that a miracle was bound to happen and her mysterious man would appear. Her prayers were answered. Alex decided to call her.

Debbie was busy at the Dracula serving the customers in her last round as her tenure had lapsed. It was on a Friday evening and she was anxious to break for a short leave the whole of the weekend.

"Hello" She answered the phone reluctantly in a boring response.

"It's Alex. How have you been faring?" Alex introduced himself as he sought to know Debbie's status for the last two and half months. Debbie's attention was ignited on hearing Alex's voice calling and she mumbled in excitement. Her heart ran faster in a skip beat mode. Her excitement was evident on her face. Her eyebrows eased off as her pupils enlarged in an elated status. She was literally tongue tied.

"Alex, Mm." She asserted in a distorted manner as she mumbled his name and clearing her throat.

"I have been alright. I thought you'd never call." She continued.

"I apologize for keeping my gratitude. I have been busy settling myself. I thank you again for your hospitality." Alex lamented in thanksgiving.

Debbie was not sure what to say and vice versa. Her mind remained in utter confusion while her heart pushed her to the edge in an urge to confess her feelings. Alex on the other hand had nothing beyond gratitude and appreciation in his mind and at heart. He felt he owed Debbie a gesture of thanksgiving for her charming welcome in Sun City town.

"Alex." Debbie called.

"Yes." Alex answered in assurance.

"I...... I am...... I......." She mumbled.

"Well I would want to see you again" She evaded her heart's command and shied away in confessing the truth.

"You will definitely see me. I will be living here. Remember?" He reminded her. He noticed a change in Debbie's tone and had realized she had avoided something she wanted to utter.

"I have to go now. Take care and be kind again." He concluded.

"Okay, Alright, Take care of yourself." She hung up abruptly.

He noticed Debbie was not contented with his action; perhaps she wanted something from him that she shied away to request, or maybe she wanted to see him in person face to face. Despite his wealth, Alex was a considerate and a concerned being. He rose from the seat and entered the house to get his car keys and cover his bare chest. He was only clad in a long denim short and saddles without a shirt. He grabbed a tee shirt and picked the car keys for his convertible red Toad. He proceeded to his fleet in the garage as he instructed his servant to keep house and drove away. He was off to Debbie's. Debbie was keeping things in order as she prepared to leave for the weekend holiday. She was making sure that no one called her in her apartment asking for anything including her friend Nicole. She was in a cold mood.

In twenty minutes time, Alex was parking in front of the Dracula's entrance. Debbie was just leaving and they bumped at each other at the entrance. He almost missed her. Debbie's mood was rekindled as her face glowed in excitement. It was a surprise to find Alex standing in front of her at that moment. However, the presence of Alex for the sole purpose of seeing her was unthinkable to Debbie. She thought Alex was only checking in for a fun moment at the Dracula and have some wine. She was wrong. Her excitement even grew wilder when he told her he was there to see her and say hello.

"Hey! Hi. You're leaving?" Alex asked her in a surprised tone.

"Yes, I am. I was embarking on catching a cab." She replied.

"But I came to see you. I thought I should present myself." He asserted convincingly.

"See who?" She said surprisingly.

"You of course. I came to say thank you once again. It's better this way." Alex explained.

"I am overwhelmed. That's nice of you. I don't know what to say." She responded.

"Let me take you home. We can talk on the way, Alright?" Alex proposed.

"But..... But" Debbie mumbled, and then he interrupted her.

"No Buts." I have to. Alex insisted pulling her by the hand into the car.

Revelers drove their attention to the pair. Paul the Dracula manager was confused as well as everyone in the club. No one understood what Alex a multimillionaire would want from Debbie a barmaid. They were jealous because no man had broken into Debbie's territory especially Paul who had been trying his luck for eons. They drove away towards South along Lincoln Avenue where Debbie's apartment was situated. Debbie was overwhelmed by the presence of Alex around her. She kept imagining how nice it would be to have a hank like him all for her. In her mind was the thought and in her heart the fear of him having another relationship with someone else. She however kept hoping that Alex was willing to mingle and come to love her exclusively in total acceptance. Her eyes cunningly stared at Alex's posture behind the steering wheel with emphasis to his handsome appearance. She blushed whenever he looked at her. She felt her blood pressure rising in anxiety with an urge to hold Alex in her arms. She fantasized in her mind and remained lost in a world of her own built on sound foundation of love. She was willing to encounter the adventure of hidden treasures of love within Alex.

"So, are we on course?" Alex asked. He was driving at a snail's pace since he was not familiar with Debbie's apartment or perhaps to create an opportunity for her to say something. Debbie remained numb. She never answered until he tapped her shoulder.

"Oh! Yes! You said something. Didn't you?" She snapped from her dilemma. Alex changed the subject.

"You look bothered. Is anything the matter?" he asked.

"I am alright. It's just.... I am just tired. That's all." She answered, confused.

"Sure! I thought something is bothering you. That's why I came. I thought you needed something." Alex explained. He was concerned. He knew that she had something suppressing her mind. He noticed her mannerism and nervousness and was afraid that Debbie had a crash on him.

"Hey! There! That's where I live." She said pointing to her apartment.

"Alright, you are finally home." Alex responded. He drove towards the entrance and stopped at her door step.

"This is it. You are finally home. I'll be on my way now." He put across.

Debbie wanted more time with him. She thought more time would give her strength and guts to pour her heart out. She wouldn't let him go immediately.

"Aren't you coming in with me? You are invited." She wooed him.

"Oh. No! Not now. I have to go." Alex insisted.

"You can't just leave without coming in with me. I insist. You insisted to bring me home, Right?" She seductively dragged.

Alex had noticed that Debbie was evidently attracted to him. He doubted his ability to resist any temptation from her. She was sufficiently beautiful. Her lips were inviting. Her face was evenly toned with an exceptional finishing. She had an attractive body image and her dressing was extremely apt for a barmaid. Her dark hair glowed under the lights. Her figure was exquisite with an attractive finishing. She was hard to resist. Not a single man would turn her charming seduction down. Not even Alex the multimillionaire. He was lured and followed her inside the small apartment. Debbie's living room had two couches and a dining table just behind them directly against the kitchen fittings. The place was tidy and neatly arranged. Her attraction was not only herself but where she lived despite the size. A corridor extended from the middle of the partitioning wall leading to her bedroom and the restroom. Her bathroom was in his bedroom. The place was well lit in luminous blue giving the apartment a nice appearance. It was difficult to tell whether she worked in a club. Alex was impressed by her presentation. He thought her house was unkempt and untidy considering her profession.

"Welcome. Take a seat." Debbie directed. Alex walked towards the couch as she locked the door behind her. He sat quietly in disbelief. He was in Debbie's house. Awesome! He thought.

"You want some beer, juice or something?" she sought.

"Juice please." he said.

"I don't have kingfisher you know. It's expensive. That's what you like." she joked.

"It's alright. Juice is fine." Alex responded. He smiled. She proceeded to pour him some juice in a glass as she smiled. She was getting composed. Alex was not a tough man as she thought. He was easy to talk to. She came back with a chilled can of beer and a glass of juice in her hands. She handed the juice to Alex and sat directly opposite him perhaps to have a sustained look at him. They drank as they spoke about themselves.

"So, where do you come from? Alex? She asked.

"I come from Crempton City in a place called Proton. I am a business man." He responded.

"Why did you decide to come and live in Sun City town? I mean, it's more urban in Crempton." she inquired.

"I needed a place that's not congested, little wise. Away from home and moreover, it's a good area for my business." Alex explained.

"I come from Crempton too. Life was expensive there and I decided to spread my wings farther. I found a job here. It's been two years now. I like it here." she said.

"No parents? You could live with them." Alex asked curiously.

"I lived with my mum. She is dead now. I have not known my father. Mum told me he deserted us. Furthermore, I am a big girl now." she told him.

"I am sorry. You are doing well. You look fantastic." He sympathized, Debbie shied off blushing away. She rose from her couch excusing herself. She walked through the corridor towards her bedroom. She was up to something malicious and unsuspecting Alex remained seated enjoying his glass of juice. He was impressed with Debbie's presentation and her conduct. She was a hard worker. Alex had no idea that Debbie was in love with him but had noticed her attraction towards him. He felt nothing but companionship with her.

Alex had a fiancée who was out of the country and was staying a little longer than expected. Suzie was a scientific researcher who worked with an international research unit. She experimented with animal serum and blood extracts to study viruses and other minute organisms. She had been gone for quite some time and was extending her stay in the Amazon. Though Suzie had been Alex's girlfriend for quite some time, he was not convinced that she was the perfect partner for him in eternity. His love for her was gradually fading away and on the other end Suzie had a feeling that her fiancée was slipping away gradually. Suzie loved her work intensely and had turned down Alex's proposal to forfeit it on several occasions. Alex had tried to woo her into the motor industry to no avail. She insisted on doing research on deadly viruses to save the world from pandemics. She believed that it was a calling and an obligation to help the entire planet. Her passion eclipsed her personal life and compromised her own safety. Their relationship was distant and communicated through conveyance mediums mostly over the telephone. Alex was definitely a lonely man and needed a shoulder to lean on and someone to keep him warm and embraced.

Alex was seated on Debbie's couch when his fiancée Suzie called. He answered the call nervously and coldly. He was no longer in the mood to speak to her anymore and was getting agitated by her stay in the Amazon.

"Hi honey." he answered

"I am okay. I am just tired by the work load." she said

"What do you mean work load. Aren't you coming home?" Alex asked, agitated. He was losing his cool with her.

"No honey, at least, not now. I am in the middle of the project" she defended herself.

"I am getting fed up by this damning work you do. I miss you a lot. You know. I would want you to be with me now." He complained.

"Don't worry". She responded.

"Okay. As you say. Bye." Alex concluded as he hung up.

Debbie was in her room and overheard the conversation eavesdropping. She decided to ignore it citing an excuse that it could be 'anybody'. She could not imagine Alex's commitment to another woman. She was jealous. She was changing into something seductive and sexy to lure Alex into her nest. She removed every piece of clothing in her body and remained nude. She rushed to take a quick shower as Alex remained waiting for her. He was getting impatient and wondered what Debbie was up to. He wanted to leave. Debbie donned her red lingerie that portrayed her sexy body. She wore sweet inviting cologne and was ready to strike, like a serpent.

"Hey! Debbie!" Alex called loudly.

"Yes dear! Am coming." she answered in a seductive tone.

"Hurry" "I am leaving". Alex responded. She emerged from the corridor barefoot and appeared in front of Alex. She stood at an arms distance and smiled broadly to him. Alex was lost for words in amazement and shock. He could not believe what he was condescending to. Her smile was attractive. Her lingerie displayed a sensational anatomy that blew him away. The short lingerie with a laced covering was a knock off. She was visibly enticing. She moved closer to immobile Alex, kissing him lightly upon his lips. He was thinking of a confession. He had a fiancée but amidst the extensive indulgence, he withheld the idea. Debbie pushed him against the couch and he was already dancing to the rhythm and responded with equal vigor to a moment of spasm.

They fondled enormously and engaged intense coitus over and over all the way, the couch; to the floor they held each other tightly in their arms and then eerie silence. Heavy sighs and intermittent panting was the aura of the moment. Debbie had succeeded in seducing Alex and decided to spill her heart out.

"I love you Alex." She said in a sensitive voice.

"I have been waiting to say it all along. That's what was bothering me." She explained as she continued.

"I loved you the moment I set my eyes in you." she said.

"I knew something was bothering you. That's …... That's..... Well, huge" Alex was shocked.

He had already made love to Debbie incoherent of her feelings. He didn't regret anyway. Furthermore Suzie was not around. He was tongue tied by Debbie's confession.

"You are a real woman. You are beautiful too. However, I'll have a thought about this whole drama, Right?" "I have to go now. Please." He told her evasivel

y kissing her for the last time as he rose to dress up and leave the apartment. Alex did not want to stay at Debbie's so as to avert suspicion in the neighborhood of their coitus. He had felt nothing before like Debbie's handling in the recent past and would not resist her presence and her warmth in her arms but he had to leave.

His gate was never guarded by any security officer but required a security slot card to open it. Alex had issued slot cards to his friends Mike and Kimi, Rhodes son and his two house servants. These are the people that gained entry into his compound without his presence as his closest allies and business associates. A slot card for his two servants was used to open for any other person who was an authorized visitor. He decided to issue one to Debbie for an express entry without having to wait for the servants to open whenever she decided to visit. He was definitely going to be seeing her in his lair frequently. His adventure with Debbie was satisfying and Alex decided that he needed it repeatedly.

"This is my slot card. Use it to open the gate anytime you need me." He said handing the security slot card to her. It had his initials and contacts at the back.

"You are a sophisticated man Alex. This is the key to your gate?" she joked as she pecked him on the cheek.

"Hey, I'll be going now. It's late. See you then." He asserted as he left the house hurriedly. Debbie walked to peep through the window as she smiled for her success. She watched him as he drove away at moderate speed. She wildly jumped over the couch kissing the slot card that he gave her. It was the beginning of a captivating adventure with Alex. In contrast, Alex was not sure about his involvement with Debbie. Although his love towards Suzie was fading away he was worried sick of what would culminate when she came back from the Amazon and found out. He knew that if his fiancée unraveled the secret relationship with Debbie all the blame would rest on him. She would accuse him of unfaithfulness not withstanding her absence in time of need. Despite the scare, he was willing to have more adventure with Debbie secretly.

Alex drove through the thickness of darkness lost in deep thought. His sexual urge towards Debbie was aggressively demanding. She could not escape his imagination and wished for more perhaps because it was long since he felt the warmth of a woman in his arms. He felt the warmth and the hot kisses as he proceeded to his residence. Debbie on the other hand lay on the couch. She had never encountered such love in her entire life. No one had ever regarded with so much meaning as Alex had. She felt his presence in her heart and saw seductive images in her mind. She toyed with her body over her light lingerie squeezing herself hard as she closed her eyes lightly letting out light sighs driving her adrenaline wild. She could not wait for another encounter. She anticipated Alex becoming the fiancée. Debbie was willing to do anything to win Alex's heart and become his lover forever.

Alex arrived at his palace some minutes past ten. He found Mike and Matt in his Cinema theater as they watched a movie having some beers. Mike was not used to seeing his friend getting home at that hour alone without having accompanied him. He knew that he was held up somewhere secretive explaining why he was alone. He sat next to Matt and sighed in relieve. Mike decided to poke the truth out of him. He could smell Debbie's cologne from Alex's shirt that convinced him he was out with a lady he knew.

The cologne was familiar to his sense.

"What's up Buddy?" Mike started.

"I am cool! I am just tired." Alex replied.

"What do you mean by that?" Alex asked, suspicious that Mike knew something.

"I have smelled that cologne before. Who was it?" Mike continued. A skunk would surely smell another for sure.

"No body. What are you implying?" Alex asked as he smiled.

"You were with her, Right? You were with Debbie the barmaid."

Mike blew it.

"Well.... I.....I just took her home men. Nothing much" Alex said mumbling.

"You nailed her! Damn! You are an animal!" Matt joined in laughter.

"You are dangerous. Keep it up! Awesome! When you are finished pass her over! Ah...Ah, I can't believe it.

Tough Debbie!? ..And … you nailed her?! You are good." Mike teased in excitement as they laughed with Matt.

"You two are crazy. You know what? I am going to sleep now. Keep laughing." Alex cursed as he rose from his seat and walked away to bed.

It was Saturday morning and Debbie's first day of her holiday. She woke up with her mind set on a surprise visit to Alex's residence. She was anxious to see and touch him again. She embarked on grooming herself like a queen. Her silk tingly dress was just the right piece. It looked sexy on her with short sleeves combined with matching laced gloves. Her hair was brushed neatly and sprayed nicely to give it a shinny appearance. Her lips were glossed seductively with an attractive lipstick that made them tender and inviting. Her shoes were moderately heeled with a matching anklet around her left ankle. Her nails were magnificently furnished giving them a shinny appearance on sexy long fingers. Her light toned skin gave her the beauty of a queen that was unimaginable and hard to resist. She called her usual cab driver to pick her up and chauffer her to Spring Valley where her dream man resided. Alex knew Debbie would come anytime but not soon. He thought she was uncomfortable with the idea of coming to his residence and it would take time for her to gather the courage. He was wrong as she was on her way. Alex was unprepared for her and was doing his routine exercise in the gym when he got a call on his extension telephone from his house attendant informing him of Debbie's presence.

It was eleven O'clock in the morning when his unexpected visitor arrived. He instructed the attendant to direct her to the gym room upstairs. He also instructed that whenever Debbie came in the house she was free to see him wherever he was. It was head spinning to his servants because Debbie was a young lady and only Mike or Matt accessed the entire house at their own leisure without restrictions. They remained awed as Debbie proceeded upstairs to the gym as directed.

Alex was in a boxer short and was not disturbed by Debbie's presence. Furthermore, they had both made love together in the nude the previous day. Alex was a built man with a wide chest that was masculine. As he broke the sweat over his bare chest his appearance was sexy and inviting. Debbie entered the room attracting the attention away from jogging to her appearance. Alex had not seen her looking that sexy before. He was overwhelmed by her eccentric and intriguing posture. Debbie was equally tongue tied on seeing Alex's masculine appearance under the wet cover of sweat. His chest glittered invitingly as his tight boxer short displayed his heavy quarters with his thigh muscles moving stiffly. His body structure was unbearable to just stand there and stare. She was turned on and couldn't refrain herself from reacting.

"You look terrific. You are beautiful." He said.

"Thank you." She replied as she walked slowly towards him.

"I didn't know you...Mm..." he was interrupted by Debbie's hot kiss.

He responded at involuntary reflex by surrendering to his queen. They enjoyed their coitus and held each other tightly against their bodies amidst moans before proceeding to take a shower and an outdoor tour.

Alex proposed a helicopter ride in his Clipper to enjoy their union. They were eventually getting along nicely. A white track suite matched with white sneakers is what Alex clad in. Debbie on the other hand dressed like she was before in disguise to unsuspecting house attendants. They proceeded for an outdoor adventure boarding Alex's Clipper at the landing pad where it was covered in a camouflaged canvass. Debbie had never been in a chopper before and as Alex started the engine running; her nervousness was evident on her face. She cringed on her seat tightly confirming that her safety belt was perfectly locked as the chopper hopped and stabilized in perfect turbulence flying away. She sighed but with her hand on Alex's shoulder. Alex flew over his vast barley plantation to the farthest end of the establishment. Debbie had never seen such vastness before. The aerial view was beautiful and captivating. She enjoyed the ride in excitement with a heavy emotional attraction towards Alex.

At the end of Alex's establishment was Sun City's famous landscape the Delta Creek. This is where he wanted them to visit and sit beside the escapement in good view as they familiarized with each other. He flew the helicopter above the Creek and circumnavigated around the escapement as he proceeded to land safely beside it in the adjacent field. Debbie sighed after they landed and looked at Alex thankfully. She was romantically attached to him already and the ride to Delta Creek was definitely a romantic gesture. She was excited. She pecked him on his cheek as they alighted to have a good view of the Creek. Debbie had always wanted to view it but had no chance. It was kilometers away. This was an awesome experience. She loved him more. She wrapped her hand around his waist as Alex threw his over her shoulder in a gesture of bondage. They stood at the edge of the Creek holding each other tightly. The landscape was captivating. The narrow stretch of the Creek at its bottom was amazing. The thriving vegetation and foliage decorated by wild species of flowers made the sight even adventurous. They sat beside each other leaning against each other as they talked away into the core of the moment.

"This is beautiful. I love it." Debbie said flirting away.

"You really know how to treat a woman. You are such a wonderful darling. I love you." she complimented.

Alex evaded responding in an implied manner that he loved Debbie. He was not sure about it and did not want to give her an assurance lest she felt hurt in future.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg. You haven't seen the real iceberg." He said. She kissed him lightly on his lips and smiled. She was really in love with Alex. His presence around her made her feel loved and cherished. She felt the warmth surround her heart and body. Alex was feeling her warmth too. It was quite a long period since he felt the presence of a real woman around him. His fiancée was unavailable for a long time and he felt famished emotionally and sexually. Debbie knew how to handle a man and Alex was definitely feeling the presence of a real woman around him. He had not had such sensational love making before. He enjoyed every bit of Debbie's submission to him and he felt emotional and sexually alive again. Thanks to her. She was hard to resist unlike Ashley and Mike's array of twilight women.

Their weekend was lively and Debbie experienced the lifestyle of a rich man. Alex decided to treat her in tender care offering to take her shopping in Crempton City the following day. Her short holiday was ending in a peak. She felt like staying a little bit longer with Alex but she had to commence back at the Dracula. She didn't want to risk her job especially because Alex had not expressed intention to keep her out of her job. While shopping at Crempton City, Debbie had a chance to experience Alex's business empire in that City. She had an opportunity to visit his motor manufacturing industry and was convinced beyond doubt that her dream hank was extremely wealthy. She dreamed of a world with him. She thought of spending the rest of her life with Alex and making him her lifetime man. She was at liberty to buy anything she wanted at the best shopping mall in Crempton. Shoes, designer wear, jewellery, personal accessories and effects were among the variety she chose. The excitement was overwhelming. She had bought everything she needed in that special treat. They embarked on a helicopter ride back to Alex's castle. On their way, Debbie had an opportunity to sample the captivating view of Crempton City from the sky enjoying aerial atmosphere over the ridges, valleys and beautiful mountains of Crempton. Their fun was not over yet. Alex decided to capitalize on her presence for the last moment before she left to her apartment .He wanted a final experience of their adventure that Sunday evening to be breathtaking and satisfying.

On landing at his home, he proposed for a swim before they watched a romantic movie together in his Cinema Theater. Debbie was more than willing after she was promised to be driven back to her apartment after the movie. Since Alex wanted their adventure to remain discrete between them, the idea of taking her back in the night was just perfect for him. That's what he wanted to avoid any cause of suspicion from the residents of Sun City town. They both changed into swimming gears. Alex opted to remain in his boxer shorts while Debbie wore her new pink bikini. She looked sexy in it beyond imagination. They asked to be served with Alex's favorite wine at the table beside the pool. They swam across the pool sipping the wine at the farther end in turns. They played in the water like little kids laughing away in enjoyment. They held each other's hands as they floated away calmly in the water. They embraced and hugged, kissing each other romantically in attraction.

"How does it feel in here?" Alex asked.

"I love it. I have never had such experience before." Debbie said giggling and flirting.

"This is what I do in the evening. It relaxes my body from the long day's scotching sun of Sun City town." He explained.

"You really treat yourself nicely. It feels awesome to be with you." She complimented.

"So, you like my company?" Alex asked.

"Oh! Heaven, Yeah!" She asserted as she held his hand. She looked at him with drowsy eyes.

"You are the best man I have known. You've already treated me like a queen. I love you so much." She said as she pushed herself towards him. She kissed him warmly. Alex was feeling the heat and he was lost into it. They kissed heartedly and warmly before realizing the presence of an awed house servant at the other end of the pool and halted the act.

The water was becoming chilled for a swim. Darkness was already falling when they decided to watch a romance movie Alex had selected. Debbie wrapped herself in a towel drying up as they proceeded to the movie theater. They sat at the front couches as Alex started the movie rolling. The movie was Love Triangle, his favorite romantic movie that featured a man who dated three girlfriends at the same time behind their backs. The man was discovered by the three of them, when they all bumped at each other in his residence. One of them was pregnant for him. The movie was seductive and explicit with erotic scenes and captivating romantic adventures. As the movie ran both audiences were lured by it. It tuned them gradually to a sexual agitation. Goose bumps dominated their bodies as Alex's testosterone reacted rapidly with a commanding urge. They kissed each other drawn into unimaginable attraction.

They explored smoothly and gently driving each other wild. Debbie was overwhelmed by his touches. She gasped as they indulged on the cold floor while the movie continued running to the end. They lay on the floor while she leaned against Alex's arm, and then Mike rudely intruded. This was terrifying. Mike was standing farther at their toe ends. They panicked. Both rose clumsily to cover themselves with Debbie's towel as they hastily walked out of the room to the bedroom. Mike burst into laughter straining his ribs to the extreme of lying upon the floor. That was the real adventure. He thought.

Debbie was abashed by Mike's intrusion with their pants down. She was clueless of an excuse on her affair with Alex. She was terrified that Mike would let loose the cat and spread the rumor across town and make ridicule especially within her workplace as was his usual malicious demeanor. The Dracula was Mike's favorite joint and spreading the rumor would tarnish and assassinate her character among the social frequent revelers of the club. The thought of her boss finding about her affair with Alex was shivering considering their often rude interactions. . Alex was not worried. He knew that Mike would zip it in as his closest confidant. He assured Debbie. It was no bother. Furthermore he knew how to handle shortcomings. He emphasized. After all, if anybody's character was at jeopardy it would be his especially because of his status. He was a multi millionaire dating a barmaid. Debbie dressed up and it was time to leave Alex's house promising to visit again when she was out of work. Alex dressed casually and followed her to the car as he helped with her shopping. As usual he took the Toad. It was classy and suitable for a romantic drive away. Mike stood at the main door of the house and watched as the Toad vanished off the drive away towards the gate. He smiled away. His suspicion was confirmed. He waved as they vanished into thin air. Mike could not wait for Alex to return. He was preparing to tease him and joke about his discovery. That could not be fun without Matt's presence his accomplice in immoral crimes. He called him.

It was eleven O'clock and Debbie was finally in her apartment. Alex wanted to return home and find Mike so he evaded the request by Debbie to enter in the apartment. He knew if he obliged, she wouldn't let him go. She hadn't had enough of him. She wanted him to remain around her for the rest of the night. Citing a busy schedule the following day, he begged to leave and catch some sleep. She held his waist tightly all along demanding a hot sweet kiss for a good night slumber. He kissed her but she couldn't let go of his lips. She desired more. Alex pulled himself away pushing her lightly to ease himself from her tight grip.

Alex was already exhausted. As much as he would have wanted to make up for her, his exhausted body couldn't allow him. He was extremely siphoned of all the energy from the adventure they had a while ago in the cinema theater back at his residence. He begged to go as he departed backwards waving good bye and entering into his car. He sped off as Debbie watched him vanish helplessly. She entered her apartment carrying her new collection courtesy of Alex locking the door behind her. She lay on her couch fantasizing about him before trying on her new wardrobe. It was exquisite and gorgeous on her.

Alex sped across Sun City town along Rhodes highway and in fifteen minutes time he was back at his residence in Spring Valley. It was a tantalizing and a sensational weekend for him until he met Mike and Matt waiting eagerly to make fun of him, immediately he was on sight.

"Man! I knew it! You were messing up with my dad's employee." Matt pricked.

"I caught you red handed. Pants down! Bare bottomed!" Matt added laughing loudly.

"Nonsense, None of you saw it. Including you Mike, Right!?" Alex asserted. He wanted it to remain a secret.

"It's between us. Be cool. Let's drink to that." Mike assured while reaching for glasses of wine. They all laughed away in enjoyment.

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