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   Chapter 1 The lifestyle

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Alex lived a flamboyant life and an exorbitant one. He lived in his own world a dream for all and sundry, being a veteran in spending on flashy and captivating merchandise. Besides the fact that he was a hank handsome and favorably built exhibiting a sexy and seductive body, Alex also boasted of a stylish lifestyle. His looks were envy for all the girls in town. His sexy eyes, light complexion and styled hair all forming his facial appearance left the ladies awed with their eyes lighting up in a steady inviting gaze. His lips tight but with an attractive finishing and a sensual clearance supplemented by a classic lip balm formed an equally sensual and a seductive smile across his face. A smile any woman would die for to see it over and over again being exclusively hers. His tall, slender body with a fully built chest under his designer polo shirt demanded for more adventure.

Alex was making his first appearance in Sun City. He made his debut triumphantly attracting the attention of the residents. Cruising along Lincoln Avenue, a street famous for bars and clubs including discotheques harboring strip dancers and twilight women, it was quiet clear that there was a new sheriff in town. His metallic black Mercedes Benz with a detached roof shone reflectively bright to the setting sun's rays of the evening dusk. He slowed on noticing a parking slot in front of the Dracula next to the manager's car a Toyota Corolla Nze. He smoothly took the slot and parked his car. The contrasting image of both cars dwarfed the club manager's. He took his time in the car to make a call before alighting and feeling the aura of the new town. Clad in a black polo shirt, a white coat and a pair of trousers of similar color all exclusively designer masterpieces; he led his way into the Dracula. He sat at a strategic position directly opposite the door exhibiting behavioral antics of waiting for someone to arrive. It was just getting dark and so the club had not been quiet utilized by revelers as people were only arriving to kill the night.

Debbie was on duty at the counter and her time was about to lapse for tomorrow. She walked towards Alex wearing a seductive smile and settled at his table.

''What would you want me to serve you sir?'' she asked smiling attractively. ''A glass of red wine please" Alex answered diverting his eyes to the door.

"Kingfisher wine" Debbie sought to specify.

"The finest you've got" his mind lost to the door, he replied.

"Right away sir" Debbie reaffirmed leaving the table in a hurry to get the order.

Debbie hurried stroll was not particularly meant for a snappy service but to get back as fast as possible before someone took the empty seat next to Alex, squandering her opportunity to talk to him lengthily. Meanwhile, Alex was focusing at the people making their way into the club and he seemed to fall impatient to his urge of seeing the person he was waiting for. Paul, the club manager was getting started on making sure that the floor was set and the music system up and running for the rest of the night. As he moved around supervising and confirming that new patrons and waitresses for the night shift were getting set, he couldn't help but notice the presence of a real ride next to his simple one. He shook his head in disbelief and sought to know whose car it was from Debbie. She pointed at Alex in acknowledgment and laid a lustful envious eye at the classy Mercedes parked under the blue lighting of the club before leaving shaking his head again. He definitely felt challenged. Debbie poured the requested red wine in a stemmed glass and placed it over a silver tray. He drafted a receipt for her client and intentionally wrote her cell phone number boldly at the back of the receipt. She placed it beside the glass of wine and hurriedly headed back to serve her unsuspecting customer leaving the counter under the custody of a new attendant just arrived for the night shift. Meanwhile, at the table, Alex was keenly observing the club's entrance and his golden wrist watch courtesy of Rolex. He was getting impatient and perhaps uncomfortable in the new environment surrounded by strangers.

Debbie unnoticed by the occupied Alex, placed the wine slowly on the table placing the glass over the receipt. She stretched her hand and to tap his attention, she spoke to him in a smooth humble voice.

"Sir, your drink is already served" she uttered.

No answer was forthcoming until she called again.

"Sir" she acclaimed in a louder tone.

"Oh! Yes?" Thank you and thank you." Alex responded in mummers.

Debbie decided to take advantage of his anxiety to strike an attractive conversation. She was known for a seductive approach and a beautiful smile similar to an angel's. Her hair was tonic black styled beautifully resting over the shoulders. Her light complexion, blue eyes, dimples on the cheeks and her inviting lips hardly went unnoticed as forming extraordinary beauty beyond the imaginable. She was a heavenly masterpiece beyond every other barmaid that worked in the Dracula. Her dressing too was unique despite the dressing code that demanded a uniformed staff. Her black skirt fitted nicely on her sexy hips leaving the left thigh slightly exposed displaying unmatched skin tone. Her white blouse portrayed a seductive image that left a drooling urge for a tender touch. The skin tone on her chest was equally inviting and sexy. Her sexy appearance was completed by the red Q-Tex over the manicured nails and shinny wet lips wearing a sparkling lipstick.

"If you don't mind sir" she said.

"Yeah, what is it?" Alex sought as his attention shifted to Debbie's appearance and her seductive beauty.


"Alex! Alex is my name. Call me Alex" he interrupted her.

"Oh! Alex." she repeated the name smiling away.

"You look anxious. You are definitely new around here. Right?" she proceeded.

"Yes I am. I am just waiting for someone to welcome me in

Sun City town" Alex replied looking at her then his golden watch. He sipped his wine and set his eyes to the entrance once more. Revelers were streaming in, in different styles mostly couples. Skimpily dressed women loomed across the stage under dim blue lighting ready to strip dance. The club was getting livelier and louder from the sound of music system. Rhythm and blues music filled the air and couples seemed to get lost into the melody gradually inherent on their faces as they nodded their heads in enjoyment.

One of the strip dancers, a blond, tall amateur was getting down to business on the stage. Debbie handed over the tray she was serving on to another barmaid making her rounds taking orders from the customers. On noticing that Alex was not bothered by her presence perhaps in need of someone to chat with, Debbie pulled the empty seat directly opposite him backwards and sat repositioning the seat forwards. She was dying from an urge of knowing who the man was and yearned to know him personally and exclusively in a romantic way. After all, he was handsome and evidently wealthy. To her, the dream of forfeiting her job as a barmaid might possibly be coming to pass, she thought. She was already feeling attached and emotionally inclined to Alex not withstanding she had just met the man. Though Debbie was a barmaid at the Dracula and envy to the men who visited the club frequently, she was an uptight and a hard nut to crack. She never compromised her principles. She was a principled beauty but with a charming attraction and most valued barmaid among the rest including Nicole, her friend. She was Paul's favorite.

"Don't be anxious. I am sure whoever it is, is on the way. You are welcome in Sun City town already" she assured him smiling.

"I am" he appreciated

"Are you coming to live in Sun City or on a visit?" Debbie asked curiously interested.

"I am coming to reside here in Sun City town. In fact, I am waiting for a property manager to lead me to my new home." Alex explained getting into the conversation slowly."

"Awesome! I thought so." Debbie affirmed expressing a lighter face. She exhibited great relief and Alex was keen to notice her change in mannerism and sudden excitement.

"You want me to stay. Don't you?" he asked cleverly. Trying to hide her excitement and composing herself Debbie mumbled.

"Me? Ahem!

"Yeah, you of course" Alex stressed

"I would want that very much .You know, it's good to meet new People" Debbie answered evasively

The dialogue was getting interesting and both were drowning in it. Debbie tried to restrict her flirting mannerisms in vain. It was clear that she was undoubtedly interested in Alex. Alex on the other hand kept his composure and consciously but charmingly snared her to stick around. He was getting comfort and solace in the new environment.

Alex went on sipping his wine from the glass while Paul's mind and eyes stuck to the stranger's car parked besides his as he sat at a strategic corner near the window perhaps for a better view. The tall blond was already at it. She whirled round a silver pole erected at the edge of the podium near the tables occupied by fanatics. She whirled seductively camouflaged by the colors of disco lights within the stage. Her eyes drowsily positioned, she moved to the rhythm as she teased the men seated near the edge. The seductive dancer pleasurably whirled over and over.

At the further end, Alex seemed uninterested by the stripper as she settled to her last of her garments inviting loud cheers from the audience. He was more into Debbie's sweet seduction and her charming prowess. Coincidentally, as he sipped the last drop of his expensive wine a man walked in to their table hurriedly accompanied by a beautiful lady beside him. It was Mike. He was Alex's one half hour's long wait. He stood next to Alex while the lady remained beside him. Alex showed a sigh of relief with a smile. Debbie looked distracted and bored by Mike's interruption. She was disappointed that he had broken their conversation with Alex but surprised it was Mike who kept him waiting.

Mike was not a stranger at the Dracula. He was a frequent visitor of the club after an extraneous long day's work. Being a senior bachelor at the age of thirty eight, Mike found the club a haven ideal to pass his night away. However, his infamous habit of changing women casually as his wardrobe was clear to those who knew him. His career in property management and agency was working out right for him making him financially apt. He was known to pick twilights along Lincoln Avenue on his way home virtually as a daily habit. His money literally went into twilights since he considered himself financially subtle and a man who owned 'diverse' assets. He drove a nice Toyota Avensis and groomed casually but stylishly hence an attraction to women in the business of prostitution. He lived alone in an expensive bungalow along Spring Valley. Mike shook hands with Alex and subsequently Debbie's kissing her wrist. He proceeded to introduce the woman with him as Ashley and apologized for keeping Alex waiting. Ashley walked to the counter and bought a pack of cigarette. She tore the pack and tapped it stroking the top end to remove a stick. She proceeded to light it and embarked on her way back, her high heeled shoes producing a rhythmic sound against the floor, her curly blond hair making a bouncy movement over her shoulders and the cigarette pack held in the left hand while she smoked with the other displaying long colored nails. Her eyes shone like fire under the whisked combed eye brushes and thinly shaved eyebrows wearing a dark eye pencil. Her lips wore a dark lipstick displaying a seductive motive. She definitely appeared like a prostitute.

Alex was getting ready to leave. He was not willing to spend an extra minute at the Dracula without having seen his new home. He rose from the seat and composed himself buttoning his white coat. He picked the receipt from the table to read it for the sole purpose of clearing his dues owed to the club for the wine he had utilized. He flipped the receipt over and noticed Debbie's cell phone number with her name boldly encrypted beside it. Debbie, though disappointed that Alex was leaving, she got consolation when he noticed her number on the receipt. The wine cost him one hundred and fifty dollars. He dipped his hand in the front pocket of his trouser and drew a batch of tightly strapped notes. He drew two notes of hundred dollars each and handed over to Debbie. Since Debbie was also getting ready to leave for tomorrow, she extended the responsibility of clearing the bill to her mate, Nicole.

"Debbie, Right? Alex called.

"Yes" she answered calmly

"We will catch up later. May be; soon." Alex assured returning the rest of his money into his pocket. He subsequently drew his cell phone from the same pocket and noted Debbie's number in his phone book memory. He flapped down his phone and slid it into the pocket.

"Thanks for the company. I appreciate" he told Debbie.

"It's nothing really" she replied in a faded tone

"Mike!" he called". "Let's go" he asked

They were leaving when Debbie called.

"Your change sir...Alex" she reminded

"It's yours. Keep it." Alex replied walking away alongside Mike and Ashley.

Debbie snatched the change from her mate and walked farther behind them keeping her eyes steady on Alex. He entered into his car while Ashley took Mike's. As Alex's car locked its detachable roof driving away, the revelers attention was briefly distracted including Paul's, the manager. Debbie watched both cars disappear into thin air cruising along Rhodes highway under the bright street lighting. She took a taxi to drop her a few blocks from the Dracula where she lived in a single bed roomed apartment along Lincoln Avenue.

Debbie sat quietly at the back seat of the cab immediately to the window. Her eyes remained stiff lost in deep sob. She hardly winked as she fantasized in her mind. There was no doubt that she was fantasizing about Alex. He couldn't escape from her mind. She remained occupied in her mind when the cab driver interrupted by calling her name. The cab driver was familiar with Debbie's residence as she was her regular customer along that street. He reminded her that she had arrived at her doorstep and it was time to alight. She snapped from her desired dilemma and paid the chauffeur his dues with the change left to her by Alex. She alighted and walked towards her apartment as the chauffeur drove off. At the other end of the town, Alex followed Mike's car closely as they sped along Rhodes highway making a left turn in a diversion towards Spring Valley. Spring Valley was the residential quarter renown to be the residence of high profile individuals who literally owned Sun City town holding large established businesses. Sun City was a small town with low density population. Any unfamiliar face in Sun City would not go unnoticed by the residents. This is why Alex was quiet an attraction of the day and the talk in everyone's lips all night long.

Sun City derived its name from its natural climate which was hot with high temperatures. It was more of an industrial town than a formal establishment collecting most of its raw materials from the agricultural estates in Spring Valley. Spring Valley was therefore a residential area dominated hugely by large scale farmers and few formal individuals including managers like Mike. The major cash crops in Spring Valley were barley and grapes. Sun City was therefore a processing center of these raw materials with the industries producing the finest wine in the country and other products concentrating along Delta Street.

Lincoln Avenue was the road that entered into Sun City town from either north to south or vice versa. Rhodes Avenue entered from Spring Valley the western side of Sun City town joining Lincoln Avenue at the middle of the town. These were the two major streets of Sun City with Rhodes Avenue becoming a highway as it stretched away. The streets were named in honor of the two major business tycoons of the town. Sir Lincoln owned most of the businesses in Sun City including the Dracula where Debbie worked. The Pluto was also his, being the largest hotel establishment in the town. In addition, Lincoln owned a huge barley estate in Spring Valley where he resided in a mammoth mansion about the size of Rhodes' only marginally smaller. Rhodes, an allegiance of Lincoln lived a few yards from his counterpart owning a stretch of both barley and grape estates equaling a hundreds of hectares. Rhodes Avenue was named in his honor and Delta Street harbored his wine processing plant with other factories operating under his name forming the Rhodes holdings. His mansion rested on an acre of land artistically furnished with an attractive garden.

Artistic sculptures lined along the path of the residence's entrance with sparkling fountains pouring over them leaving the masterpieces shinny and sparkling. A few meters from his mansion at the backyard, was his horse stables surrounded by an attractive green lawn smartly trimmed with running sprinklers. Farther ahead, was the beginning of the barley and grape estate stretching kilometers away leaving a varnishing horizon the image in the eye. No one matched Rhodes in Sun City not even Lincoln who was in his early sixties. They presented themselves merely in casual sporty looks unlike Alex who seemed flashy in his dressing perhaps due to his tender age. Alex was thirty five when he came into the town.

In Rhodes mansion lived his wife Elizabeth, daughter

Maria and son Kimi. Others living in the mansion were his servants ranging from drivers, housekeepers and gardeners. Senior estate managers in his establishment lived in their own homes several of them owning small businesses in the town. Lincoln on the other hand was a widower having lost his wife Lindsey to cancer. He however lived with his son Matt who was extremely in disciplined squandering most of his father's wealth. Matt was Mike's friend in need and in picking twilight women along Lincoln Avenue. Matt therefore, were a disgrace to his father and a thorn to his principles and humble reputation. Matt was in his mid twenties frequently visiting his father's clubs especially the Dracula where he took the front seats with Mike directly facing towards the strip dancing stage. They were a pair like birds of a feather. Only Mike could handle Lincoln's son. In contrast, Rhodes son Kimi was a composed young man mature in both mind and character with great managerial aspects. He was also about Matt's age only elder. He maintained his father's estate with great professionalism. Despite his credentials as a lawyer, his preference was working in his father's holdings. He however, owned a law firm at the far north of Sun City town in Crempton city where he employed proficient and legal professionals. Maria, his sister worked in the firm as the chief executive officer. Maria was an aggressive young woman who was an angel in appearance and character. Her chocolate skin tone borrowed from her mom's genes that were dark toned and her father, who was white, made her sparkling beautiful. Her dressing was elegant and stylish abode to the legal customs with simplicity and keen to detail. She was every man's desire but extremely hard to get. Definitely, Rhodes was blessed with a good family thanks to his wife Elizabeth who nurtured Kimi and Maria in zeal and zest to discipline and integrity.

After a fifteen kilometer drive from Sun City town and fifteen minutes drive from Rhodes highway, Mike halted in front of a wide metal gate painted in black. Alex was right behind him and as he stopped the synchronized gate slid across its rail to open. It was an electric gate. They drove in. The path that led to the castle was tarmac and farther ahead stood lamb stands that shone brightly in different colors driving the darkness away. At the top of the castle, large lamp stands equally shinned attractively forming a rainbow from the beams of light. Along the electrified perimeter wall that protected the castle, were tender trees planted in perfect spacing. At their bottoms were species of beautifully colored flowers reflecting the beams of light from the glowing bulbs atop the wall, the exterior finishing of the building's walls was a smooth surface painted white giving it an attractive appearance. They parked their cars at the left side of the house where the garage extended to accommodate five cars. Alex alighted showing a radiant face filled with excitement and contentment affording a light smile across his face. Mike alighted leaving Ashley in his car and walked towards Alex to capture his reaction to his new residence. Alex's reaction was crucial to Mike as he was responsible in acquiring the castle on his behalf.

The residence and the entire parcel of land that it stretched on formerly belonged to Crempton Estate Investments Company that Mike worked for as its property manager and agent in Sun City. The company invested heavily in real estate around its headquarters in Crempton city two hundred miles from Sun City town and owned thousands of hectares of land around Sun City having sold considerable units along Spring Valley. The company had completed putting up the castle next to Rhodes estate a year ago before Alex became a potential client. Mike struck a deal with him.

The castle and the parcel of land on which it was built was a multi-million dollar investment and Alex had shown interest by paying a deposit to clear the balance on viewing the establishment.

"This is it." Mike asserted.

"It's awesome, I like it." Alex replied in contentment.

"You like it. I told you I was the best property agent around" Mike answered bragging.

"I hope the interior is as good at the exterior." Alex noted moving towards the main door to confirm his thought. Mike followed alongside him. Ashley noticed that both men were walking away towards the door and decided to follow them and capture the extraordinary attraction she had never witnessed before. She walked slowly with her head and eyes moving side to side as she smoked away another cigarette. Alex's mind was occupied by an urge to stroll his new acquisition's interior and his strides were widening. Mike kept with his pace simultaneously.

"Not just the interior, but you should see the backyard too where the helicopter landing pad and the swimming pool are" Mike psyched in anticipation of a good reaction.

"They should be perfect just like I saw in the computer." Alex stressed as he approached the door to open.

"They are. I can guarantee you a real experience." Mike replied

Alex held the golden lock tightly and rolled it over to fling the door open. He left it wide open as he stepped into the house. Mike followed closely as Ashley counted the steps behind him, in awe. The visitor's lounge immediately preceding the door was furnished neatly with Grey leather couches aligned facing each other. The lounge was cozy and enough to accommodate a group of visitors in a single visit. Farther ahead, was a bar with mounted shelves and a shinny Formica surface for its counter with encroaching metallic silver grills the unit. The right hand side of the bar was a huge entrance leading to the main living room with lamps mounted against its walls supplemented by giant exotic chandeliers overhead. The room was also furnished neatly with several Grey couches aligned perfectly around it.

Artistic sculptures and huge murals of fine art groomed the room enchantingly. Mike had gone ahead through the back door while Alex was busy inspecting the house. At the back was Matt with a crowd of young women dressed in bikini ready to welcome Alex into his new home. This is where Mike had delayed earlier in the day keeping his friend and client waiting at the Dracula. He was busy gathering an array of sexy ladies with Lincoln's son Matt for a welcoming party at the new residence. He therefore went to check the yard. Everyone was busy flirting with each other or in the pool with Sir Lincoln's son.

Alex remained busy strolling around and took the staircase to move upstairs. He had just visited the guest room, the gym, the kitchen and the aquarium that displayed eccentric fountains around it and he was impressed. The rails along the staircase were architecturally mastered with excellent lighting up the stairway. Along the corridor immediate to the staircase stood an elegant human sculpture that oozed fountains of water out of its nose with the water running down the stairway edge back into the aquarium. Rooms occupied the upper floor with the doors strategically positioned. The last door along the corridor was the master en suite. It was large and satisfactory spacious with the window facing the vast scenery of the entire establishment and the empty field of Alex's vast hectare of land through the backyard. Right beside the window was a medium sized door that led to the balcony. Alex did not bother to proceed to the balcony to view the backyard scenery but instead was anxious to see his artificial golf course mounted at the top of the castle. The door to the golf lawn was at the farthest end of the corridor mounted against the wall into a small elevator that lifted Alex to his course. Golf was his favorite sport and would not do without teeing off once in a while. The lawn was a perfectly laid artificial turf with resting benches mounted around it. It is at the top of the castle that he noticed a crowd in his backyard swimming away slightly engulfed in flirting chats with Mike in their midst. Besides the swimming pool was the helicopter landing pad and he could see Ashley standing over it perhaps sobbing what it was. She was definitely in disbelief. Alex satisfied with inspecting the house embarked on finding out what the gathering at the swimming pool was up to.

Debbie was tired physically from the long days work and psychologically as her mind remained engulfed in deep thought about the man she had encountered. She had been working at the Dracula for Months and had lived in Sun City town for about two years. All that time, no man had remained in her thoughts as Alex. She had had 'casual' relationships with men but never came to feel any emotional attachment to anyone of them. Though she worked as a barmaid at the Dracula, she was known to be principled and uptight with great caution to men but with a charming aspect within her. Having just arrived from a tough schedule, she embarked on taking a cold shower to drown away her fatigue and refresh the mind. She undressed in front of the mirror mounted in her bedroom wall. Her beautiful body covered by blue lighting emanating from the blue lampshade beside her bed, left a seductive image in the mirror with her eyes gazing stiffly in deep thought.

Debbie was fantasizing about handsome Alex. As she endowed herself of fantasy, her physique transformed. The eyelids widened as she stared at her image in the mirror. The lips moved invitingly and her seductive appearance was sustained by her dilated veins from a steady heartbeat. Then her phone rang. She snapped out of the dilemma and proceeded to pick the call in excitement. As she picked the phone, she answered expectantly in excitement.

"Hello." She answered in a sexy enticing tone.

"Debbie." A woman's voice spoke from the other end.

"Where did you keep the keys to the spare-room?" The voice proceeded.

"Who is this?" Debbie shouted in a disappointed tone.

"What's wrong with you Debbie? It's Nicole. You do not know me anymore now. What's the fuss?" Nicole sought in an astonished voice.

"Oh! Am sorry.... It's just... eh... I was expecting something else. The keys are in my apron's pocket. It's hanged behind the counter." Debbie explained as she threw the phone away to her bed in disappointment. It was not Alex calling but Nicole, a friend of hers and a workmate at the Dracula. She groaned and loathed while her heart oozed of want. She threw her bathing towel around her neck and proceeded to the bathroom for a bath. She hung the towel against the bathroom wall as she ran the water into the bathing tub. Debbie dipped her body in the tub and sat backwards resting her head against its edge while she closed her eyes. There was no doubt that Debbie was not just fantasizing but in love with Alex. It was love at first sight. The water kept running as she remained still and begun overflowing out to her bedroom. Debbie was lost in a quagmire of intense thinking and was unaware of the mess she was creating in her own apartment. She was also momentarily unaware of being on duty at The Dracula the next day early in the morning and her time to capture a wink of sleep was lapsing. It was already midnight and her room was gradually flooding. The time that she rose from a nightmare another one beckoned as the entire place was soaring up including her living room.

"Damn it!" Damn!" She cursed and yelled on realizing her mess. She couldn't clean up the mess anyway lest it took her whole night away. Still undressed, her towel remaining in the bathroom, she jumped over her bed and relocated her phone to the stand next to her bed where the lamp stand stood. Covering herself and between her beddings no sleep was forthcoming. The entire night was a nightmare. Neither the flooded apartment was cleaned nor was a single lighting put off. All the lights remained on. She hardly had a wink of sleep all because of the mystery man she had encountered. Alex's mind was not at all centered to Debbie. He was busy in his new residence getting acquainted. He appeared in the midst of the silent crowd from the back door. On noticing Alex they all yelled in unison.

"Surprise" "Welcome to Sun City, Alex!" They shouted in different tones but in unison. Alex was thrilled not withstanding he had caught them obliviously.

"These are your new friends." Mike introduced and stressed on Matt as his friend and a good one at that. The rogue disciplined Matt responded still remaining in the pool with three young women pampering.

"I see. I appreciate." Alex thanked for the warm welcome.

"Let's have some drinks. I have arranged for the best wine in town and fine champagne from Crempton." Mike said, proceeding to the table where the drinks were laid.

"Everybody" "Ashley" Mike called for a gathering round the table. He called Ashley who was farther away lost in amazement to Alex's new master establishment. She proceeded to the gathering reluctantly. Mike popped out a champagne bottle and sprinkled it all over everybody's body. Matt popped out another and poured some in everybody's glass. He announced for a toss to Alex's new beginning and a happy residence in Spring Valley. The ladies cheered in enjoyment and appreciated Alex's handsome appearance. Some girls were already presenting themselves uniquely to him in a seductive approach. However, Alex was feeling his presence in the new environment and anxious on touring the rest of his new acquisitions in day break. He kept his composure and spoke coldly to his seductresses perhaps to drive them away for a while. On the other hand, Mike and Matt indulged themselves in drinking and chanting loudly in excitement.

Alex was feeling tired and fatigued from the long drive and was already feeling sleepy. He spoke to Mike about the completion of their transaction since he was contented with his new place. They agreed that Mike was to bring the documents to Alex at his residence in the evening the following day for assessment to seal their deal. Alex drew a cheque in favor of Crempton Estate Investment Company that Mike worked for to clear his balance and prescribed to Mike that the company was to start immediately to furnish the house with more furniture. He listed his desired acquisitions, among them a cinema screen for his movie theater, a music system and other appliances.

"This is your cheque. It's fifteen million bucks." Alex said as he handed the draft to Mike.

"Your house will be fully furnished starting from tomorrow." Mike added as he received the company's proceeds. Meanwhile, Ashley was in Alex's master en suite waiting to entertain him. Ashley was hired by Mike as a party accessory to welcome Alex home. A party with Mike and his best friend Matt would not have had a peak without their sexual desires having been met. It was obvious that Alex would want the same according to Mike's presumption.

"Make sure you start right away, Mike" Alex stressed.

"You don't have to worry buddy. The company will respond right away. By the end of the week, the whole business will break the dullness of dusk. I will bring the papers for you to sign immediately I return from the headquarters in the evening" Mike assured Alex professionally.

"I'm going to sleep now. It's already past midnight. You run the party." Alex said as he left to his bedroom. Mike joined Matt for the booze and some massage from the bikini ladies around them. Ashley sat on Alex's bed in the bedroom waiting for him to arrive. She was anxious to get a chunk. She was ready for an adventure with the new rich kid in town and an encounter with his built and handsome appearance.

Alex entered the room hastily to capture a rest in a nice slumber. He opened the door only to bump into Ashley a lady he thought was his friend's catch for the night. Alex had known Mike for months back at Crempton City where they met through business dealings. The inner element of Mike was unknown to Alex. He didn't know that Mike had a thing with twilights like Ashley. Alex closed the door behind him awed and surprised by Ashley's presence in his en suite. She was approaching him seductively and enticingly like a grim reaper with intent to lure him into an adventure. Alex stood still with caution wondering whether he could resist the seductress's temptation. She put her arms around Alex's neck squeezing her body against his tightly. Alex was still in a dilemma and wanted nothing else but a quiet slumber.

"Hey! Hey! Stop it! What are you doing?" He shouted as he pushed her away slightly.

"What's wrong with you? Mike told me you'd love it." Ashley responded smiling away. She dramatized suggestively and snatched Alex's hands wrapping them around her.

"You mean Mike sent you here?" Alex sought to know in a lighter and calm tone.

Ashley squeezed against Alex kissing him over his face but he intervened pushing her away walking away towards his bed. He sat on the bed. Ashley was getting infuriated and decided to wrestle Alex over his own bed. He resisted pushing her away by force as he felt irked by Ashley's action. "Leave my room immediately!" Alex commanded in a loud infuriated tone. Ashley went ahead to pick her garments scattered on the floor. She dressed up and opened the door exiting the room. "Suit yourself" She said in despise. "Hey! I am just tired. I need to sleep." Alex responded as he stretched himself across the bed his legs dangling over. Ashley slammed the door behind her and left hastily in disappointment. Her high heels made loud rhythmic noise along the corridor as she walked away, her dignity trashed.

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