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   Chapter 31 Mirror of the Past

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Bai Lang lets go of Bai Nuo dropping her to the floor. Bai Lang spoke with a coldness Bai Nuo has never heard before.

"What are you still doing here? Bai Lang asks. "Leave!"

Bai Nuo bundles the ripped fabric of her dress to her chest and ran out of the room as if hounds were at her feet. She never felt such shame, such degradation at the hands of another person. Bai Nuo never thought she would feel it from anyone least of all from her sister.

Bai Nuo kept to the shadows as she struggles to keep her chest hidden and her modesty intact as she race towards her room. She can't count the number of times she has had to hide from coming servants.

As soon as she reaches her room and the door closes behind her, Bai Nuo fell to the ground crying. She cried as if she's being murdered, she cried as if she's being forced. When Bai Nuo felt she had no more tears to cry and her throat raw from crying, she began to violently shake. Somehow, Bai Nuo manages to reach her bed, huddled under the sheets and fell asleep. When morning came and she's being called, Bai Nuo found it hard to even move

Bai Lang watches as Bai Nuo scamper out the door. Staring remorselessly at the figure, Bai Lang waits for the numbness in her body to fade. Bai Lang doesn't regret a thing. She had to put Bai Nuo in her place. Like a dog, Bai Nuo has to know who's on top.

Other than that, Bai Lang hates the words said by Bai Nuo. Whore, slut, temptress, she's none of that nor did she want to be. Not anymore is she one. Bai Lang closes the door left open by Bai Nuo, at the same time her heart tightening as is she's in pain.

Bai Lang walks past her reflecting in her bedroom mirror, glancing at it and in a surprising act swept the bronze mirror from its hook and onto the floor. The shatter was distinct and sharp but no matter what she has done, the broken pieces of glass still showed Bai Lang's reflection.

With the many broken mirror pieces as her guide, Bai Lang gently traces her face; from her eyes to her nose and lips. Each like a delicate puzzle that makes up her beauty. How she scorns it.

"What's the point of being beautiful if a whore is all they see?" Bai Lang said to herself.

Even now with a lifetime and a world between her and her past, Bai Lang could still see, feel and the hear the echoes of her past. The smell of perfume still burns her nose, the feel of that thin, silky lace over her skin and sharp cries and moans in the atmosphere. Even now, every time she closes the image of her being a prostitute still haunts Bai Lang and all because of her face.

Because of her face, she was told she's beautiful, because of her face she was chosen, beca

nd. Zhao Weijing scares her.

"Is this how you treat you guests, Miss Bai? Heavens know who you would treat a foe." He said flippantly but Zhao Weijing's mood was anything but carefree and playful.

Bai Lang felt her throat tightens when he leans forward to speak to her.

"Should I show you how I treat my guests, mmm?"

Zhao Weijing laughs when she didn't reply watching the fear emerges in her eyes. 'So expressive.' The Duke thought to himself.

Zhao Weijing smirks and stood from his seat walking over to Bai Lang and pulls her from hers.

"Let's talk a walk." Bai Lang looks outside, the rain had calmed down to a fine drizzle. She reluctantly moves her feet to walk.

The Duke escorted the stiff Bai Lang by the arm guiding her to the Bai house central garden. To anyone else, the two were a sign of intimacy. Soft sighs of happiness were all around. The Duke really treasures Bai Lang. No one seems to see Bai Lang's fake expression or the fact that decorum must be maintained between males and females.

"Why did you bring me here?" Bai Lang asks. She hurriedly steps out of his arms as soon as they reach the garden.

Zhao Weijing watches as she discreetly rubs the area of her arm where he held her. Instead of answering he walks towards her, at the same time Bai Lang back away from him until she was at the edge of the man-made pond.

Grabbing her waist to prevent her fall he asks. "Is my touch that unwanted by you."

Zhao Weijing could feel her trembling in his arms and with her previous actions takes it for disgust.

Chin high in the air, Bai Lang spat. "It's repulsive."

With the smile wipe clean from his face, Zhao Weijing's eyes harden and his mood turned murderous. "Prepare to leave for Beifang as soon as you're married."


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