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   Chapter 24 Imperial Decree

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When Bai Nuo manages to open her eyes it was late evening. The sun had begun to set casting a golden glow in Bai Nuo's room.

Her mother, Su Qing sat diligently by Bai Nuo's side. Her face and eyes red from crying and ever so often you could hear her sniffle.

"Mother?" Bai Nuo says harshly as she opens her eyes.

Her injured head throbs over and over again in pain, tears gather in her eyes due to the intensity.

"Nou-er?" Su Qing ump from her seat beside the bed. "Nou-er, oh Nuo-er. Are you fine? How could you do such a thing to yourself?"

"Mother, my head hurts!" Su Qing words stop in her throat. Who could say a thing when their child is hurt?

Su Qing helps Bai Nuo to take her medicine when a servant rushes in from outside.

"Miss, the gate guards sent over some news. Someone from the palace is requesting an audience. The person is here to read an imperial decree."

"What?" both ladies were frightened.

Su Qing assists Bai Nuo in getting dress, both hurrying to the main hall to await the announcement.

Imperial Decree?

Bai Lang was just about to settle in for the evening when a frazzled servant came in to relay the news.

Bai Lang took her shawl and follows the servant to the main hall. When she arrives everyone else was starting to gather.

They all kneel for the receival of the decree. A high-rank official seemingly a eunuch held up the decree and began to read.

"By the order of the Emperor, as decreed by His Majesty, Bai Nuo, daughter of Minister Bai, House of Bai has been granted marriage to His Highness Second Prince Zhao Jun. Daughter of Bai is to marry into the royal house as Second Wife."

"Long Live the Emperor!"

Bai Kang got up and accepts the decree from the eunuch. Bai Lang was stunned. Honestly, form Bai Nuo's gimmicks she didn't think she would marry. Guess miracles do happen!

The smile of the Su Qing and Bai Nuo pair could split their faces. It was only by the presence of the eunuch that Bai Nuo did not rush to grab the decree from Bai Kang's hands.

"Father!" Bai Nuo calls as soon as the eunuch left.

She was so happy, joyful and full of glee.

"Father, I'm marrying the Second Prince."

Bai Kang shot a look at his wife then at Bai Nuo. His eyes stare fixedly at the wound on her forehead.

"Go collect a cream from the medicine room. Your wound must heal in time for your wedding. Go back to your courtyard, you need to rest."

Although Bai Kang was dismissing her,

Qu Rou Li was in a state of disbelief. How ridiculous can one person get?

"Is Concubine Mother trying to say something?" Bai Lang said smiling. "You should never worry about my suitor or who he is. You should watch your own daughter. Has that big wound on her forehead heal yet?"

Like an arrow to the heart, Bai Lang touch upon a sore point. Bai Nuo's head still has not healed yet and Su Qing doesn't know if it will scar.

Yun Yi adds on. "Won't the Second Prince curse at us for having an ugly bride. Will Bai Nuo-er be favoured after her marriage? I wonder."

"Not to worry, I'm sure Father will find a place for her." Bai Lang gave Su Qing an innocent smile sounding like a concerned sister. Not even batting an eye at her insinuation that Bai Kang might find somewhere else for Bai Nuo if she's not favoured.

Qu Rou Li smiles behind her teacup. She couldn't have said it better. She can always behind on those two in putting Su Qing in her place.

"Anyway, Bai Nuo's dowry will not be increased, understand, Concubine Su?"

Anger and resentment burn in Su Qing eyes. "Understood Madam."

'Just you wait, ' Su QIng says in her heart. 'Just you wait until Nuo-er is married.'

"Madam, Master has call for all of you to head to the main hall." A young servant rush in saying. The servant was breathless but you could see the joy in her eyes.

For servants, the success of their Master is a success for them. If the Master is joyful and prosperous, the servant is also joyful and prosperous.

"What's going on?" Qu Rou Li asks seeing the joy on the servant's face.

"The third miss has received a marriage proposal."

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