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   Chapter 22 Her Role

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"Bai Nuo!"

That harsh, gut-wrenching scream interrupted the peaceful, tranquil state of mind of Bai Lang. Even without querying, Bai Lang can safely guess the reason for the scream.

She gathers up her stuff from the table and head in the direction of the scream. It's been four full years since that fateful day and Bai Lang is now fifteen years old.

Her once tender, childish face gave way to a more mature young lady. Her big, brown doe eyes were fanned by a dark brown hair, almond-shaped eyes and a pink heart-shaped lips.

Although her beauty might not be able to bring down countries, her seductive face might bring down men. One pout from her lips would have men begging to turn it into a smile. One look would have them panting. Her seductive beauty is her double-edged sword, that she has had to use makeup to tone it down.

All of this came from a woman comparing Bai Lang looks to that of a woman from the red light district, too beautiful. For noble ladies being most beautiful or seductive looking is not a compliment and as the woman said was more suited for prostitutes.

"I will not!"

Bai Lang hurries after hearing those words. She didn't run but you could see the haste in her step.

Bai Lang arrives at the main hall door, in it were her father, mother, grandfather and two concubine mothers. among them was Bai Nuo who has tears running down her cheeks.

"I don't want to marry whoever it is. I want to marry the Second Prince!"

Bai Kang's face was red from fury, He fists his hands as if to prevent himself from reaching out to Bai Nuo and throttle her.

"Don't be selfish! You will marry who I say you will marry."

"I won't! I won't do it!"

"Bai Nuo!"

"I won't do it. I won't do it!" For a time Bai Nuo's bitter refusal echoes around the hall, Her watery eyes lit up with tears. "I won't do it. I won't do it."

Everyone within the hall held their breaths. They want to see how Bai Kang will deal with Bai Nuo's refusal.

"Even if I have to drag you by the skin of teeth. You will marry who I choose."

"Father!" Bai Nuo sobs. She couldn't believe her father would deny her this. The Prince would be the perfect son-in-law.

"If I can't marry the Second Prince." Bai Nuo looks around. "I'll...I'll...I'll kill myself."

With resolve i



Colour drain from Su QIng's face, going as white as snow. Su Qing places Bai Nuo's head on the floor, scrambling from her spot on the floor wide eyes and shaking in fear. Bai Nuo was placed on a stretcher and carried out with Su Qing following her.

Bai Kang clears his throat facing Bai Lang he spoke. "What are you doing here? Has your class with Laoshi finish?"

Bai Lang paid no heed to her father's clipped tone. "Laoshi sent a message earlier that he would be late. Daughter heard the commotion and was concerned so I came to see what was occurring."

"Husband?" Qu Rou Li place a soft hand on his arm.

Bai Kang pinches the bridge of his nose, he understands what his wife is trying to say. 'Don't take out your anger on Bai Lang.'

Bai Kang took a good look at his daughter. She has changed a lot in these past four years. She has blossomed into a beautiful young lady.

Her almond shaped eyes, hourglass figure and unblemished beauty made her resplendent. The makeup on her face does little to conceal the radiant beauty she is.

"Bai Lang, your marriage is almost agreed on. Are you also unwilling?"

Bai Lang gave her father a slight bow. "Your daughter obeys."

Simply put, she wasn't going to complain.

Bai Kang wave her away. "Go, Laoshi must be here by now."

The adults watch as Bai Kang withdraws from the room leaving the hall in silence.

Bai Si is the one to break it.

"You cannot deny her fate. No matter how much you want to. Xiao Lang was trained for this."

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