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   Chapter 19 Wedding

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Qu Rou Li place the last jade hairpin in Bai Liu's hair. "You're all grown up now, " she said taking a step back to look at her daughter.

A few days ago, the Liang family sent to the Bai family their betrothal gifts. The number of items sent made people heads spin. Clearly, the Liang family was showing how much the marriage between the families means.

Bai Liu blinked her eyes and found her vision was cloudy with tears. She tries hard to suppress the emotion welling up in her heart.

As firecrackers started to crackle from outside, Bai Liu's veil was placed on her head.

Bai Lang stood from the side along with Yun Yi, Su Qing and Bai Nuo watching the proceedings. Mainly it was to give the Mother and daughter a moment of privacy.

Bai Lang personally was greatly interested in the marriage ceremony. It's so different from the ones she saw on the television.

Bai Liu with the help of Qu Rou Li was helped onto the bridal sedan. As it was lifted up by strong servants, Liang Yu came to escort the bridal sedan and his bride to his home.

Bai Lang followed along with the rest of the women and procession. she had no idea what she should do so she followed by example.

The final street to Liang's ancestral home was decorated with red ribbons, lanterns and streamers. The home itself had various red ribbons and red canopies hanging from the estate.

The males of both houses, Liang and Bai that came with Liang Yu began to request and tease for the bride to come out of the bridal sedan.

The sedan was placed onto the ground and Liang Yu jumped off his horse to escort his bride into their home.

People gasped as Bai Liu was helped out of the sedan. Though her face was concealed, the red bridal gown gave Bai Liu an ethereal feel.

"The first bow, start, for the heaven and the earth."

Qu Rou Li covers her mouth to stop the sob from escaping.

"Second bow, for the parents."

Bai Lang tilts her head to look up at Yun Yi. The concubine felt the gaze and look down at Bai Lang giving her a reassuring smile.

"Third bow for each other."

As the marriage ceremony first half was drawn to a close, Liang Yu escorted Bai Liu into the bridal chambers. Liang Yu did not stay in the bridal chambers as he must return back to welcome and celebrate his wedding with his gue

n officially begin." the man said. "Are your daughters also aware?" he asked.

'Daughters?"' Bai Lang thought. 'Is that Bai Nuo and I?'

"Both of my daughters are unaware. They know that their marriages are dictated by their elders and that they are not engaged to anyone."

"Their training?"

"Imperial tutor has said he will teach my youngest but my second oldest will be taught by someone else."

"Oh?" The figure exclaimed."I had believed the Imperial tutor would have denied both. Your youngest must be special." he said.

Bai Kang laughs nervously, honestly, he never wanted Bai Lang to be mixed in with this.

Bai Lang shuffled on the bench causing a bush to make noise.

The three people present froze and the unknown man blended into the darkness. Bai Kang creeps over to where Bai Lang is.

Bai Lang closes her eyes and even out her breathing. It would be hard to say she's not sleeping.

"Xiao Lang?" Bai Kang exclaims. He places his finger under her nose to check her breathing. Just sleeping.

Bai Kang gathers Bai Lang into his arms and said. "Prime Minister Liang, I'll take my leave. My youngest happens to have fallen asleep here. I wouldn't want her to catch a cold."

Prime Minister Liang nods his head. "I will see you out, Minister Bai."

The third person was already gone. The two ministers didn't bother to acknowledge his presence or lack of.

Bai Lang didn't try to act to wake up. She continues to close her eyes until the warmth and cosiness of her father's arms did put her to sleep.

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