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   Chapter 17 Third Concubine Demise

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Bai Lang had already left Su Ran alone for almost fifteen minutes when Su Madam's personal maid came. Bai Lang was surprised to meet the woman at the door.

"Wu mama, is something wrong?"

The woman, Wu mama smiled stiffly at Bai Lang. Contrary to Bai Lang's innocent facade, Wu Mama felt she was prey being stared upon by a lioness when looking at Bai Lang.

"Nothing's wrong Miss. I was just checking on the Young Miss when I got lost."

"Without an escort?" Bai Lang asked then stated to the servant. "Wu mama is not in the Su manor. Wu mama should ask a servant before setting out."

Wu mama knew Bai Lang was warning her of walking around unaccompanied. Wu mama smile contemptuously behind Bai Lang's back.

' Just you wait. You won't be so proud when Young Miss Su marries in.'

Bai Lang pushed open the door to see Su Ran half-way out of her dress. The girl had looked at her expectedly then frown when she saw Bai Lang.

"Su Ran, I brought you one of my dresses. You can change into this."

Bai Lang ignores Su Ran's hostile expression. "I hope you like this dress."

Su Ran looks at the dress in Bai Lang's hand and her heart turned to gold. The dress is more expensive than anything she wore.

Bai Lang saw her greedy glance and knew she'd caught her. Su Ran is just like her grandmother; greedy, a liar and a shrew.

"I'll leave you to change. I have to run to my room. I'll be back soon."

When Bai Lang left, Su Ran turns to Wu Mama. "Is everything ready? Is grandmother sure Bai Sheng will be coming to this room?"

"Don't worry Young miss." Wu Mama said. "Madam had already set everything up. You must not let anyone notice any irregularities."

Su Ran smiles in her heart. "Alright."

She hurriedly, with the help of her maidservant take her clothes off and stood there waiting.

The two heard a shuffling sound and the door pulls wide open. Su Ran clutch at her robe making sure it covers yet exposes her. A shrill, ear-piercing scream resounded from the room.

"Kyaa, what are you doing here? Someone, come quickly!"

Neither Su Ran or Wu Mama checked to see if the figure is the right person. The person ran off but the two kept up their act.

"Young Master Bai?" Wu Mama shouted for all to hear. "What are you doing here? How can you come in here? My Young Miss chastity is ruin."

With that high-pitched screaming, almost everyone in the Bai estate heard it. Wu Mama looked at the door to see the person gone, but she smiled. Even if you run you'll still be caught.

Wu Mama failed to see the disorientated ac

ke care of her."

Bai Kang couldn't stomach the sight of Su Rou Xue anymore. He ushered his family away from her, leaving Su Rou Xue to Bai Si and his guards.

Su Rou Xue felt as if there's nothing left inside her about an emptiness that gnaws at her sides like a hungry rat. Her whole body hung limply like each limb weighed twice as much as it had before.

Bai Si and Su Rou Xue lock gazes; one with a look of horror and the other with a face covered with smiles but without the warmth of one.

"So, concubine Su loves to lot against my grandson?" Bai Si sweeps his eyes over her.

"Don't you live a wonderful life for a concubine? Don't you eat, dress and spend as lasciviously as the Main Wife for a concubine? How do a concubine like you think she's entitled to be the main wife?"

Su Rou Xue knelt down, ignoring the dirt around her and plead for her mercy. Everyone knows that in every decision Bai Kang makes, Bai Si has the final word.

"You're lucky part of you gets to live on. Bai Lang is a wonderful child but to have a mother like you.? Her thinking is superior to you. Isn't she wonderful to warn her grandfather of her mother's plan?"

Bai Si whispered the last part but Su Rou Xue heard. Bai Lang betrayed her?

Su Rou Xue stooped pleading, she only hopes she dies quickly. Despair marked her face and her body slumps on the ground, her eyes lost the life in them.

"Take her away."

Su Rou Xue was dragged away to a deeper part of the estate. No words or actions came from Su Madam or the Su's overall.

One week later, people were surprised to hear that the Third Concubine of Bai Kang passed away due to illness. The cause, a long lying sickness from losing her child.

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