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   Chapter 16 Su Madam Plans

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Bai Lang took a sip of her tea watching as Su Ran fidgets in her seat beside her. Su Ran and Su Madam came to the Bai manor early regardless of its occupants need for sleep. Bai Lang felt her eye twitch in annoyance and used a hand to cover an open mouth yawn. It's still too early in the morning for her to get up.

The ensuing silence hung around the room for almost thirty minutes now. The forced host, Bai Lang, didn't put out any hospitality. Seeing a momentary lapse in Bai Lang's behaviour Su Madam begun to criticise her.

"What an unladylike behaviour Bai Lang. Weren't you taught better? Look at your cousin." Su Madam said gesturing towards Su Ran.

The little girl Su Ran was still fidgeting in her seat. The constant movement caused water spots on her dress sleeve from tea being spilt.

"How elegant!" Bai Lang drawl.

Su Madam coughs, her cheeks burned in shame.

"I'm so sorry for my lack of manners. It was such an early morning that I had to rise before time. Grandmother won't blame Xiao Lang for lacking sleep would you?" Bai Lang blinks innocently as if she hadn't just said Su Madam early visit's the cause of her lack of sleep.

Su Madam choked on her tea, coughing to rid her lungs of the liquid.

"Of course I won't blame you. Grandmother can give you a remedy for trouble sleeping." Su Madam said to ease the shame of the moment.

"How nice of you Grandmother. Granddaughter just needs more rest."

Su Madam glared at Bai Lang even after trying to steer the conversation elsewhere, Bai Lang still manages to place her at the blame.

Su Madam kept quiet unwilling to speak to Bai lang anymore, calling her an unruly child in her mind.

'Just wait and see', Su Madam said to herself. Su Madam elbows her granddaughter in the side. Su Ran is acting too nervous.

Su Ran lets out a small cough picking up on her grandmother's gestures. "Cousin Bai Lang, Su Ran didn't manage to get a tour of your garden last time. Is cousin willing to show Su Ran around?"

Gleefully, Su Madam began stating her approval. "Yes, yes. Bai Lang show your cousin around. She needs to get familiar to the manor."

"Why would she need to get use to the manor." Bai Lang ask. "Su Ran is a guest not marrying in."

Su Madam clench her teeth and look towards her daughter who has been strangely quiet.

"Rou Xue?" Su Madam whisper to her gesturing her head towards Bai L

't Yun Yi say that although grandfather would make Bai Sheng stay at home, they wouldn't get him involved in this matter?

"What are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?" Bai Sheng asked. "What are you doing up? A servant came and told me you collapsed in the room."

'That's strange.' Bai Lang's eyes opened wide when she remembers the servant who passed by her moments ago.

"Was the servant yea high wearing a green robe?" Bai Lang gestures.

"Yes."Bai Sheng nods. "What's going on Xiao Lang?"

Bai Lang bit her lips wondering whether to tall Bai Sheng or not.

"Xiao Lang!" he urges, noticing the girl didn't want to answer..

"Here it is…." Bai Lang proceeds to tell him what Su Madam and Su Rou Xue are planning, along with Yun Yi and their grandfather plans. " Please don't hate me."

Bai Sheng looks at the pitiful face of his youngest sister. He might hate her mother but not her.

"Bai Sheng pats her head. "Don't worry, Xiao Lang. I won't hate you."

To be frank, he was honestly happy that his sister thought so much about him that she would go against her own mother. Bai Sheng hugs her a little. He feels sad at what's about to happen. Bai Lang might be caught in the crossfires.

"Where's Su Ran now?" Bai Sheng asked.

Bai Lang points to the west room. "In there."

Bai Sheng glare at the door, his gaze looked like icy sea sucking the life out of everything. For such a jovial young man, still boyish in demure, his mannerism at that time brought the temperature down.

"Since she wants to marry in, I'll give her reason to. It just won't be me."

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