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   Chapter 14 The Conspiracy

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There wasn't a time as now that Bai Lang wishes that the rain would fall. Su Ran's mouth has been continuously running a hundred miles an hour. The girl began asking questions the moment they left the side hall. Where are the gardens? How much dress she has? Su Ran's mouth went on and on and on.

Bai Lang followed the garden's circular path to the central sitting area, by taking this long uninterrupted path Bai Lang hoped Su Ran's mouth would run out of fuel.

"Cousin, who is that man?" Su Ran asks pointing to the person seated on the chair in the middle of the garden. Su Ran's eyes was mesmerised by him.

"Who's there?" The person shouts. He looks over to their direction.

"Brother Liang?" Bai Lang left Su Ran's side and walk over to Liang Yu.

"Are you waiting for elder sister?"

Liang Yu look down at the mischievous Bai Lang whose eyes were sparkling with mirth. Clearly, she wanted to see him blush. "I'm waiting for your brother."

Bai Lang gave him a mock frown. "The pain sister's heart must be in to see that her groom would rather visit her brother rather than her."

"Why you little imp!" Liang Yu reaches out to Bai Lang who jumps away.

Liang Yu is playing with her, if he wanted to catch Bai Lang she wouldn't be able to get away.


Bai Lang's small face immediately turned serious. She had forgotten all about Su Ran. Even before Bai Lang answered her, Bai Sheng entered the garden from another path.

"Xiao Lang, what are you doing here?" He asked her

Bai Lang faced her brother, "I'm just showing a guest around." Bai Lang grabs Su Ran's hand and pull her away, leading them back to the side hall.

Cousin, who was that man back there?"

"My elder sister's fiance."

After Bai Lang and Su Ran left the main hall, Su Madam immediately got to business with Su Rou Xue.

"Rou Xue, your father is not young anymore. In his entire life he's still a fifth rank official and has only increased his rank by. Perhaps he'll never increase his rank again. I heard that your husband has many acquaintances. Please ask say a few words to him for your father or brother, and have him transfer us to the capital."

Any pleasant feeling that Su Rou Xue had frozen. She couldn't believe the shamelessness of her mother. "Husband doesn't discuss state affairs with me. I'm afraid he wouldn't take it lightly if I ask him such things."

"State affairs?" Su Madam's face darkened. "You're not discussing anything like that, you're just suggesting. Don't you have any use or was this 'you're highly favoured' a sham?"

Su Madam continues to berate Su Rou Xue. "Use your feminine wiles. If you had given birth to a son maybe you would become more than just a decorative vase."

r her sewing bag. As it is drawing closer to Bai Liu's wedding date, Bai Lang plans to embroider a dress or cloth for Bai Liu to take to her husband's home.

To reach her room Bai Lang must first pass by Su Rou Xue's room, mainly her side hall/room where Su Rou Xue spends a majority of her time. Not that she's afraid of Su Rou Xue, but Bai Lang didn't want a conflict so early in the morning so she hurriedly walks pass the room.

"She didn't trust me in the first place, did she?" Su Rou Xue's voice projected loudly from behind the door.

Bai Lang heard a loud crash and thinks breaking. She flinches imaging all that expensive pieces of porcelain in pieces on the floor. She stops at the door and cocked her head against it listening.

"It's not that the Madam doesn't trust you, but going this route is easier and better long term. Having Young Miss Ran marry into the Bai Family is better."

Bai Lang raises a brow in question. The Madam must be Su Madam and the person speaking her maid, Wu Mama.

"That girl is just twelve. Who would she marry? Surely not Bai Kang."

Bai Kang's paedophile? Bai Lang shook the thought from her head. Never that can't be right. Bai Lang braces herself against the door to hear more clearly.

"Goodness, no!" Su Ran would marry Bai Sheng."

"Hmph, Bai Sheng would never agree to this. Qu Rou Li wouldn't agree with this."

Bai Lang nods her head in agreement. For once, Su Rou Xue is speaking sense.

"He would." The maid answered. "Not is he doesn't have a choice."


Bai Lang pressed even harder against the door causing it to jolt.

"Who's there?" Su Rou Xue says.

Bai Lang could hear the thumping of feet and looks left and right for some place to hide. Su Rou Xue cannot catch her eavesdropping she must hide for running away it too late.

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