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   Chapter 12 Royalty

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The two males walked in, one wearing a light blue tunic, the other a bright red colour. This is the First Prince Zhao Wei and Second Prince Zhao Jun.

The two noses were cocked high in the air commanding the attention and respect of others. All in the room bowed to the royal princes. Bai Lang had had to tug the starstruck girl Su Ran in position to greet. She was too blindsided by the Princes' appearance to remember her manners or etiquette.

The Princes aren't anything special from what Bai Lang has seen so far. Some of her customers were even more handsome and arrogant than these two princes. Black hair, straight nose, a good physique the princes are carbon copies of each and most of the men you see in the hall. The only differences between the two are that the First Prince is wearing a light blue tunic with short hair and the Second Prince had on the bright red tunic with long hair.

The Princes gave the signal to rise and the party resumed albeit a light quieter than previous. The Princes both went to greet Prime Minister Liang and Bai Kang.

Su Ran couldn't believe her eyes, she'd never seen such handsome men in her entire life. Eyes fixed on the Second Prince she tightly pulled at Bai Lang's sleeve repeatedly asking the same questions.

"Who are they, Xiao Lang? Do you know them? Introduce them to me. Can we meet them?"

Bai Lang pulls her arms away looking at Su Ran as you would an annoying fly. She wanted to smash that pair of hands of hers into meat paste.

"Cousin, Xiao Lang is a girl. Why would I know the Princes personally? They are the royal Princes, it's better not to approach them, especially at such an occasion as this. You are a young lady it's better so you to keep your distance from men."

Su Ran wanted to cuss Bai Lang for reprimanding her and in front of so many people. No doubt many heard what was exchanged between them. Bai Lang didn't even try to tone down her voice. Su Ran left Bai Lang side and marched over to her grandmother to complain.

From a distance, Bai lang could see Su Ran complaining. Su Madam's face that was full of smiles turned gloomy. She shot a glance full of anger at Bai Lang. Bai Lang saw Su Madam turned to Su Rou Xue berating her who then looked at Bai Lang furiously. Bai Lang sneered and ignore both of them.

Qu Rou Li who was close to the girl overheard the conversation and commended Bai Lang. That was an excellent response, any incons

to herself. "Lu Zi, get me some ice."

"Right away Miss."

The winter season had tumbled away too fast. Gone was the dapple grey, snowy, ice land and in comes spring in every hue of the colour. Three months had passed since Bai Liu's engagement party and her fight with Su Rou Xue. Bai Lang's birthday went by on the eleventh month and Bai Sheng's on the first month of the next year.

Bai Lang sat beside Bai Liu and Bai Nuo, the two were teaching her to embroider. At least that's what Bai Liu is doing, Bai Nuo was too busy dreaming.

"Sister, do you think the Second Prince is engaged?"

"Nuo-er, stop this instance! I had warned you time and again to remove such thoughts from your mind."

"I haven't said anything bad. I simply asked you a question."

"A dangerous question!"

Bai Nuo stood towering over both Bai Liu and Bai Lang. "If sister doesn't wish to talk to me, please say so. Just because you are the legitimate daughter, it doesn't give you the right to treat me this way."

Appalled, Bai Liu jumped out of her seat. "When have I used my status against you Bai Nuo? I haven't treated you any different nor have I treated you wrong. I am just warning you of your actions."

Bai Liu looks at Bai Lang then to Bai Nuo, signalling to her to stop the argument. Bai Nuo looks from Bai Liu to Bai Lang, resentment flashing through her eyes.

"She's not as innocent as you think." Bai Nuo flung the fabric in her hand at Bai Liu's face running away.

"Bai Nuo!" Bai Liu screams. "That girl. What has gotten into her?"

Bai Lang stayed mum the entire argument. "Sister, what was that about?"

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