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   Chapter 11 Engagement Party

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Bai Lang might be the only person other than the future bride and groom to be excited about this engagement/birthday party. Bai Lang had no idea of her father's rank but was surprised to learn he's the Vice Minister for Revenue. He's responsible for trade between Horun and Zhu, for this reason, plenty of nobles with the intention to rub shoulders together.

The day of the party, Bai Lang was dressed in a light pink hangfu with embroidered blue flowers. Her hair was let down with strands of curls fanning her face. This simple hairstyle showed off her pixie-like face. Bail Lang was all smiles and giggles which put her elders' hearts at ease. They don't want the temple event to kill the young girl personality.

"Sister, are you happy to see brother Liang again?" Bai Lang asked Bai Liu. The three sisters were standing together as Bai Si, Bai Kang and Qu Rou Li greets guests.

Bai Liu would blush each time someone mentions Liang Yu and this time was no different. Bai Lang noticed and started to poke fun at her.

"Sister's cheeks are so red, that just means you're happy to see him."

Bai Liu covers her cheeks with both hands. "Xiao Lang!" she exclaims making Bai Lang laugh. "Who taught you to say such words."

"Brother Sheng." Bai Lang replies by throwing Bai Sheng under the bus. "So, are you happy?"

Bai Liu blushed again, her mother, Yun Yi and even Su Qing had begun to explain to her what marriage night entails. Bai Lang could almost see the steam coming from Bai Liu's head. Even a boiled octopus wasn't as red as her.

At this time, inside the main hall, the festive atmosphere was at its peak. Though the party was about Bai Liu and Liang Yu, the party is also all about establishing connections.

Cheerful laughter and chatter could be heard from all around, but that dimmed when the man of the moment walked in. Liang Yu had on a navy blue robe which highlighted his dashing figure. His hair was combed back and showed off his eyebrows, straight nose and thin lips. This is the young man that all ladies of the capital were sad to see married. To other, they could be a concubine, but the Liang's has a tendency to be a one-woman man, making him even more desirable.

Liang Yu greeted the Bai elders before heading straight for Bai Liu. Bai Lang could hear her breath hitch making Bai Lang give out. "Breathe sister."

Liang Yu greeted Bai Lang and Bai Nuo who both curtsy to him, the entire time his eyes were on Bai Liu. He took Bai Liu away for them to greet the guest, their engagement was already announced so there would be no scandal on their

Xiao Lang.'

Bai Lang redirects her gaze to the girl. She's pretty for the lack of a better word. Oval face with almond-shaped eyes and pink thin lips. You would miss Su Ran if you put her in the middle of a crowd.

"Xiao Lang greets Su Ran."

This was Bai Lang's way of telling her not to call her so familiar. She's just a cousin and must know her place.

Su Madam grabs her daughter's hand. "I must greet the other Madams. Xiao Lang, please take care of Ran-er"

Su Madam walked off leaving the two young girls alone. She hasn't been in the capital for years. Su Rou Xue is the best person to bring around to introduce her to them.

Bai Lang stifles a sigh if she wanted a tail she would've gotten a puppy. "Please come with me Su Ran. I'll bring you around the room."

It is the first time Su Ran has ever met or seen so many people in her life. She's been in the quiet countryside since the age of four and parties were few and between there. Su Ran's face lit up with joy as she heard various ladies greeting Bai Lang sweetly.

"Xiao Lang is popular." Su Ran states with poorly disguised envy. "Xiao Lang should introduce us."

Before Bai Lang could answer Bai Liu scurried over to her. "Xiao Lang, the royal family is here. Do you remember how to greet them?"

Bai Liu didn't deliberately ignore Su Ran, she just didn't see her.

"I do sister."

"Announcing the First Prince and Second Prince."

The main hall that had been loud instantly become quiet. Some people didn't expect the Princes to come to a Vice Minister's daughter engagement party, but then again the other side is the Prime Minister's house.

Bai Lang heard a gasp beside her and these words being said out loud. "So handsome."

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