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   Chapter 9 Demon

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Bai Lang has been in this world for almost three months and this is first she's seen someone act like Lou Meng. The once youthful servant looks haggard like she's age a hundred years. Her skin's dry and cracked, with her eyes bloodshot she looks like a hundred-year-old witch.

"Sister, walk slowly backwards." Bai Lang whispered to Bai Liu. While the two are arguing this is the perfect time to escape.

Bai Liu heard and tried to move but Bai Nuo stuck to her side like glue, not moving even an inch.

"Are you mad? I am no priest."

The man thought this would be a quick and easy job, it isn't his first time pretending to be a priest. The gold Lou Meng gave him would last him a while.

"Demon, you're one of them."

Lou Meng pushes the man hard causing him to fall against the rock pavement. Blood flowed like a lazy river out of the man's head. His eyes stared up at them in blank terror. Bai Liu and Bai Nou let out a shriek, Bai Lang felt her heart leap into her throat.

Lou Meng pulls out a knife, holding it above her head. "I'll free my Young Miss from you demon."

Run! The words echo into her head. "Run sisters." Bai Lang pushes back against her sisters causing them to wake up from their frozen state.

"Help!" Bai Lang shouts as the three of them took off running with Lou Meng behind them. It wasn't easy running in a dress and shoes on rocky surfaces.

"They're here."

Bai Lang could hear the voices of the people searching for them. 'Only a little more' Bai Lang says to herself when Bai Nuo fell in front of her.

"Nuo-er?" Bai Liu calls stooping. She could see Lou Meng in the distance. She wants to help but she wants to run at the same time.

"Sister run. Get help. I'll help Sister Nuo." Bai Liu hesitated but ran after the urging from Bai Lang

Bai Lang dropped next to Bai Nou. "Sister get up. We need to run."

"I can't." Bai Nuo said. "My ankle hurts."

A dark shadow looks ominously over the two, to their horror Lou Meng grim figure was upon them. Bai Nuo screams and shoves Bai Lang over to Lou Meng.

"Take her." Bai Nuo scrambles to her feet and took off running, the pain in her ankle forgotten.

Bai Lang couldn't believe the betrayal, her body became numb, her throat and heart felt like they were held in a tig

he stone and the body tells Bai Si one thing, the child finish that she started.

Qu Rou Li went up to her husband to see tears streaming from his eyes. "Husband?" She says hesitantly placing a hand on his shoulder.

"This is the second time she almost died. Twice and where was I? Nowhere, nowhere to help her."

For once Su Rou Xue didn't try to cause trouble. Bai Sheng and Bai Wen held the Bai Liu and Bai Nuo shielding them from the bloody scene.

Bai Liu was crying, in shock. "She told me to run when Bai Nuo fell. She told me to get help."

Bai Sheng rubs his sister's back. "You did, you got help."

Bai Nuo stares at the scene worryingly, guilt printed in her eyes. Bai Wen saw it and thought she was guilty. Bai Wen saw it and thought she was guilty of running away after all that's what she told them. Bai Lang told her to run.

"Sis, you don't have to feel guilty."

Bai Nuo gave him a strained smile.

"Xiao Lang told you to run to protect you. she won't blame you." Would she really not blame her?

Bai Lang stood up with Bai Lang still in his arms. "Xiao Lang might need medical attention." He told his wife and mother.

"Go." Bai Si said to him and then to Qu Rou Li. "Take the family with you."

Bai Si with his wooden cane on the ground taps it five times rhythmically. Several guards jumped down from with the trees.

"Find out who was involved in this. I want their heads." He looked down at Lou Meng corpse and spat on it. "Feed it to the dogs. I don't want a bone left."

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