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   Chapter 6 Young Master Liang

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Bai Lang eyebrows tightly furrowed as if she's in pain. Through her hazy consciousness she could see the scene of when she was a prostitute. One, two, three men made their way in and out her room. Each time they used her body for their pleasures and went. Each time Bai Lang wanted to shout for help, plead to them to save her from this destitute, carnal life.

"Help me… someone help me." Bai Lang whispered as her head swished back and forth against the pillows. "Help me. Please help me."

Bai Lang woke up and look around the room. Her drowsiness vanished when she realised where she was. Bai Lang sat up in the bed hugging her knees to her chest.

Lou Meng came into the room and sighed maybe in relief or was it horror/ "Young miss, you're awake. I'll go call Master."

Bai Lang didn't speak but looked at the disappearing back of the maid. 'I don't want to go back there." Bai Lang thought to herself."

She doesn't want to go back to the times where all she could do was lay on her back and spread her legs. This time, she'll try to save herself. She took this world for granted. She didn't expect someone would try to kill her. She'll do anything to prevent anyone from stealing the happiness she deserves in this life.

Bai Lang swore to the heavens and herself. "I'll kill anyone who tries to ruin my happiness."

Bai Lang took a deep breathe, the dream just now awakened the things she wants to accomplish in this life but she nearly died without even taking one foot towards it. Bai Lang believes it had not fully sunken into her mind that she gained a new life. she was looking at life as if through a kaleidoscope. She'd play around, skipped over the details calling it child's play but its' not. This is a real world, a world in which she can die, be abused or live.

"Xiao Lang!" Bai Lang raise her head to see her father walking in. The rather stoic man had a faint expression of work on his face. "How are you feeling?"

Tears wells up in her eyes, Bai Kang began to panic. He is not adept in dealing with tears.

"Father, I was so scared. Wu, wu."

Bai Lang awkwardly pats her back. The rough and tumble man could only stand there in distress as Bai Lan

one hand in the other and bows. "Thank you Minister Bai."

After some small talk and finalisation about the engagement, Minister Liang and his cohorts got ready to leave.

Bai Liu and Liang Yu were outside in the gardens when Bai Lang was sent to call them in. Both were locked in a lip lock. It was such a rosy sight for Bai Lang. Liang Yu must have taken the opportunity thinking no one was around.

"Brother Liang." Bai Liu says when he releases her lips.

"Wait for me Xiao Liu."

Bai Lang ducks behind a bush. She doesn't know why she's hiding but was disappointed when the two didn't continue kissing. The two returned to the main hall and Bai Lang waited a minute or two before joining them.

Bai Lang spots Bai Liu and Liang Yu talking to Bai Sheng and walk towards them.

The clueless Bai Sheng asks her. "Xiao Lang, didn't you went to the garden to call Xiao Liu and Liang Yu? How come you're just returning?"

"I didn't see them. I got distracted by a rosy sight?"

Flustered, Bai Liu stares at Liang Yu accusingly before going to join her mother.

Liang Yu stares at Bai Lang who grins at him. "Brother Liang?"

"You got leaves in your hair." He bends down a bit taking few leaves from her hair and whispers. "Next time you peep, make sure to hide your shoes also."

Bai Lang mouth fell open as Liang Yu laughs walking away with Bai Sheng. "Take care of yourself little thing."

Bai Lang gaze after him. "Oh, he's good."

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