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   Chapter 5 Like Mother

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Bai Lang fell into the lake head first. Sinking quickly underneath the water. These heavy clothes were what was pulling her down. Bai Lang bobs above the water but after only couple seconds she is sinking again. Her legs tired and struggling to bring her back towards the sun-speckled surface, she tried to take a breath but with the heaviness of her clothing she couldn't. With superhuman effort Bai Lang breaks the surface again, gulping at the summer air and then with a shout.

"Big Brother."

Bai Lang didn't see anyone but swear she felt someone pushed her. Strength left her limbs and she began to sink underwater panic has her heart hammering against her ribs. Before Bai Lang could pass out, she heard a loud splash and someone pulling her out of the water.

Bai Wen dropped his book, running when he heard Bai Lang's cry. By the time he reached the lake, Bai Lang was out of the water and in the arms of a person.

"Liang Yu!"

"Your sister?" The person asked.

"Yes." Bai Wen took off his robe wrapping it around Bai Lang. The little figure was sopping wet, looking like a drowned rat. Her hair, instead of its shining, full glory looked like black seaweed curling against her face.

Bai Lang had already been administered first aid by the time Bai Wen had arrived. Her face was pale but the rhythmic movement of her chest tells him she's alive.

"Watch your sister. This was no accident."

"What do you mean?"

Liang Yu ignored Bai Wen, walking away. Bai Wen didn't have time to ask him where he's going when a voice interrupted him.

"Young Master?" Bai Wen stared at her.

"What are you doing here?" Bai Wen vividly remembers Bai Lang telling her servant girl, Lou Meng, to remain with the carriage.

Lou Meng looked shocked and strangely enough didn't ask about Bai Lang who was still in his arms. Bai Lang lets out a groan that alerts Bai Wen to the situation at hand.

"Wait here for brother Sheng. Tell him what happened. I am going to bring Xiao Lang back home."

"Yes, Young Master."

Bai Lang is currently extremely disoriented due to her high fever. She only heard voices and shouting before she became unconscious again.

Bai Kang was furiously unsettled when he heard of Bai Lang's accident, the little girl had just recovered from her fever and to get another again.

Qu Rou Li moved quickly to the little girl's side and immediately began to dry her off.

"Quickly, call the doctor!" Qu Rou Li said to a servant.

Some other servants began to lead Bai Kang and Bai Wen out the room so that Bai Lang's clothing can be change. Bai Kang wait patiently outside the room, watching as the doctor came and servants go.

"Bai Wen, just what happened? How did Xiao Lang become like this?"

Bai Wen narrates everything that had happened at the lake. "Liang Yu said Xiao Lang's fall might not have been an accident."

Anger flickered across Bai Kang's face. His cold, unmoving expression scared the young Bai Wen.

"Who else was with you?"

"No one else. The guards remained at the carriage. brother Sheng and sist

ers took their servants with them."

The sound of Bai Kang slamming his fist into the door jolted Bai Wen.

"Why weren't watching your sister? Bai Wen don't think you'll escape punishment."

Bai Wen clenched his hand and visibly gulped. He didn't refute his father because if Liang Yu wasn't there, Bai Lang would've drowned."

"I understand." Bai Wen said then asked of his father. "What was Young Master Liang doing here?"

"He came to visit your brother when I told him he's at the lake. He's like a fortune star. Xiao Lang wouldn't be here if it weren't for him."

Bai Wen was about to answer when Bai Sheng, Bai Liu and Bai Nuo burst into the room, all asking questions."

"Father, is Xiao Lang alright?"

"How is Xiao Lang?"

"Has Xiao Lang woken up?"

"Enough." Qu Rou Li silence the children as she opens the door. "The doctor says Xiao Lang has a minor fever. The water in her chest has been coughed out. Xiao Lang is on bed rest, so you all need to be quiet."

"Yes, mother!"

Qu Rou Li turned to her husband. The anger and hurt could not be hidden from Qu Rou Li. "Husband, did you find out what happened?"

Bai Kang repeated all that Bai Wen told him. Everyone presents froze.

"Who would want to kill Xiao Lang?" Bai Nuo asked out loud.

Bai Kang pats his daughter's head. "Don't worry, I'll find out. In the meanwhile, we need to send our thanks to Young Master Liang."

"Is Young Master Liang still here?" Qu Rou Li asked.

"No." Bai Sheng answered. "The front gate guards said he left, but he'll be back. Liang Yu said he and his father wants to have a talk with Father."

"Did he say whatever for?"

"No, but I reckon it's about Xiao Liu." Bai Sheng turned to see his sister blushing. He began to poke fun at her and her cheeks.

"Bai Liu blushed red to the tips of her ear. "Brother Sheng!" She whined.

"Yes, Liu-er?"

Bai Sheng laughs, he enjoys teasing his sisters. Qu Rou Li slaps him on the back of head. "Stop teasing your sister. You all should go. Xiao Lang needs her rest."

Qu Rou Li ushers the children out the room, then turned to her husband. "Do you think Su Rou Xue is behind this?"

Bai Kang shook his head. He thought about but didn't think she's behind it. "Impossible, Rou Xue is still a mother. She wouldn't do this, maybe Xiao Lang just slipped and fell. After all, she was at the lake's edge."

Qu Rou Li said nothing to her husband. A lion can push its cub off a cliff but it's still a mother. "Let's wait until Xiao Lang wakes up."

Qu Rou Li followed her husband out the room but couldn't help but feel sorry for the little child. Su Rou Xue has use the child time and time again. She is quick to jump and cry wolf when Bai Lang was suspected of being poisoned. Now that the child has fallen into the lake and nearly drowned, she's nowhere to be found.

By now the entire household must know of Bai Lang's accident, yet where is Su Rou Xue? Qu Rou Li clenched her fist tightly looking back to the room where Bai Lang is.

"I must not let that child turn out to be Su Rou Xue."

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