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   Chapter 4 A Father's Concern

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After Bai Lang had left the main hall, Bai Kang turned on his third concubine. There was no trace of emotions, not in his eyes or a crack of frown on his face. His eyes were narrowed, rigid, cold, hard.

"Su Rou Xue, you love causing trouble, don't you?"

Su Rou Xue jumped back from him. She has never seen Bai Kang like this. Her blood drained and heart hammered erratically. This was the first she's been afraid of Bai Kang. His anger came like a wildfire, hot and fast.

"I don't understand what you mean, husband" Sue Rou Xue said acting absent-minded her hands trembling at her sides.

Does this woman think he's dumb? "Stop acting mindless. Throwing around accusations. Who was it that said someone got Xiao Lang sick? Who said it? Where are they? Take them to me?"

Bai Kang temper rarely flair up. He believes he treats his wife and concubines equally, mainly to prevent seeds of jealousy and roots of hatred. He has seen what jealousy and hatred could do to a family, his father's generation the prime example. Bai Kang aimed to treat all his children well to prevent any in-fighting.

Su Rou Xue, afraid she might not be able to get out of this, did what she does best. "How can master act this way. I was just concerned for my daughter. You can't blame me for asking. Master didn't even visit Xiao Lang was sick, not once."

Bai Kang knew he's guilty of neglecting his youngest but that didn't excuse Su Rou Xue. She was playing with fire. She, after all hinted that his wife Qu Rou Li was responsible for making his child sick.

"That's funny." Yun Yi chimed in. "Because you didn't visit the child either. I heard you stayed in the neighbouring courtyard her entire sickness. I bet today is the first time you're seeing the child."

Yun Yi hit the nail on the head. The quick-witted concubine smiled behind her teacup. She loved getting this concubine rile up. You could see her turning red in anger.

Su Rou Xue grit her teeth and snap back at Yun Yi. This woman is always ruining her plans. "How would you know what I did? I only stayed in that courtyard at nights."

Yun Yi rolled her eyes at that, watching Qu Rou Li dab at her eyes making them red and watery. She bet Su Rou Xue but garlic or onion juice on that cloth.

"I took care of Xiao Lang in the days risking my health. You're not a mother so you wouldn't understand." Su Rou Xue wailed.

Bai Si banged the table ceasing all arguments. He glared hard at Su Rou Xue when the woman made to open her mouth.

"Enough! We're all guilty of neglecting Xiao Lang. That's why Bai Kang, you will send Xiao Lang with Xiao Nuo to etiquette classes."

Bai Kang nods and dismisses his concubines and along with his father, Yun Yi and Qu Rou Li went to his office.

Instead of a soft gaze that promised love and affection, Su Rou Xue eyes glared with an intensity that tightened Su Qing's chest. There was no softness in that gaze. It was a look that conveyed a bubbling hatred.

Su Rou Xue bit her lip angrily. Her plan was flawless. Where did it go wrong? "That dull-witted child." She said and marched to her courtyard.

Bai Lang sat in front the mirror in her room and took the cloth filled with ice from her cheeks. It was barely noticeable but Su Rou Xue's handprint were still there, faintly red.

Lou Meng stood behind Bai Lang watching her. It's a scrutinising gaze that the receiver of it would miss. Bai Lang felt like she had a bulls eye taped to her back.

"Young miss, master is here to see you." A servant announced.

Bai Lang hopped off the chair and heads to the main room. Bai Kang was seated quite impassively around a red sandalwood table.

"Xiao Lang, come sit down."

Usually there's no need for Bai Kang to have a private dinner with Bai Lang. Dinner is usually served in the main house with everyone but Bai Kang wanted some private time with Bai Lang.

Bai Lang sat opposite of her father and began eating. Only

sounds of cutlery could be heard. Bai Lang stuffed a pork bun in her mouth not realising she's pouting.

'Can't he say something? It's like eating in with a brick wall.'

Bai Kang didn't know what to say and if he heard his daughter's thoughts he might choke to death. Bai Kang looked at Bai Lang to see her pouting. 'Is she shy?'

"Xiao Lang?" He called, her head snapping up almost immediately. "You will be joining Xiao Nuo to etiquette classes."

Bai Lang was very much looking forward to it. In her previous life, education wasn't part of her resume.

Bai Lang blinked her eyes asking, "What is the tutor going to teach us? I want to learn to paint, say poetry and write and, and…"

Bai Kang laughed, "It's a little too early for that, but she will teach you anything you want."

"Thank you, father." Bai Lang's voice was sweet and fine that Bai Kang couldn't help but laugh again, maybe Bai Lang really is just shy.

"Xiao Lang, you won't be able to learn much if you're still this shy. Make sure you talk to your tutor."


Bai Lang looked at her father, hissing lightly when she ate.

"What's wrong?"

Bai Land shook her head, holding her cheek for a moment. "Nothing's wrong. Father can I go now. Sister promised to take me out on the boat."

It was still light out so a brief boat ride wouldn't matter.

"Go." Bai Kang could see the faint red marks on Bai Lang's cheek.

When Bai Lang reach Bai Liu courtyard, Bai Sheng and Bai Wen were already present. Bai Sheng was already looking like his father and at sixteen was already growing muscles. A much skinnier Bai Wen stood beside him.

"Sister?" Bai Lang called.

Bai Sheng and Bai Wen looked towards the voice, they haven't seen their little sister for a while. She usually avoids them.

"What are you doing here, Xiao Lang?" Bai Sheng asked.

Bai Lang ran to Bai Liu holding her hand. "Sister invited me. She said I can come on the boat."

Bai Lang frowned. It may be plain prejudice but he doesn't like Bai Lang's mother, Su Rou Xue and that dislike inadvertently transfer to Bai Lang.

"You're too little Xiao Lang."

"I am not little, brother. You just don't want to take me."

Seeing that adorable face pouting and glaring looking like a hissing kitten, Bai Wen, and Bai Liu stifled a laugh.

"What brother means Xiao Lang is that you're too young." Bai Wen said trying to appease her

"I still want to go."

"Don't be so obstinate." Bai Sheng tells her.

Bai Lang doesn't want to miss this chance, she wanted to see what life is outside these walls.

"How about I play with you on shore while brother takes sisters out boating?" Bai Wen suggests.

Bai Lang nods smiling, by this time Bai Nuo had arrived. A short carriage ride later, the five siblings arrived at the lake. The lakeside air was pungent with the fragrance of jasmine. This was no natural basin filled with water, but the luxury addition to a formal garden by Bai Si when he first bought the property. In the carriage it was pointed out that they weren't going out and the lake was still on property.

Bai Sheng took Bai Liu and Bai Nuo out on the boat, while Bai Wen found himself a spot to read. 'How is this playing with me?' Bai Lang thought.

"Don't go too far." Bai Wen called out to Bai Lang.

Bai Lang wandered around, occasionally looking at flowers and frogs that hop around the lake. Bai Lang had told Lou Meng, who came with her, to stay with the carriage so she can't be blamed for lowering her guard. Bai Lang knows Lou Meng is planning something but didn't know when and where.

Bai Lang stood at the lake side looking at the plants there. There's only a foot or so between her and the water edge when she felt something on her.

All at once her entire body was travelling forwards and the scenery starts to blur as Bai Lang falls head first into the fall. The expected splash of water came and cold water envelops her.

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