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   Chapter 2 Meeting the Family

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Bai Lang had washed, dressed and was currently sitting in front of the mirror while Lou Meng was combing with a wooden comb.

The current ten-year-old her was dressed in something that the previous her wouldn't dare look at and wouldn't dare dream about wearing. As a former prostitute the less you wore the better you sell, so this currently layers of Chinese clothing is cumbersome.

Lou Meng place the wood comb down; her hand was still in Bai Lang hair. "Is Third Miss satisfied."

Lou Meng seeing the smile on Bai Lang's face thought the young miss was happy about her hair style. To Lou Meng, this sweet smile is more like her third young miss.

"Let's go."

Lou Meng wasn't satisfied with Bai Lang's answer and showed a displeased face. 'Why isn't the Young Miss complimenting her now? She used to.' Lou Meng thought.

Coming out of the courtyard, Bai Lang followed Lou Meng to the main yard. Upon entering the main hall Bai Lang saw who she assumes is this body's grandfather, father, the main wife and her father's three concubines including her biological mother.

"Bai Lang bids good morning to grandfather, father, mother and concubine mothers."

Seeing Bai Lang come in, whatever that was being discussed stopped. Bai Lang's grandfather Bai Si lets out a jolly laugh. Bai Si genuinely loves his grandchildren and to see the one in which doctors say was on death's bed perfectly health he was glad.

"Bai Lang, take a seat. It will not be good if sickness takes root in you once more." Bai Kang, Bai Lang's father said.

Lou Meng supported Bai Lang as she sat down. "Daughter is sorry for worrying you."

Bai Kang didn't answer the girl, he doesn't remember his youngest being so outspoken.

Qu Rou Li, Bai Kang's official wife spoke. "It is good seeing Xiao Lang well. Isn't that right Su Rou Xue?"

Bai Lang was at a lost a what's happening when Qu Rou Li spoke. "What's going on?"

Seeing the confused look on the young girl's face, majority of the adults in the room smile. The little girl was so cute and adorable, with that tilting head and confused expression it makes you want to spoil her.

"It is wonderful." Su Qing, her father second concubine and Bai Lang's mother paternal cousin spoke.

"Xiao Lang, come visit aunt later. I have your favourite candied kumquats."

Bail Lang bowed, thanking Su Qing. "Thank you, Concubine mother." That adorable smile was all it took to put Su Qing's mind at ease.

She had worried about the child under the care of her cousin. Su Rou Xue is not well known for being gentle or motherly. Bai Lang's timid personality had made Su Qing worried.

Bai Lang looked around the room noticing the tense atmosphere of the room hasn't yet dissipate. Her grandfather and father looked upset, the madam looked aggrieved and the person who she can now assume is her mother had tear tracks down her cheeks.

If it were anyone else, pity would swell up in your heart for a weeping beauty but Bai Lang could see the anger within those tearful eyes.

"Xiao Lang, mother is so happy you're better". Small beads of tears escaped from the woman's eyes. She used a handkerchief to wipe her tears and eyes making them even redder. "You should have rested more. I know you're so weak from your sickness."

The woman s

peaking is Su Rou Xue, Bai Lang's biological mother. She was crying so loudly you would think someone's dead.

Bai Kang first concubine Yun Yi rolled her eyes at the dramatic woman. No one seemed to pay Su Rou Xue any mind as if this scene was a regular occurrence.

Bai Kang pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Xiao Lang, are you feeling better now?"

The question, to Bail Lang was more of a statement rather than a question.

"Daughter us feeling better now Father. I had woken up a week ago but I wanted to be well rested before visiting you. Daughter is sorry for being unfilial but daughter did not want you all to catch my cold."

"A cold?" Bai Kang said.

Bai Lang adorable face turned sad. "Yes, daughter wanted to see father and grandfather but was told by the doctor I couldn't"

Five pairs of eyes turned to Su Rou Xue as if to say why were you crying over a cold? Su Rou Xue avoided the questioning eyes like she didn't see them and glared at Bai Lang. It was Bai Lang's turn to act as if she didn't see Su Rou Xue's glares.

A hint of guilt surfaced in Bai Si and Bai Kang's hearts. No one did pay any attention to the youngest Bai until Su Rou Xue brought her up, but they couldn't be blamed. The previous Bai Lang often kept to herself, away from the spotlight and family. It would be a miracle if you saw Bai Lang two days out of seven.

"Bai Lang, father will accompany you later. Go on to see your siblings. They have been worried about you."

Now excused, Bai Lang figures they were going to continue to talk about what was left unsaid earlier. She left the main hall and travelled to the main gardens where her older sisters are. Bai Lang two eldest brothers wouldn't be here as they are with their teachers.

To explain the current family tree, Bai Si is the current patriarch of the Bai Family. The Bai family has only one branch as Bai Si's brothers died after an internal fight. Bai Si has only one child, Bai Kang who has one wife and three concubines.

The wife, Qu Rou Li has two children, Bai Sheng the eldest son who is sixteen years old and Bai Liu the eldest daughter who is fourteen years old. Just about reaching marriage age, Bai Lang heard from gossips that Prime Minister's son is interested in Bai Liu.

Bai Kang's first concubine Yun Yi has no children is still highly favoured even by Qu Rou Li. The second concubine is Su Qing, Su Rou Xue paternal cousin. The only difference is that Su Qing's family is a merchant family. Su Qing also has two children, twins, second son Bai Wen and second daughter Bai Nuo both thirteen years old.

The third and final concubine is Su Rou Xue, Bail Lang's biological mother. Su Rou Xue's family is a noble family unlike Su Qing's noble one.

Form what Bai Lang could see Su Rou Xue is trouble maker and was attempting to drag Bai Lang into her plan. Whatever the plan was, Bai Lang wants no part in it. She wants to live the life she wasn't able to back on earth.

Bai Lang spotted her sisters in the centre of the garden; several servants can be seen placing tea and snacks on the table in front of the sisters. Other were holding umbrellas for shade and fans to help cool the sisters down.

"Sister?" Bai Lang called sweetly. She wants to see what her new sisters are like.

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