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"manik be careful today night because the water may break from any time now and since the contractions started 6 hours ago she will have more pains now and she will need your support and be ready with the baby bag which we have already packed and don't hesitate to wake us when you see her water breaking" nyonika instructed manik as he listened to her silently

"and you don't make her more tense and get tensed" madhu spoke and she caressed his head while he smiled at her. Manik then looked at nandini who is about to sleep on his shoulders and he smiled at her and held her more carefully

"stop this yaar you are saying this from the past one hour and see nandu is already asleep listening to your both repeated talks" ravi spoke and raj laughed at ravi

"ravi let me tell you that don't even try to come in between girls talks because we have to let them complete otherwise they will again start from first and we will waste our time unnecessarily" raj spoke and in return he got a glare from nyonika and he shut his mouth in a second.

"so you want to give advice so please sleep outside the room" nyonika spoke and raj looked at her shocked and he nodded his head in no which made nyonika giggle

"so please sit silent and let us do our work" nyonika spoke and raj sat silently and seeing his state manik giggled and nandini stirred in his sleep. Seeing her movement manik looked at her and smiled seeing her irritated face

"ok I will move her to room and its already 10:30 so all of you go to sleep" manik spoke and soon their parents moved towards their rooms to get rest after giving manik the same instructions again. He then looked at nandini and then smiled to himself

"nandu" he spoke and she stirred in her sleep and then he got confused because there is a frown on her face and she held his hand tightly. He then understood that there is another contraction and he rubbed her back to calm her. She then after some minutes got calm and again slept

"jaan please wake up let's go to the room and sleep" he spoke lovingly and nandini just snuggled more in to him which made him smile. Having no other option he picked her up and moved towards the room which is in downstairs only as it will be easy for him to move her to the hospital in case he has to.

He then made her sleep on the bed and slept besides her taking her in his arms. He closed his eyes after sometime when he is assured that she is fine. Manik felt some movements when he is asleep and he woke up due the continuous disturbances and then when he woke up he saw that nandini is moving in her sleep due to the contractions he tried to calm her down but he was not able to calm her down and then he got more tensed so he moved out from the room and woke up both parents and soon all five of them entered the room and saw that nandini is struggling in the pain and this made manik eyes tear but he controlled himself and held her in his arms. The most important thing is that she is not opening her eyes

"jaan open your eyes please see I am here only" he spoke and she didn't open her eyes and he got more tensed which made all the people confused.

"manik lets take her to the hospital I think her water broke just check it" nyonika spoke and then manik lifted her in his arms and that is when he felt wetness down there and he nodded in yes to nyonika

"come let's move fast" she spoke and then they four went out and go two cars ready while raj is on one and ravi on one. Manik made her settle on the back seat of one car and he himself sat beside her and kept her head on his chest and even now her eyes are not opening.

"jaan don't give up on anything I need you and our babies need you so please open your eyes" he spoke in her ears slowly and as if she heard his words she opened her eyes due to the sudden pain and she shouted on top of her lungs which made manik scared

"manik its paining" she spoke in broken voice and words and he held her closer to his heart

"don't worry jaan all will be well" he spoke and she closed her eyes again but she held his shirt which shows that she is in her sense and he let her rest without speaking much but her hand grip on his shirt near collar and hips show that contractions pain she is feeling. Soon they reached the hospital and manik took her inside the hospital immediately and then nandini was admitted in the ward. The doctor came near her

"she already got the contractions" the doctor asked and manik nodded his head in yes

"please take her pain away doctor" manik spoke and the doctor looked at him with a smile

"don't worry manik nothing will happen to her trust me" she spoke and moved closer to nandini who is suffering from pain

"nandini let me check your opening and then we will proceed with the delivery" she spoke and then lifted the hospital gown of nandini from down and she looked at the opening which is dilated

"your cervix is dilated and it is not yet completely dilated but it takes only half an hour to dilate completely and the babies will come out a

hen doctor came near nandini

"nandini remove your top and expose your chest and then place the babies on either side of your exposed body" the doctor spoke and then manik helped her doing it and as soon as they touched nandini bare skin they stopped crying and slept again.

"the babies will feel cold during cleaning and as soon they touch the mother they will get warm and sleep again" the doctor spoke and after sometime the doctor gave boy an 1mg dose of vitamin k injection and he cried again

"nandini feed the baby" doctor spoke and she helped nandini in holding the baby and she asked nandini to keep her nipple on his lips and in seconds he started to suck the milk and this made nandini close her eyes in pleasure and this made manik smile. He kept looking at his son who is sucking the milk with closed eyes. Soon the boy was done and then the nurse took him and made him sleep in the cradle

"now time for baby girl" doctor spoke and she gave an injection of same dose to the baby and when she started to cry nandini gave her the milk and the baby girl held nandini finger in hers which made nandini smile

"manik see her she is holding my finger" she spoke and manik smiled at her and then he moved closer to the baby and kissed her forehead again and now the baby girl left nandini and held manik finger tightly and he smiled at her. After some time manik tried to remove his finger from her but she started to cry again so manik let it be like that and he held nandini in his another hand

"thanks nandini for giving these two angles to me and making me complete" he spoke and she smiled at him. Soon the baby was done with her feed and then nandini was made to wear her sanitary pad and then she was made to sleep by giving low dose of anesthesia

"manik share the happiness now and don't worry nandini will wake up after sometime" the doctor spoke and soon manik moved out and told the family. They all rushed in to see the babies and even sid was with them. He saw the babies and his happiness knew no bounds and he started to jump in the room. Manik then took the boy in his arms and then passed him to his parents. He took the baby girl and passed her to nandini parents and soon both of them were getting exchanged between the members of the family.

"princess" sid shouted seeing the girl and all smiled at him

"yes baby she is your princess and you have to protect her in all the ways" cabir spoke and sid nodded his head in yes in a excited way. Soon nandini too woke up from her sleep and all asked her about her health and then the doctor came to them

"so all is fine and now if you have decided tell me the names of them so that I can write them in the birth certificate" the doctor spoke and all looked at manik and nandini

"yes we have decided them the name of the boy is AARAV MANIK MALHOTRA which means peaceful as he is the one who brings peace to our lives" nandini spoke kissing the forehead of her baby boy while the girl is in the hands of manik

"she is the one who is unique and we don't have anyone equal to her in our lives so she is ANANYA MANIK MALHOTRA which means unique and having no equivalent" manik spoke and he kissed the girls forehead which made her snuggle more into her father's arms.

"nice names" nyonika spoke and soon they all sat smiling at the babies and playing with them.

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