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   Chapter 73 birth

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Manik and nandini are sitting in the lawn of their house when nandini felt a pain in her abdomen and she clutched it with one hand and with the other she held manik hand and her tight grip on his hand made him alert and he looked at her immediately

"jaan what happened?" manik asked nandini while rubbing his back and then after 10 seconds the pain is gone and she smiled at manik

"I am fine just felt a sudden pain" she spoke and manik looked at her confused but then he smiled at her and kissed her forehead

"acha now tell me what we will name them?" manik asked and nandini held his hand and entwined their fingers

"as we decided based on the chits one" she spoke and manik looked at her horrified

"nandu please no today is may 5 already and we both have written tomorrow date and what if they are not born on that date and we have to change their names we have researched on the names right so please na jaan don't do this" he spoke and nandini looked at his cute face which is making her smile at him

"ok we will name them as we wish" she spoke and manik smiled like a kid at her and then he bend down and kept his hand on her tummy

"babies I am waiting and please come out soon we will have full fun and then we will trouble my mumma and your mumma both" he spoke and kissed the belly when nandini felt another pain and even manik saw the change in her belly as he was close to the belly

"nandu what happened?" he asked and she nodded in no as the pain is gone again

"nothing I think they are troubling me already" she spoke and manik looked at her with a smile

"good my babies trouble her like that but don't give her more pain ok" her spoke and again kissed her belly and this time she didn't feel any pain which made her happy.

"acha come now I will give you hot water massage" manik spoke and he stood on his feet. He then gave hand to nandini and she held his hand and stood on her feet they both then went inside the house and in the living room they found their parents sitting and talking. They went near them and sat near them

"what are you all talking about?" manik asked and madhu smiled at him

"that how my cute son cum son in law take care of my stupid daughter" she spoke and manik gave her a grin and he gave her a flying kiss which she caught and then he looked at nandini who is glaring at her mother and then manik gave nandini a kiss on her cheek which made nandini smile.

"mom and amma nandini is having pain in her belly what should I do now? Is hot water massage ok?" he asked his parents and both nyonika and madhu looked at each other with a smile on their faces

"yes it will be okay, go and give to her I will get some fruits for her to eat" madhu spoke and manik and nandini nodded their heads and they went inside their room.

"are you also thinking what I am thinking?" nyonika asked madhu as soon as manik and nandini went to their room

"yes" she spoke and they both hugged each other

"what are you both talking about?" raj asked and both the ladies looked at their husbands and smiled at them

"your grandchildren are coming out soon nandini has started to get into labor" madhu spoke in an excited voice and the both men were shocked

"then what are you sitting like this let's get her admitted in the hospital" ravi sp

tetrician will choose which is best for your situation' manik read the lines and he smiled at nandini

"the last case is the one in 3 idiots move right" he asked and nandini looked at him with a shocked face

"are you serious how can you bring food and movies into everything" she asked and manik smiled at her

"because after all I am manik" he spoke and she nodded her head in disbelief.

'The third stage of labour

The final stage of labour is delivery of the placenta. There are two ways this can happen.

1. Physiological management

Physiological third stage means waiting for your placenta to deliver spontaneously with your effort. This may take up to an hour following the birth; while you're waiting, skin-to-skin with your baby and a first breastfeed will be encouraged.

2. Active management

Active management involves injecting an ecbolic (contracting drug) into your leg as your baby's shoulders are born. The ecbolic speeds up placental separation and your uterus (womb) contracts down to reduce blood loss and ensure your womb remains contracted.

Your LMC can help you to decide which approach would be best for you, taking into considering your health, how your pregnancy has progressed and the type of labour and birth you experience' they read the last part and smiled at each other. Manik was about to speak when he heard his mobile ring and he looked at the caller id to find it is the call from the music director of telugu film industry for whom fab 5 composed a song when they went to Hyderabad.

"hello" he spoke and he got greeting from the other end

"manik we have released the song you composed in telugu yesterday night and let me tell you that it is an hit one and it is trending on youtube" he heard from the other side and smiled at himself

"wow that's a good news and congrats" manik spoke and soon after discussing some details they disconnected the call and turned towards nandini who was looking at him confused.

"the song we prepared for the telugu movie was released and it was an hit" he spoke and nandini smiled at him and hugged him

"congrats hubby" she spoke and kissed him on his lips and soon he too responded to the kiss.

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