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   Chapter 71 week 32

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"Amma please I don't want to eat that patient food" nandini spoke to her mother who glared at her and having no other choice nandini looked at manik who is sitting beside her and eating his breakfast which is his favorite dosa

"Manik" she spoke and manik looked at her and seeing her cute face manik smiled but he got confused seeing her puppy dog face

"What?" he asked stuffing another piece of dosa into his mouth?

"I don't want to eat idly" she spoke and manik looked at her shocked and he looked at nandini mother and then at nandini and then towards her mother

"amma did you hear this the great nandini manik Malhotra is refusing to eat her favorite breakfast and that breakfast that she never ever shares with me too" he spoke and nandini looked at him angry now

"Manik what is this from the time we came her all you do is pass comments on me along with my mother" she spoke and looked at both of them and glared them. She then stood on her feet and moved towards the bedroom.

It's been two days that manik and nandini came to nandini parents' house as they requested that nandini should go to the hospital from their house and even raj and nyonika agreed to this but only if they too come and stay there along with them. They all moved here for some weeks and now nandini mother prepared her favorite breakfast idly and sambar for her but nandini is not in a mood to eat now.

"My dear jaan whom will I tease other than you and also the face you make whenever anyone tease you is the cherry on top" he spoke and kissed her nose making her blush but she looked at him with an angry look. He winked at her and this time she smiled at him

"Ok now what do you want to eat?" he asked her with a smile and listening to his voice nandini gave him a sheepish smile and he understood that there is something weird coming up to him.

"I want to eat raw mango and pickle" she spoke and manik looked at her shocked. He expected the weird in his way but this combination is something which he didn't even think of

"What" he asked her with a confused face and nandini made a cute face towards him

"Please manik" she spoke and having no other choice he agreed and he went to kitchen to bring the things she needed. He thanked god that it is summer and the mangoes are fresh which is good for her health.

"Here you go" he spoke and placed the cut mango pieces in front of her and then a pickle in another small bowl beside it. Nandini smiled seeing that and then she blew a kiss for manik to which he smiled at her and she was about to take the mango piece but she stopped when she heard nyonika voice

"Nandini it is the combination which I ate a lot during my pregnancy with this stupid" nyonika spoke and she settled on the other side of nandini and nandini smiled at her

"You know before pregnancy I used to hate mangoes but don't know how I got such weird combinations during the pregnancy and see the result I got a weird son" she spoke and winked at nandini who laughed seeing manik grumpy face

"I agree and I hope at least one of them be like us normal" nandini spoke and manik glared at both of them

"I am sure if they are not born like that don't worry I will turn them like that and will have my revenge on both of you and let me tell you I will take revenge of all the things" manik spoke with a smile on his face and at the same time nandini felt a kick from babies and she laughed. Manik looked at her confused

"I think one is already like you I got a kick now" she spoke and this small dialogue brought a big smile on manik face and seeing his smile both his mother and wife were the happiest souls. Inde

d speaking Ravi looked at her with a glare

"Don't you leave those names" he spoke and she nodded her head in no making all of them confused

"your mother is obsessed with those names in a weird way and I don't know why she go that obsession and when I found the reason behind it let me tell you I am so much angry" Ravi spoke and madhu nodded her head in no

"That's called jealous Mr. and don't comment on those names it is the name of my first crush and his sister" she spoke and seeing the jealous face of Ravi all laughed

"May 15 and names are pankaj and priya" Ravi spoke and all smiled at his names

"May 3 and names are kawshik and soundarya" raj spoke and nyonika glared at raj to which he gave her a sheepish smile

"Let me tell you I am not going to name my granddaughter that one" nyonika spoke and all laughed at her

"Why what is wrong with that name?" raj spoke and nyonika again glared at him

"because it's the name of the south Indian actress with whom you are obsessed" she spoke and all laughed

"May 5 and names are Anjali and ankush" nyonika spoke and again all had smiles on their faces

"May 20 and names are payal and pyush" navya spoke and all smiled at her unique yet cute names

"may 10 and the names are kavya and laksh" cabir spoke and as soon as he completed he got a cushion on his face as a gift from manik

"I am not naming my daughter kavya as that name is the obsession of yours as it is the name of your crush math's teacher in school" manik spoke and navya gave a smack on cabir head which made all of them giggle.

Like that remaining all the younger clan gave their suggestions and soon only manik and nandini were left

"Since you two are only left so both of you say the date together" mukti spoke and manik and nandini nodded their head at her.

"May 6" they both spoke and the same time and all smiled at them

"So names" cabir spoke and them manik looked at Sid who is near nandini belly and was about to call him when Sid spoke

"Princess and champ" he spoke in his toddler voice which made all of them smile and manik took Sid in his arms and smiled at Sid

"Sid named my babies and baby how did you got those names?" he asked and side again spoke princess which made him laugh

"Manik he heard me calling princess and champ so many times towards the babies so maybe he got them" nandini spoke and she also kissed Sid cheek making all of them smile.

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