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   Chapter 70 week 31

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 10096

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"Manik go to the office or to the studio" nandini spoke to manik who is sleeping like a lord on the bed. He looked at her for a second and then again closed his eyes saying a simple no which made nandini roll her eyes at him and she stomped her feet on the ground and moved out from the room making manik chuckle.

He then stood from the bed and moved down and saw nandini sitting on the couch in the living room with a frown on her face. He was about to go near her but he saw his father going towards her and he stood there itself to listen to her batter

"What is matter my pumpkin why are you sitting like this?" raj asked sitting beside nandini and kept his shoulder around her while she kept her head on his shoulder.

"Nothing I am missing amma and appa" she spoke and a small tear escaped her eyes and raj wiped it immediately

"Don't you know that princess shouldn't cry but should make the prince cry" raj spoke and his sentence made nandini chuckle

"but where is this monkey he left you here like this?" he spoke and turned towards the stair case for manik and he saw manik standing there and he was about to shout but manik nodded his head in no and kept his finger on his lips indicating his dad to be silent

"he is such a stupid person dad, just because I am here in the last weeks of pregnancy that doesn't mean that he will leave all his work and sit in home, he didn't go to office from the last two weeks and it's better if we don't even talk about singing he is behaving as if he is pregnant and then he can't do any work and even now he is sleeping on the bed like an old man" she spoke and manik laughed listening to her complaining on him and he moved towards her and hugged her neck from back

"and you love this stupid, careless and idiot old man" he spoke in her ear and she smiled at him but she hid it immediately, she removed his hands suddenly and this sudden movement made her back to stretch more and this caused her a sudden pain and she made a sound with the pain. Manik immediately came near her in the front and kept his hand on her back and she smiled at him even though she is in pain.

"see this is the reason I tell you continue doing yoga but no you always say no to anything I say and then you will land yourself in pain" manik spoke and nandini looked at him with an angry look.

"here I am in pain and all you can think is of shouting at me" she spoke and looked at another side and manik nodded his head in disbelief and he took her in his arms and moved towards his room and while walking towards the room his eyes fell on the wet marks present on her shirt and he was confused and he looked at it more clearly and then he realized that the wet patch is around her nipples and he got confused and tensed too.

He entered the room and made her lay on the bed and since she is angry on him she didn't even look at him and she didn't even realize when he went and closed their room door. He then came near her and made her back rest on the pillow and the pillow res

rious parents-to-be choose to have a 3D/4D ultrasound done later in pregnancy—usually sometime between weeks 24 to 32. (So 31 weeks pregnant is the perfect time!). In a 3D/4D ultrasound, you can see the entire surface of baby's face in one picture. Yep, the picture is three dimensional. The fourth dimension is time—you get to see baby move on the screen in 3D. That means you may see your 31-week fetus blinking, thumb sucking, and maybe even smiling or frowning, and you'll probably take home a video of it too" she read and closed the book and turned towards him and sat on his lap like she is straddling him and he held her tight from the waist and then pulled her closer.

"What happened baby" he asked her and she looked at him with a smile on his face and nodded her head in no. he then looked at her confused.

"I just want to kiss you" she spoke and before manik can react she placed her lips on his and started to kiss him. He took a second to respond to her kiss and he then made her lay on the bed and then he hovered over her and he supported his weight with his hands and kissed her deeper.

He found her breathless and broke the kiss and smiled at her before kissing her forehead. He then fell on the bed beside her and she turned towards him and kept her head on his chest while he held her from her shoulders with one hand and with another he held her belly.

"I want to talk to them" manik spoke and made nandini lay on her back and he supported her back with a pillow again before going towards his babies

"hi babies hope you both are safe inside and let me tell you that I am waiting for you impatiently but this doesn't mean that you both decide to come out soon and then come under developed so I wanted both of you to grow fully and come out healthy so that we three can have so much fun and one more thing papa loves you two so mucchhhhhh" he spoke and kissed nandini belly and then he moved near nandini and hugged her with a smile on his face which is reciprocated on her face.

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