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   Chapter 69 week 30 part 02

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"is there any weakness nandini?" doctor asked nandini as she entered the scan room with manik. Nandini smiled at the doctor and she nodded her head in no but she held on to manik more.

"doctor she is lying she is weak and see she is holding on to me and even she is talking only some words and that too with much difficulty" he spoke and nandini glared at him but he didn't ignored it royally making her irritated.

"I know and yeah she will feel weak the entire day and don't worry she will be fine tomorrow and this weakness is due to the drug which is relaxing all her body muscles" doctor spoke and manik nodded his head at her and then he moved towards the scan bed holding her in his arms.

"ok I will prepare for the scan and till this time I will tell about the baby" the doctor spoke and manik nodded his head saying yes please and he held nandini hand in his.

"During pregnancy at 30 weeks, baby's position is still head up. Your 30-week fetus is floating comfortably in about 1? pints of amniotic fluid. It may seem cramped in there, but he or she still has room to move around. Over the upcoming weeks, your belly will grow even further past your rib cage to accommodate baby, but he or she will still get a little more crowded as you approach your due date" the doctor spoke as she took the gel and applied on her belly

"doctor when will I get to know the exact date" manik asked and the doctor smiled at him

"as you know that they are coming out soon and about the due date I will decide once I see the babies position inside" the doctor spoke and manik nodded his head and saw that the doctor was about to keep the transducer on her belly and he looked at the screen to see his babies.

"Your 30-week fetus' skin is now getting smoother, but his or her brain is getting wrinkled, that's to make way for all that essential brain tissue. Your baby at 30 weeks is now strong enough to grasp a finger! That's a skill he or she will certainly use post-birth. Your twins probably have been growing at the same rate as any other babies in utero. But sometime between now and week 32, they might slow down a bit and here see your babies" she spoke and pointed at the screen where only one baby is seen and for one second manik was scared and even nandini too. She looked at manik and held his hand tighter while he looked at her and blinked his eyes at her.

"where is the cute little girl hiding?" the doctor spoke and she moved the inducer around her belly which made manik smile and he looked at the screen to find his baby girl there.

"see here she is hiding behind her brother" the doctor spoke and she focused on the baby girl whose body is towered by the boy. Manik smiled at this and he looked at nandini who is having tears in her eyes and she looked at manik and smiled at him. Manik bent down and kissed her forehead and she smiled at him more.

"so now as you saw your babies I will have to do one more test but I expect the results already" doctor spoke and manik looked at her confused

"which test doctor?" he asked her as he is totally clueless about this test

"it's non-stress test (NST) to measure contractions of mother and the babies' heart rates. The test is designed to check how a baby's heart rate responds when he or she moves" she spoke and manik and nandini looked at her confused

"is it necessary?" manik asked her and the doctor smiled at him

"it is needed and NST is a simple, painless procedure. We will be monitoring your baby's heartbeat, which is a way of evaluating your unborn baby. We will listen to and record the baby's heartbeat while the baby is resting and while the baby is moving. It usually takes 20 to 40 minutes to complete an NST" she spoke and manik nodded his head having no other option.

"so nandini did you have anything in the morning?" she asked and nandini nodded her head in no as they came to hospital as soon as they woke up

"ok for now let me get something for

t's go out and discuss about the babies due date" she spoke and then moved out from the scan room. Manik kissed nandini forehead and they both moved out from the scan room and when they came out they saw only their parents there and manik looked at nyonika who pointed them outside saying that their friends are outside

"ok so since the babies are fine there is no much needed instruction for her and nandini please continue the same medicines and even add the new medicines I prescribed for two weeks only and the most awaited movement here is about the due date but first I am sorry I didn't say the date earlier even though I knew the month as I don't want to create any hopes and now since she will use those relaxants for two weeks you won't have babies for two weeks and after two weeks I can say that babies may come out anytime so be careful" she spoke and all had a smile on their face listening to this while manik held nandini hand which made her smile more

"manik and nandini you both should be careful now and even the babies position right now is suitable for normal delivery and the type of delivery can be fixed only when I see the positions of the two babies during the initiation of her labor" she spoke and manik looked at her confused for a moment

"doctor you said you postponed labor right are there some drugs which induce labor?" he asked and the doctor nodded her head in yes

"there are manik and let me also tell you that we use those drugs more often too but the mothers don't realize it during their labor pains… generally the labor pain is of 24 hours but the main pains start lately and due to this reason most of the child birth are during night time and also in some cases even though it is more than 24 hours the dilation is not enough to send the baby out so in such cases we use the drugs and the baby comes out finally" she spoke and manik smiled at her.

"manik and nandini make the mind set of babies in such a way that they need to go for the normal delivery and this is only possible to both of you talk to them and make their mind in such a way" she spoke and manik nodded his head at her

"when you complete the two weeks either you can come and join here or be very I mean it very careful in the house but I request you to join in the hospital in 34th week and the babies will mostly come out in the mid of May and you both know the summer heat here so be careful during that time and don't bring them in to sunlight and nandini even you too don't expose to more amount of sunlight" the doctor spoke and after some do and don't's they moved out from the cabin and went to their house.

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