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   Chapter 56 week 24 part 02

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 10512

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"manik" mukti shouted banging the room door of manik and nandini who were not opening the room door from the last 5 minutes. She now got frustrated and again banged the door but there is no response on the other side. She was about to bang harder now closing her eyes when the door opened and her hand met with a face on the nose of the person.

"ouch" she heard a male voice and opened her eyes to see manik holding his nose in his hands. He then glared at her to which she gave him an innocent look.

"what the hell" he spoke and was about to curse more when he felt a hit on his back. He turned to see that nandini had hit him with the cushion listening to his curse.

"Is today any international or national beating day?" he asked mukti who laughed out loud on his question. He gave her a look

"now will you please tell me why are you here or shall I close the door and sleep again" manik spoke and indeed he was about to close the door when mukti kept her hand on the door.

"I came here to inform that you have only 10 minutes with your wife now and later she is going to be in the custody of elder people and us as we have to make her ready so you better come out from this room fast and go to cabir's room where all the boys are waiting for you" mukti spoke and she moved away from there leaving manik with his open mouth. He then looked here and there and when he found no one he closed the door again and latched it.

"what is mukti saying?" nandini asked manik once she saw him entering inside the room. He smiled at her and settled beside her with a smile on his face.

"she wants me to vacate the room in ten minutes as she want to make you ready for the baby shower" manik spoke and suddenly there is a shine in nandini's face which made him smile.

"really then go now only and call them" she spoke in her super excited voice and listening to her he frowned at her. He then bend down in front of her and kissed her belly making her smile.

"see babies your mother she is not allowing me to stay with you and she wants me to stay away from you" he spoke in his complaining voice and she smiled at his nature.

"babies say to your father that I am not throwing him out but say him that if we are ready fast and then the function will over fast and we can rest for more time and be with your father more time" she spoke and manik listened to her words keenly and then made a face as if he is thinking her words and when he understood her words he nodded his head and smiled at her.

"I agree to you" he spoke and she smiled at him.

"ok but before going I need a kiss" he spoke and she nodded at him. He smiled and placed his lips on hers. Soon they started to kiss each other with passion. Manik broke the kiss and smiled at her and then kissed her forehead. She smiled at his gestures and she kissed his cheeks.

"babies now I will be away from you for some time and then we will meet again so till then byee and once again I am saying don't trouble mumma" manik spoke kissing her belly and his babies. The babies kicked as if they are responding to his words and both the parents smiled sensing their moments.

ds nandini

"today you broke the records of beautiful" he spoke and kissed her forehead and she blushed listening to him. She hugged him and he hugged her back.

"manik and nandini you both go and change your dresses and then take rest for some time" nyonika spoke and they both broke their hug and moved to their room with help of manik. As soon as they entered inside the room manik hugged her from back making her smile.

"I am so much lucky to have you in my life" he spoke and she smiled at him. Soon they both changed their clothes and took rest for some time.

The next day they were sitting in the doctor's cabin in the hospital and as they expected she took her blood samples and other necessary things for the test and send them for the glucose testing.

"manik and nandini remember the coming weeks are the weeks where the pregnant women are more prone to diabetes so please take care of her food and also about her daily habits" the doctor spoke and they discussed about her diet chart.

"so do you want to do the scan?" she asked them and nandini was about to nod her head when manik spoke

"no we don't, actually I don't I read somewhere that too many scans can harm the babies" he spoke with hesitation clear in his voice and listening his words the doctor smiled at them.

"its not at all true manik because it is just an assumption and no one had proved it right till now" the doctor spoke and listening to her words manik smiled a lot.

"so now can we have the scan" she asked and manik nodded his head happily. Soon the doctor made the arrangements and took her scan and showed them their babies. Manik and nandini had tears in their eyes seeing them and a smile on their lips. They got the pictures of their babies and again settled in the doctor's cabin.

"Tomorrow you will get the results and if the results are negative then there is no need to come to hospital but if the results are positive then you both have to come to hospital again" she spoke and soon they left from the doctor's cabin. They moved to their house and continued their daily routine.

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