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   Chapter 54 week 23 part 02

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 10273

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When Manik entered their bedroom he was shocked to see the scene in front of him, he saw Nandini moving around the bed holding her belly which made him shocked. he thought that she is in pain and he rushed towards her and held her head in his left hand and kept his right hand on her belly. he then felt that her belly is tight and he even felt immense kicks on his hands and when he touched her belly the frequency increased more. she woke up from her sleep due to pain to see Manik holding her, she looked at him and a smile appeared on her face. she hugged him immediately to which even he too responded

"Manik when did you come?" She asked him with a shocked face and Manik broke the hug and looked at her with a worried face.

"Jaan what happened is everything alright? Why is your belly tight and what are these kicks?" He asked her with a worried look and he started to caress her belly which made her smile.

"Don't worry Manik it's common in this week and coming to the kicks I think babies have recognized that their papa is here and they started kicking me from the last 10 minutes" she spoke and Manik gave her a disbelief look to which she shrugged her shoulders.

"Are you sure that all this is normal?" He asked her and she nodded her head in yes, he then took a relief breath which he is holding from the time he saw her like that.

"What is this Malhotra you came and started to ask questions without giving me hug and kiss, " she asked him encircling her arms around his neck and he sat close to her.

"As far it's concerned to the hug then let me tell you, Mrs. Malhotra, that you got it and coming to the kiss how can I kiss you when my babies decided to trouble you?" He spoke and he was about to kiss her when Nandini felt a strong kick in her belly and this made her wince in pain. Manik moved away from her and he then settled himself on the floor and kept his hand on her belly.

"Babies I took a promise from you that you will not trouble Mumma right then what is these babies... It's not a good work and now how are my babies they are fine right and they missed papa?... But papa missed you both a lot and you know I bought many gifts for you both and even bought some items which will be in your room and yeah with room I remembered I need to re-arrange a room for both of you and you know what babies I am going to make a single room for both of you and even you both will not get separate rooms until some age or if you both are comfortable you will be in the same room, I know you both will be because you both are sharing the smae belly space inside your mother then why won't you share the room outside" manik spoke and he took a second break for his blah blah and then he was about to start again when nandini kept her finger on his lips which made him look at her.

"Babies will not go anywhere to go and freshen up and you have to make my biryani and some sweet to me now and this is final no more arguments" she spoke and Manik nodded her head at her. He kissed her belly and then he kissed her forehead and moved to the washroo

anik nodded his head in no.

"I am just planning for one year of babies" he spoke and all nodded their heads in disbelief.

"Nandini I am telling you this monster needs some checkup please take him to an asylum immediately" Abhi spoke and in return he got a ball smashed on his head from Sid and seeing this action all laughed out loud.

"Ok, you all keep talking I will prepare lunch for Nandini" Manik spoke and he was about to move inside the kitchen when Nandini held his hand.

"Manik one ice cream tub also please, " she asked and he gave her a look which made her a little sad and she removed her hold on him. He went into the kitchen and brought a tub of chocolate ice cream for her and gave it to her which made her smile to the core.

"Love you Manik" she spoke and kissed his cheeks which made him smile. He was about to go into the kitchen when cabir stopped Manik, he then turned towards him.

"What is the menu?" He asked Manik who looked at him with an annoyed look.

"It's biryani and Gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream" Manik spoke and listening to the menu cabir mouth started to water and he was about to speak but Manik cut him off in middle.

"Don't you dare ask.for share because it's only for Nandini and I will give it to all if she wants bit definitely not to you because you have the capacity to finish the entire thing without any help" Manik spoke with an angry look and cabir made a cute face and seeing this sid melted and he walked towards Manik and asked him to lift him in his arms.

"Mamu please allow papa" he spoke when he didn't understand a word Manik spoke but seeing his father cute puppy face and Manik angry face he understood that there is something which Manik is not allowing cabir to do. So, he came to rescue his father.

"Because of him, I am allowing you to eat them" Manik spoke and kissed Sid's cheek who smiled at Manik. Soon Manik moved to the kitchen and in the living room, all gave company to Nandini. Soon they had lunch and left for their homes with a smile on their faces.

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