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   Chapter 53 week 23 part 01

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"I am going to kill this Manik today" Nandini spoke eating her cranberries which tasted best till an hour ago but now they taste worst for her but still she wants to eat them. it's been 4 days since Manik has gone to Hyderabad but he didn't return back still and on top of that now he needs more time to come back to her and this is not acceptable to her now.

"nandu beta be cool this much anxiety is not good for the babies" nyonika spoke caressing her head and Nandini smiled at her. nyonika then sat beside Nandini and she kept her head on nyonika's shoulder.

"mom I want to eat grapes" she spoke and nyonika is shocked as the pregnant women can't eat grapes. nyonika started to caress nandini's head which made her smile.

"sorry beta I can't give you that because it's dangerous to the baby and you can't have it" she spoke and Nandini looked at nyonika shocked.

"how are grapes and pregnancy-related mom?" she asked and nyonika kissed on Nandini's forehead.

"I don't know about the correct reason but I know you shouldn't eat it" she spoke and Nandini nodded her head at nyonika.

"I will find it out and now I will sleep for some time it's been long that I am waiting for that idiot" Nandini spoke and nyonika nodded her head. soon Nandini went to her room and took out the book which is her best friend now.

"now I will get to know about the reason" she spoke like a scientist which made herself smile and she opened the book. soon she opened the instructions page and searched for grapes.

"The main reason is the high amounts of resveratrol present in grapes. This chemical can cause toxicity for the expectant mother.

The digestive system of pregnant women is weak and the skin of black grapes becomes non-digestible by the weakened digestive system of pregnant women. Acidity becomes common along with nausea and vomiting for pregnant women if she eats too many grapes. Loose motions and diarrhea may occur due to eating too many grapes" she read out loud and then she found out the reason and she smiled to herself for her invention.

"see I am so much intelligent and now let's go and see the details of the baby" she spoke to herself again and this time she started to caress her belly which is now seen clearly even though she is wearing manik's t-shirt.

"You're 23 weeks pregnant, and baby is as big as a grapefruit! The average 23-week fetus measures 11.4 inches from head to foot and weighs 1.1 pounds. Yep, baby's almost a foot long, and is finally able to be weighed in po

his mother and his father sitting in the living room sipping their morning chai. it's only 10 in the morning and Manik called Nandini before he boards the flight saying that he needs more time to return back to home. he knew that she will be upset but he wanted to see the smile she get on her face when she sees him at the unexpected time.

"morning mom and dad" he spoke and they both looked at him. as soon as they saw Manik, a smile formed on their lips and soon they hugged him and welcomed him inside the house.

"where is Nandini?" Manik asked as he sat beside nyonika, he kept on looking for her but didn't find her anywhere.

"she is in your room sleeping" Raj spoke and nyonika ruffled manik's hair which made him smile

"is she fine? sleeping this late" he asked both of them to which they smiled at him

"yesterday night she didn't sleep properly because of the mood swings she wanted to eat the biryani made by you" nyonika spoke and Manik looked at her with a smile.

"no problem I will prepare it now but mom she is eating more biryani nowadays is there any problem because of that?" he asked her with hesitation in his voice which made both the parents smile.

"it is safe to some extent Manik and if you say that she is going to eat street food then I would have told no but she is eating the food made by you so it's healthy because in the home we take care of all the things and moreover it has high protein content so it's ok" nyonika spoke and Manik smiled at her.

"I will meet her and come" he spoke and then excused himself and moved towards their room. he opened their room door and what he saw was enough to make him feel horror movie.

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