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   Chapter 52 Week 22 Part 03

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"actually she is right Manik" Nandini spoke and Manik looked at her with a shocked face and seeing Nandini's reaction Manik knew that she is right.

"what the hell are you saying Nandini?" Manik asked her with a frown and Nandini took a deep breath before glaring at mukti for spilling the beans.

"what I mean is Manik that after the baby shower I have to move to my house for delivery and will not come till 5 to 6 months after the birth of the baby" Nandini spoke with closed eyes as she knew about the destruction that is going to happen now. when she didn't find any sound she slowly opened her right one eye to see Manik and was shocked to see him not present anywhere. She looked here and there but she didn't find him anywhere.

"where is he?" she asked no one in particular and cabir showed him the way towards the main door. nandini understood the condition and nodded her head at cabir.

"I am going behind him" she spoke and moved out from the house and all nodded their heads in disbelief and then glared at Mukti who gave them an innocent look.

"Nandu has asked us to keep this as a secret till the baby shower right then why did you slip your tongue?" cabir asked Mukti who gave him an innocent look again

"you only said slip of tongue" she spoke and in return got glare from all of them including Abhi so she hid more in his arms

"sorry guys" she spoke and held her ears which made all of them smile at her seeing her cuteness, Abhi kissed her forehead making her blush and hugged her back.

"Manik listen to me for once, " Nandini asked Manik who is walking ahead of her without looking at her. she tried to run faster behind him but how can she manage the thing with her monster.

"Manik" she shouted as she is tired and can't even walk another step but then she was about to fall down on her feet. she even started to lose her consciousness which made her slip more. she fell to the ground with a thud and this sound made Manik alert and he looked behind only to see his nightmare coming true.

Nandini is laying on the floor unconscious which made him freeze at his spot and in the next second he came out of the shock and ran towards her. he took her in his lap and patted her cheek

"nandu" he spoke and again tapped her cheeks but there is no response from her which made him dead worried.

"Jaan open your eyes Jaan" he spoke and rubbed her hands and legs but she didn't show any reaction which made him worried. he took her in his arms and started to run towards cabir house as mukti is there only.

"mukti" Manik shouted as soon as he entered the house making all of them cease at their places. all of them were shocked to see Nandini in that state which made them worried and rushed to them.

"what happened?" mukti asked and she helped Manik to make Nandini lay on the couch.

"she ran after me but I didn't listen to her and suddenly I turned and found her in this state I am so tensed mukti she will be fine right?" he asked her still holding Nandini's hand and mukti nodded her head in yes. she checked her pulse rate and then she checked her breathing rate and she sat on the couch beside her. manik is holding her hand all this while and he sat on the g

nued till she is sandwiched between wall and Manik.

"please Manik i don't want to eat it" she spoke with a cute pout which melted Manik heart immediately and he nodded his head at her. this made her so much happiness and she kissed him on his cheeks which made him smile.

"say what you want to eat then?" he asked her and she kept her finger under her chin as if thinking and he smiled at her antics.

"I want to eat muffins, pastry and biryani" she spoke and Manik looked at her with a wide mouth

"Jaan from when did you start eating sweets you hate them right then how come you want them now, " Manik asked and Nandini smiled at him.

"I hate them but I am sure one of them is going to be a food lover like you" she spoke and Manik nodded his head with a smile and he kissed her belly again.

"as it is night time it's not advisable to have so much sweet and more precise when you are going to have it for the first time so you will have ice cream and chocolate till I prepare yummy biryani" he spoke and Nandini nodded her head at him. he started to cook biryani after he gave her a tub of ice cream. nandini kept on talking and he kept on listening, soon the biryani is over and they had their dinner with talks.

"happy valentines day Jaan" he spoke kissing her forehead when he made her lay on the bed. she smiled at him and when Manik was about to get up she pulled him towards herself and she kissed him on his lips which made him shocked but soon he started to kiss her back and he kept in mind about her belly which made her smile.

"so now sleep" he spoke and Nandini nodded her head at him with a smile and she closed her eyes

"nandu i forgot to tell you we have decided to go to Hyderabad day after tomorrow and we will be back in two days" he spoke and Nandini is happy that he is not compromising his career for her. she smiled and nodded at him and soon she drifted to sleep. manik found her asleep and he smiled at her.

"I promise Nandini I will protect you and babies forever and ever" he spoke and kissed her forehead. he bends down and kissed her belly and he settled himself beside her and slept.

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