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   Chapter 51 Week 22 Part 02

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 10859

Updated: 2019-04-07 18:11

It's the eve of the Valentine's Day and all the couples are spending their quality time with each other. No body disturbed the couples while they were with their partners and now this is the time where all are going to meet in alya house as they are going to discuss something about their music. All decided to bring their couples and will take them to date from there directly. Manik is ready and is waiting for nandini but he didn't find any clue of her coming down. So he decided to find her on his own, he moved to their room in search of her.

"nandini nandini" he shouted for her when he didn't found her anywhere in the room so he started to look for her in the balcony attached to his room and he found her there sitting on their favorite chair ready in her simple lemon yellow color sari with open hairs which is making her look eternal. He smiled at her and moved towards her who is still in her own thoughts.

"what are my babies thinking about?" he asked her while he gave his hand to her. She gave him his hand and he made her stand on her feet and then he sat on the chair. He held her waist and pulled her closer to her and he made her sit on his lap, his one hand around her bump and another in her hairs.

"yours hairs are grown more thick and long I am loving them more now and even there are many other body parts which have grown in size and I am already tasting them but I can't taste your hairs na" he spoke in her ears with his husky voice and listening to his double meaning dialogues nandini blushed and she hid her face in his chest.

"what is there here to blush and moreover let me tell you that I have done more than talking like this and that is why you are pregnant now" he spoke and nandini moved suddenly causing her back to stretch and this caused her pain and involuntarily a shriek escaped from her mouth which made manik more alert in his acts. He cupped her face

"what happened? You fine right?" he asked her with concern and fear in his voice which made her smile in between her pain.

"I am fine manik just a little pain in my back" she spoke and manik nodded his head he took her in his arms completely and made her sit on the small couch in the balcony. He then sat in front of her on the ground and moved his hands to back of her, he started to press her back with his thumb easing her pain which made her smile and she closed her eyes. Seeing her actions he smiled at her and soon her pain decreased and seeing the peaceful smile on her face he stopped his work and kissed her tummy.

"babies I told you right that don't trouble mumma so please don't do it and even I promise that I will take care of your mother here so be safe and be like good babies" he spoke and kissed her belly again which made her smile and she ruffled his hairs making him look at her with a smile on his face.

"I am saying babies are so lucky to have a father like you" she spoke and manik looked at her with a smile on his face

"and they will have the best mother in this world" he spoke and kissed her forehead. He was about to kiss her lips when both of their mobiles beeped with a message. Irritated manik took his mobile and when he saw the message he his eyes grew wide and he looked at nandini who is also look

h there will be baby shower for nandini as she will enter her fifth month and after that she will need more time of manik if she stays with him so it's better if we complete it fast" mukti spoke and all looked at her shocked as they didn't think about that only.

"but we can postpone the baby shower also" manik spoke as he is in his professional avatar now and all looked at him with an open mouth. The person who is waiting to celebrate anything with nandini is actually postponing their plan.

"don't look at me like that I knew but I think that nandini will be weak by carrying all those ornaments on her so I am actually trying to skip this one" manik spoke and got a smack on his head from mukti who is sitting beside him.

"if you skip it then I will kill you with my own hands and I am saying this because when the girl is pregnant she dreams for this day a lot" she spoke and manik looked at her with a frown

"how do you know it any personal experience?" cabir asked raising his eyebrows only to get a cushion on his face from mukti and also a smack on his head from alya.

"ok mukti wait I heard if nandini stays with me what is with that?" manik asked as he recalled her words again and mukti looked at him with wide eyes. She knew she will get killed as it is not meant for him to learn.

"vo.. vo…haa abhi dad has called me before" saying this mukti went away from there and manik looked at her with angry look and seeing this look mukti ran towards abhi and hid herself in his arms.

"mukti I am warning you now tell me what you meant otherwise I will make the face of your husband to red color" he spoke in a dangerous tone and seeing this tone from manik made nandini shocked and she looked at him with a confused face.

"what happened manik?" nandini asked as she held his hands in hers to calm him which was successful as he calmed a bit.

"she is speaking nonsense that you will not be with me from next month" manik spoke looking at mukti with an angry glare and mukti was still hiding in abhi arms.

"actually manik she is correct" nandini spoke and manik looked at her with an open mouth and his face has shocked expression.

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