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   Chapter 50 Week 22 Part 01

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Updated: 2019-04-07 18:10

"manik" nandini shouted suddenly and sat on the bed which made her breathless. Manik who is sleeping beside her woke from his sleep due to her shout. He looked at her who is struggling to take breathe and he started to get panic.

"nandini what happened??" he asked her cupping her face and she looked at him and she is unable to sleep as she had a nightmare. Seeing him she hugged him tight which made him more confused.

"what happened jaan? Did you see any nightmare?" he asked her caressing her head to which she nodded her head in yes but didn't say anything. He kissed her hairs and she snuggled more in his arms, he then lay down on the bed in the same way with her on top of him. She felt peace in his arms and he assured her with his touch.

"now sleep my jaan" he spoke in her ears and nandini looked at him and without giving him a chance she kept her left leg on his right side and kissed him on his lips which made him ceased in his place. After a minute of realization he held her waist and kissed her back with same passion and love. She moaned in his mouth which made him more aroused and he kissed her more deeply.

He left her after kissing her till his heart and his lungs felt content which made both of them smile. He then made her lay on the bed and he hovered on her taking care not to keep his weight on her. He kissed her forehead and he smiled at her

"why did you give me this sudden kiss?" he asked her raising his eyebrows. And she encircled her arms around his neck which made him smile.

"can't I give my baby a kiss out of love" she spoke and manik looked at her shocked. He came out from his shock in seconds and looked at her with a mischievous grin. He then pulled her closer to him and he kept his head in her neck. She smiled at his antics and started to ruffle his hairs.

"I am controlling myself with a great will power so it would be great that if you don't try to test my patience I am sure that I will lose my control very soon" he spoke in her neck kissing it making her feel ticklish and aroused too. She held him tightly and she pulled his face away from her neck.

"then who told you to control manik and let me tell you that having physical relationship in pregnancy is not any harm" she spoke and off course her hormones are playing an important role in turning her more aroused. Manik looked at her with a confused face and then he understood her mood swings and he had a perfect plan for her.

"ok we will but first you go and freshen up a little" he spoke and she looked at him with a shocked face. She gave him an angry glare.

"seriously manik this is what you are saying now" she spoke and he looked at her with a smile on his face. He then looked at time which showed 11:50 in

and you know all will say that this valentine's day is for only lovers but this day is for all the people on the earth, this day is for a son to promise his parents to take care of his parents and this day is for daughter who struggle to have her own name and make her parents proud before she raise the pride of another house and this day is for a brother to promise to his sister to protect and share all his problems and clear all her problems and I want you both to be like that remember that you both are always equal and you both should be with each other till the end and even if all the world is against you both, don't leave each other's hands during any situation and as parents we both will promise you both that we will provide the best environment for you both and will give you all the love to you both" he spoke looking at her bump and kissed her bump again. She listened to all his talks with a smile on her face and when manik looked at her he found tears in her eyes and this made him tensed.

"our babies are luckiest that they got a father like you" she spoke and manik chuckled and her and kissed her forehead.

"and a mother like you" he spoke and nandini encircled her arms around his neck and he held her back and slowly started to rub her back so that her pain will be decreased. She smiled at him and kept her head on his shoulder.

"now it's time to sleep baby" he spoke and nandini nodded her head as she is tired by now. Manik held her hands and walked her towards the bed and they both soon settled on the bed with nandini laying on her back and manik on her right side facing towards her and he kept his one hand under her head and another on her waist taking care not to keep his entire weight and she snuggled closer to him and soon they both drifted into sleep with a smile on their faces.

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