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   Chapter 48 Week 21 Part 01

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 12128

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"nandini come inside my cabin now" manik spoke this one as soon as the caller received the call on the other side. He disconnected the call and again continued to check the file he is reading. He heard knock on his door and when he said come in, nandini entered inside the cabin.

"did you call me?" she asked and manik gave her a sarcastic look and then again looked into the file.

"no I called your ghost why did you come, go and send your ghost so that even it can do the work needed in the office" he spoke and listening to his tone nandini nodded her head in disbelief.

"seriously manik I thought that you can think better than this" she spoke and manik looked at her with an angry look. He closed the file and focused on her completely.

"now cut the crap and see this file" he spoke and gave her the file which he is reading till now. She nodded her head and took the file from him and then opened it right there and saw that there are some problems in the reports of the interior designing department.

"yeah there are some changes here" she spoke and manik gave her again a sarcastic look.

"wow what an invention" he spoke and slowly clapped his hands showing his mocking level and seeing this nandini gave him an angry look.

"what happened to you today giving this mocking did you got your head hit somewhere?" she asked and manik gave her a mean look which made her laugh out loud.

"this look of yours is so much funny I think I need to capture it" she spoke and was about to take her mobile from her jeans pocket when she got scared listening to the monsters roaring voices.

"Ms. Nandini Reddy if you want to live in this world for another ten decades then please stop your act now otherwise you are going to face the wrath of the manik malhotra" he spoke and nandini looked at him with an open mouth and when he completed his sentence she looked at him with a smirk on her face.

"I know that you are not going to do anything because I have control now manik" she spoke and manik looked at her confused and she then showed him her mobile where she took his picture already but this is not today's picture but this is the picture of him when is drinking without the knowledge of nandini in a party when nandini ordered him not to think.

"I think I should forward this picture to your jaan so that she will know that her husband is not at all good at following her orders" she spoke and this is the time for manik to look at her with an open mouth. Seeing his reaction she gave him a victory smile.

"you know you are the most scariest secretary anyone could have and what is the need for you to focus on me when you are in a party and when men are around you?" he asked giving her an irritated look which made nandini smile.

"thanks I take that as a compliment and coming to your question off course I will have eyes on you as I care for my friend and her husband who is all ready to get attacked by the girls in the party" she spoke and manik looked at her with a shocked face.

"god why do all the people with the name nandini are stubborn and why the hell they don't listen to us" he spoke looking up and he expected a reaction from nandini but when he didn't get any he looked at her and the scene in front of him made him open his mouth again. There stood his wife, his jaan, his love, his lifeline nandini malhotra with an angry look and he looked at his secretary who is behind nandini now and looking at manik with a smirk now.

"I think I will leave you guys alone and all the best manik, I will make the changes and will send the file again" nandini spoke and moved out from his

and don't disturb her" he spoke and again kissed her belly. He again came near her face and kissed her lips again and even pulled back soon leaving her in wanting.

"these belong to babies after their arrival but right now it's my turn to have their milk" saying this manik moved down and took her right breast in his mouth and started to press his left one and soon milk started to come in less amount and manik drank it and later he shifted to another and did the same.

Their romance is stopped when they heard the knock on the door and mnaik immediately sat on the couch and even nandini too sat on the couch and that's when both of them realized that they are in office and nandini slapped her forehead. This is the first time that they had gone this much far in office as they both were against having it in office.

"go and get freshen up in the washroom" nandini spoke wearing her dress and there is another knock on the door and manik nodded his head and went inside the washroom. Nandini wore her dress and she opened the door to see nandini standing there.

"hi" she spoke nervously and this made nandini think that there is something going on

"where is that manik" she asked and nandu moved a little side giving her way to enter inside the cabin

"he is in washroom" she spoke and nandini gave her a knowing look

"see I made the changes and ask him to check once again and you both have to sign the documents" nandini spoke and she was about to leave when manik came out from the washroom.

"I always knew that keeping you both in the same room for more time is dangerous so now Mrs. Nandini malhotra in your cabin and manik malhotra no more romance in the office" nandini spoke and manik looked at her shocked.

"do you realize if you are not my friend from the past 4 years then by now you could have gotten fired from your job because of your bossy attitude" manik spoke giving nandini a serious look and seeing that look nandini gave him a smirk

"I know that manik and I think you have to tolerate this bossy attitude as only that attitude will make you do the work and even you owe as I am also one of the cupids in your love story" she spoke and manik rolled his eyes at her.

"ok now enough of your romance and move back to work and manik please use the room freshener because anyone could smell your activities here" she spoke and took nandini hand and moved out of the cabin.

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