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   Chapter 47 Week 20 Part 02

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"good morning doctor" manik greeted Dr. Lakshmi who is studying some reports and when she heard manik voice she looked at both of them and smiled.

"good morning.. how are you both?" she asked as she gestured them to sit in her cabin and this cabin always nandini smile to core. Seeing her enthusiasm manik too smiled and doctor observed each and every reaction of theirs.

"ok since you both knew about the gender of the babies I don't think now that I will have to hide this and I must say your friend cabir literally gave me a written statement that if you both decided to abort the babies because of the gender I can file a complaint against him and keep him locked up and that is the reason I told him about the gender of the babies" she spoke with a smile on her face and listening to her manik and nandini had a shocked look on their faces.

"he is ready for anything just to surprise you both, I must say he is a great friend and a great human" she spoke again and now manik face has a wide smile and nandini had both smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

"indeed we are lucky to have him in our life" manik spoke and nandini nodded her head as she can't agree more to him. Seeing them again the doctor smiled.

"ok let's get into business now so nandini first we will do the scan and then we will have our chat" she spoke and they both agreed with a smile on their faces. Soon they entered inside the scanning room and seeing the room nandini smiled even more as the entire room is filled with small and cute babies pictures. All the babies had smiles on their faces and they were looking at the room with their cutest faces.

"I love this room" nandini spoke and looked at manik with a smile on her face. He smiled and kissed her forehead which made her smile more and more.

"I knew it" doctor spoke and they both smiled at them.

"come and lay on the bed" doctor spoke and nandini nodded her head and she lay down on the bed and manik stood beside her with a smile on his face and he held her hand.

Doctor gently moved nandini top above from her belly and she smiled at both of them. Then doctor took some gel and spread it on her belly and this sudden touch gave her a cold sensation on her belly and she shivered a little, manik held her hand more softly which calmed her a little.

"now let's see the babies" she spoke and turned the screen towards manik and nandini and then she kept the transducer and kept it on her belly. She rotated it in different directions until she saw babies beside each other. She smiled and then turned towards manik and nandini who are looking at the screen with a smile and confused look.

"so here are the babies this is girl and this is boy and I must say that the boy is elder one in development as he already started to suck the finger while the girl started to move her hand towards her mouth now only" she spoke and the couple had a wide smiles on their faces.

Manik kissed nandini forehead and she smiled at him. Soon the doctor took away the transducer and she cleaned her belly with surgical cloth and gave some screenshots in a cover to the couple who looked at her confused.

"these are the screenshots of the scan and I feel that you will need this to share the news to your family right?" she asked and manik nodded his head in yes and took the cover.

"I will give you gu

ought for a second before saying.

"don't worry about that we will notify you, mostly it will the third trimester only and if there are any serious problems you can talk with me or any doctor near you and even can come to the hospital if you think that is an serious one" doctor and manik and nandini greeted her and thanked her before moving out form her cabin. They soon got settled in their car and as soon as they settled manik held nandini hand in his tight grip.

"jaan did you see they are so cute" he spoke with a wide smile on his face and seeing his smile nandini too had a smile on her face.

"yes manik they are so tiny" she spoke and manik looked at her smiling and he didn't hear the next any words she spoke as he is busy admiring her face and her expressions.

"manik are you even listening to what I am saying?" she asked and manik looked at her for a second before he crushed his lips on hers. He pulled her more closer to him by pulling her waist and since they are in car its becoming uncomfortable for her bump, so nandini broke the kiss soon and she clutched her bump lightly. Seeing this manik held her bump and rubbed it gently creating havocs inside her with his touch and with his smile.

"ok jaan so from tomorrow we will start going to the office" he spoke and nandini nodded her head in yes. He kissed her forehead and he was about to claim her lips again when manik mobile started to ring, he decided to ignore the call but soon it started to ring again and having no other choice he took his mobile out and saw the caller id and seeing it he rolled his eyes.

"perfect timing" he spoke and received the call and kept it near his ear.

"yes nandini" he spoke and listening to him, nandini rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief.

"you mean now like right now" he asked again with a confused and cute face and then after a second he spoke yes and disconnected the call.

"I think we need to go now" manik spoke and nandini got very much excited and nodded her head in yes.

"I think you are the only person who gets excited to go for office" he spoke and nandini gave him a smack on his head and when manik glared at her she gave him a flying kiss which made him smile immediately.

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