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   Chapter 46 Week 20 Part 01

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"nandu why didn't you wake me up " manik asked as soon as he woke up from his sleep and saw nandini all ready for their medical checkup. He didn't get any answer from her and this made him suspicious but he went inside the washroom to freshen up himself.

Nandini got her work done in the room and she moved downstairs for breakfast. Manik came out from washroom and didn't find her in the room and even his clothes were not taken out from his closet which made him more confused. He understood now that she is angry at him but didn't understand the reason. He took his clothes out and got ready in less time and rushed downstairs.

"thank god you are here only I thought that you left" manik spoke to nandini who just nodded her head at him. This made him anger now as she can't just show him her silence without saying his mistake.

"what the hell nandini I am speaking with you from morning and you are showing tantrums and if you are angry with me then tell me right" manik spoke and nandini looked at him with an angry look which made him more frustrated. He then looked at her for some seconds waiting for her answer but when he didn't get any one he simply gave her an angry look.

"ok fine don't talk" he spoke and moved away from her. All this drama is seen by nyonika who is also confused as manik as yesterday night they both were all ok. She came and sat beside nandini who immediately smiled at her and wished her good morning.

"so today is the checkup right?" she asked and nandini nodded her head in yes with a smile on her face.

"I heard your both bickering and I must say nandini you are the second women to make him frustrated with silence" nyonika spoke and nandini looked at her shocked.

"first one is you na mom" nandini asked and nyonika nodded her head in yes. Manik listened to this and he looked at both of them angry.

"off course why won't I get frustrated when you idiot women's show the anger without telling the reason" manik spoke in his frustrated voice. Both the ladies looked at him with an angry glare to which he is not affected at least now.

"think what you speak manik because at night you are not getting place in any guest room and also my room" raj spoke while coming down and manik looked at him an open mouth.

"seriously do you think that I will leave her alone in night" he spoke still with a grumpy face which made him look cutest.

"ok enough of this and nandini now tell me what did this idiot do I will kick his body in all places" raj spoke circling his left hand fist around his right hand wrist. Manik looked at him with an are-you-serious face which

already knew the gender right" manik spoke and nandini nodded her head with a smile.

"that idiot spoiled all the fun you know I thought of many plans to reveal the gender to the family when I get to know about them but no that idiot spoiled all of it but at that time that was the perfect execution" manik spoke with an angry look at start but then he smiled immediately at the end.

"after all he is my brother" nandini spoke and manik looked at her with a smile.

"I hope our babies don't get any brains form cabir even after their birth" manik spoke and this made both of them laugh.

"ok now again to the main point, we will keep them happy always and will always think about their likings and also about their wishes and about their desires and about their needs and about their.." her ranting is stopped when she felt manik lips on hers. He gave her a little peck on her lips to stop her ranting. He then parked the car beside the road and gave her a water bottle which is in the back seat.

"now drink this water and are you mad nandini who will speak like this at a time" manik spoke and nandini gave him a sheepish look to which he nodded his head in disbelief. Due to this sudden ranting suddenly she got short of breath and she started to breathe heavily which made manik panic immediately. He held her hand and hugged her gently and he open all the windows of the car with another hand and he started to stroke her hair gently which eventually calmed her down and she broke the hug when she is fine.

"you fine right?" manik asked her to which she nodded her head in yes.

"come let's take you to the hospital fast" he spoke and she nodded her head in yes. Soon they both again resumed their journey towards the hospital.

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