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   Chapter 45 Week 19 Part 02

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Manik and nandini entered inside their house and saw the entire living room is covered with lavender color which made them confused. They then saw a table covered with violet cloth and a cake placed on it. They then turned towards the other side and saw all the family standing there looking at them with a smile on their faces.

"surprise" they all shouted at once and manik smiled and looked at nandini who is also smiling looking at him. Then they noticed their attires all the girls were wearing a white t-shirt with blue patch on their shirt and boys were wearing white t-shirt with pink patch on it. Even manik and nandini parents were wearing the same dress code. All were wearing jeans and they all looked stylish.

"you all look amazing" nandini spoke and manik nodded his head at her.

"yeah you will say yes to all the words said by nandini right" cabir spoke and manik glared at him but soon smiled seeing all his family laugh.

"acha now go and freshen up and come down fast without doing any romance" druv spoke and manik looked at him with open mouth. He then glared at druv

"saale even you decided to tease us but first tell me how is twins planning going on?" manik asked with a smirk and nandini gave a smack on his head making him look at her with a sheepish smile.

"don't worry manik your children will have friends as soon as they can recognize their surroundings" druv spoke making alya blush and she hid herself in his arms.

"ok now go and dress in the attire's kept in your bedroom" nyonika spoke and both manik and nandini went to their room. As they went inside they saw red colored two piece dress for nandini and a white sherwani for manik. Nandini took her dress in her hands and she admired the dress. Manik came and back hugged her who made her smile and manik kept his one hand under the dress and then he realized that the dress is a heavy one which made him frown.

"jaan you are not wearing this dress" he spoke and threw the dress on the bed making her laugh. She turned towards him and he looked at her with a cute face.

"arey if I don't wear that dress then all the people will feel right" she spoke encircling her hands around his neck which made him smile but soon he hid that smile.

"but if you wear then me and my babies will feel" he spoke giving a cute look and she smiled more looking at him.

"nothing will happen baby and I promise if I feel weak I will immediately tell you and then will change the dress" she spoke and manik looked at her with a thinking face, he then held her waist and pulled her closer to him.

"I have one idea, you will eventually feel weak and then change the dress so why waste the energy, wear another dress now only" he spoke and nandini looked at him with a shocked face. She nodded her head in disbelief

"ok I will wear something which is comfortable" she spoke and manik smiled at her which made her smile even more.

"that's like my baby so now you relax your back for some time and till then I will freshen up and come" manik spoke and nandini nodded her head, soon manik went inside washroom taking his normal casuals. Nandini sat on the bed with a smile on her face and she looked at the book which navya gave her. She took it and then settled on the bed again. She opened the book and continued reading from where she stopped before.

"Your 19-week fetus is developing a protective coating over his or her skin called vernix caseosa. It's greasy and white and you may see some of it at birth. Baby at 19 weeks is also working on his or her on five senses. Yep, nerve cells for sense of taste, hearing, sight, and smell are all developing in baby's brain" she read and caressed her baby bump.

"so this means by babies brain is developing and listen babies always respect others and then learn to spread love for others" she spoke caressing her belly and she had a constant smile on her face.

"At you

went inside the kitchen and bought a bowl of hot water.

All were looking at him confused and shocked except navya. Cabir kept the bowl near the cake and then he came near manik and gave knife and asked them to cut the cake. Soon they celebrated with cake.

"ok now the main question in your mind is that how did I get to know the gender.. so the answer for the question I met your doctor i.e. vijaya Lakshmi ji when you both went to tour and requested her to say me the gender and after a lot of convincing and my surprise plans she showed me your chromosomal reports where I got to know the gender" cabir spoke and manik looked at cabir with an open mouth.

"idiot" he spoke and cabir gave him glare

"so I think manik don't want to know about the gender of the baby so manik please leave the room and those who want to know the gender please kick him out of the room" cabir spoke with a smirk on his face and soon all the heads turned towards him and manik looked scared.

"no no even I want to know about my babies" he spoke raising his hands in surrender which made them laugh.

"so nandini the first chance is yours, place this duck in the bowl and if the water turns blue it's a boy and if it's a pink then it's a girl" cabir spoke and gave nandini the duck. She slowly placed the duck in the bowl and waited for the reaction but didn't find anything.

"cabir if this is your trick then you will die in my hands" manik spoke and he looked at cabir who is now smirking at him and then pointed at the bowl which turned blue color now. So it means one baby is a boy.

"manik it's a boy" nandini shouted and hugged manik tight which made him smile. He kissed her forehead

"so now the second baby and for that we need to go to the garden" navya spoke and they all moved towards the garden.

"so now manik this is your chance kick this ball with all your energy and let us see how much the baby is going to trouble manik" cabir spoke and manik nodded his head at him. He went near the boxing ball and started to kick it but the ball is showing no chance of movement.

"this is too hard" manik spoke and all burst out in to laughter, seeing them manik made an angry face.

"see I think this baby is going to be a Xerox copy of manik" mukti spoke and all again burst in to another fits of laughter. Seeing them manik gave a sheepish smile and this time he kicked the ball a little harder and the ball burst out spreading the pink color in the air.

"so it's a girl" manik shouted and soon he hugged nandini and they were wrapped in hug by all the family members making it a family hug.

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