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   Chapter 44 Week 19 Part 01

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"manik hurry up" nandini shouted still looking at her mobile. She is doing this from the past half an hour, looking at her phone only and chatting with someone constantly. Manik observed this and he sat on their bed with an angry look. Today they have to leave the island house and put a full stop to their mini tour. They have to leave for airport in an hour and nandini is chatting with someone on her mobile not looking at manik which is irritating him more so he stopped doing all his works and sat on the bed.

"manik did you keep the gifts that we brought for others?" she asked him still looking at her mobile and now she is smiling reading some of the messages which made manik more irritated. He is waiting for her to see him and when there is no reply from manik, nandini looked at him finally.

"manik why are you sitting like that go and get ready" nandini spoke and manik looked at her with an angry glare.

"so, now you have decided to grace your look on me and please now tell who the hell is more important to you than me?" he spoke with an irritated tone with a cute accusing look on his face. Nandini smiled seeing his face and she kept her mobile aside finally.

"manik no one is important than you, so now stop being jealous and go get ready" she spoke caressing his cheeks as she sat beside him on the bed. She smiled at him and he gave her a cute look.

"sachi?" he asked her with a cute tone and she couldn't help herself falling for him again and again. She nodded her head at him and she smiled at him before kissing his forehead. He smiled at her and then moved to get freshen.

"pagal" she muttered to herself as she saw him giving her a wink before closing the washroom door. She smiled to herself when she is disturbed by message notification from her mobile and she opened the mobile immediately.

After one hour they are standing at the entrance of the airport and during the entire journey, manik held her hand in his and she kept her shoulder on his. She observed that she is chatting with sometime and in middle they both talked about anything and everything.

They entered inside the airport and was about to move towards their boarding location when nandini held manik hands. He looked at her with a confused look and she smiled at him. Manik is wearing a hoodie to cover his face and nandini is wearing a loose t-shirt and a jeans coat tied around her waist from back side. She is wearing a cap on her head to cover herself too.

"what happened baby? Is everything alright? Are you having pain?" manik asked in his panicked voice cupping her face. She smiled at him and held his hands in hers.

"I am fine baba just wait a second" she spoke and took her mobile out and dialed a number.

"where are you?"

"ok, be there I will come"

"ok fine, we are at the entrance of the boarding gate"

"will be waiting"

Manik heard her one sided conversation which made him more confuse. She smiled at him but didn't speak anything. He gave her an irritated look which made her smile more, seeing her smile he gave her an angry glare and now she started to laugh out loud. Listening to her laugh, manik started to admire her lovingly. Nandini stopped her laugh when she felt a tap on her shoulder; she looked back turning back completely

In another week, you'll be halfway through" manik again read out and he looked at nandini with a smile on his face.

"so we have still 50% journey left with us to welcome these lifelines into this world" nandini spoke and manik nodded his head at her. They are reading the symptoms which states that dizziness, cramps, hip pain, abdominal pains are the most common symptoms, after reading this manik looked at nandini worried that she is having all these pains.

"manik this doesn't mean that these symptoms will be continuous throughout the weak they will come rare in the week" nandini spoke and manik smiled at her before kissing her forehead.

"Whoa! Did you feel that? At 19 weeks pregnant, baby's movement inside your belly is probably becoming noticeable to you. Of course, like with showing, this phenomenon happens earlier for some women than it does for others. Right now, these tiny movements probably feel more like taps or flutters—or even gas—but they'll grow stronger over the next few weeks. Of course, it will be a bit more time before your partner or anyone else can feel those kicks. Until then, enjoy this little thing that's just between you and baby. You two are bonding already. At 19 weeks pregnant, weight gain might start to concern you, since you've probably put on between 8 and 14 pounds so far. (Or 20 to 30 pounds, if you're 19 weeks pregnant with twins.) If your weight gain to date is higher or lower than that, talk to your doctor about whether or not it's cause for concern. Sudden or rapid weight gain could be a sign of preeclampsia—which needs to be treated ASAP—and inability to gain weight could mean that baby's not getting enough nutrients" manik read the lines and he looked at nandini and her belly again.

"I am jealous of you yaar, see you can feel their each movement but see me I can't feel anything more" manik spoke and kissed her belly and looked at her belly lovingly.

"manik stop it anyone will see and for your information you can kiss them but I can't" she spoke and manik laughed at her antics. He closed the book there and held her in his arms allowing her to sleep. Soon they reached Mumbai and moved towards their house.

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