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   Chapter 38 Week 16 Part 02

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They reached Singapore at morning 7 and even they are surrounded by the media everywhere but this time manik held nandini more tightly to which she shook her head. Others observed this but they didn't say anything and they settled in the car to go to their hotel.

"so now tell me why are so possessive in the airport?" cabir asked manik who is sitting behind him in the car beside nandini still holding her hand. he looked at cabir and then again at nandini

"yesterday when you all went inside the airport, due to rush someone pushed nandini and she was about to fall flat on her stomach and I held her in time otherwise by now we would have been hospital and I can't even imagine the things that could have happened" he spoke and held nandini more tightly. She senses his moves and moved closer to him and then kept her head on his chest to calm him down. The whole journey is silent from that second and no one is ready to come out of the shock.

They reached the hotel and even had their breakfast in silence which is for the first time that they are doing the entire thing in silence. All were disturbed with the news and thinking of ways to calm themselves.

"ok guys we will rest for some time and will meet during lunch" manik spoke and all agreed to his suggestion. They moved to their rooms and as all were couples they were sharing the rooms. Manik entered the room first to see the room neat and clean. He then turned to see nandini standing near the entrance only. He gave her his hand and she took it immediately, he made her sit on the bed and kneeled in front of her.

"I am sorry nandini this is all because of me, not if I am member of fab 5, not if I am famous, not if I asked you to come with me, not if I left your hand there then this would have never happened and all this is because of me.. please forgive me I am sorry" he spoke and nandini looked at him with a smile on her face. She expected this dialogue from his yesterday only but he spoke it now. She cupped his face and made him looked at her as he is looking down continuously.

"listen to me carefully manik, you are the one I love from bottom of my heart and you are the one who is father and protector of these two kids and you are the one who is going to be hurt if anything happens to me or the babies and let me tell you being famous or a rock star don't change the fact that you are one in a million for me and you being this famous and rock star is outside the house we share because once you are inside the place you will be only manik, my manik who loves all the people unconditionally" she spoke and a lone tear escaped from his right eyes showing his happiness. They say that when the first drop of tear comes from left eye its pain and from right eye its happiness and from both its frustration.

"I love you" saying this he kissed her on her lips which made her smile in the kiss and she responded to him with a smile on her face. He made her lay on the bed and he hovered over her kissing her roughly and she handling his roughness but still there is love and care in his roughness as he is making sure he doesn't put his weight on her belly.

They broke the kiss when nandini is breathless and she being pregnant is making her more breathless in their kiss which had decreased the time length of their kisses but manik never ever complain of that as he knew that she needs rest. He lay down beside her and took her in his arms making her lay on him completely. She snuggled more into his arms and closed her eyes as she kept her head on his chest.

"sleep my love" he spoke and they both drifted to sleep again.


"I am scared mukti" abhi spoke pulling mukti closer to him and she gave him a confused look.

"I am afraid that one day even we will face this day and I am scared w

ee waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. The largest of the gardens is Bay South Garden at 54 hectares (130 acres). Gardens by the Bay are part of a strategy by the Singapore government to transform Singapore from a "Garden City" to a "City in a Garden". The stated aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city" the guide spoke and started to show them all the area which is so peaceful.

They did some shopping and reached the hotel soon. As they had their dinner outside they went to their rooms directly as they have their concert tomorrow and also tomorrow is 31st December. Manik observed that nandini is having backache all along the ride. So he made her sir on the bed and sat behind her after dimming the room lights.

"nandini removed the top" he spoke and she got confused about his actions but removed her top. She looked at him from her shoulder and he moved closer to her. He started to press her back slowly which made her close her eyes as he is working on her back making her forget the pain.

"nandini remove the bra also and then sit comfortably leaning on me otherwise it will pain more" he spoke and she nodded her head in yes. She removed her inner and sat there leaning on to his chest. He rubbed her back slowly and even her pain started to reduce.

"is the pain gone now?" he asked her while kissing her head and she nodded her head in yes. Manik smiled at her and made her lay down on bed, he moved down to her legs and started to massage her foot which alerted her and she held his shoulder

"manik don't you are not supposed to do this" she spoke and he gave her an angry look.

"shut up and sleep ok, we both knew that even your legs are paining and even I don't know what other parts are paining… so you sleep and let me do my work now" he spoke and she nodded her head in yes having no other option. She slipped to sleep with his hands doing magic on her body and making her pain go away from him.

Manik finished his work after sometime and looked at her sleeping face which made him smile. He kissed her belly

"so my babies are tired right so sleep fast and let mumma also sleep… I made her pain disappear right so now you don't make her get any more pain ok" he spoke and kissed her belly again before kissing nandini forehead. His eyes fell on her upper body and he lost his control and kissed them for a while, but then he realized his doings and kissed her forehead again and slept taking her in his arms.

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