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   Chapter 37 Week 16 Part 01

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"nandini are you sure about this decision?" manik asked as he saw nandini packing her luggage to come with them for their concert. She looked at him with a serious look

"for the last time I am telling you that you are not the one to decide who will come with you or not and mostly I am not missing this new year with you" she spoke and he gave her a helpless look which made her smile. After all who in the words can win over wives and their stubbornness? Even manik is no exception in this he is always a puppet in his wife hands but this nature of him is due to their love not because of other reasons.

"ok at least let me help you to pack your luggage" he spoke back hugging her and was about to touch the luggage to pack them but she smacked his hand which came forward. He looked at her with an open mouth

"if I knew that getting you pregnant will give these many hitting's to me then I would have not married you only" he spoke in a low voice as that she can't hear but she heard him and turned towards him and he then looked at her appearance more clearly. She is wearing a yoga pants matched with a pink color top. She is looking so simple and elegant in her look but what attracted him is the change in her body shape. As the top is hugging her body, he can see her belly which is projected and no one can still guess that she is pregnant looking at it but he knew a minute or two looking at it one can easily identify it. He then looked at her upper chest which is looking more round and big now.

"wow" he spoke checking her out and this made him more angry and she stomped her feet. This action of hers brought him out of his trance and he looked at her face that is now full of anger. Seeing her like this he knew that she will kill him now. To get his escape he decided to move out from the room and was about to go out when he heard her voice.

"don't you dare go out and if you go out now then remember you will sleep outside the room for the entire one year" she spoke and manik ceased in his tracks and he looked at her with a wide open mouth.

"you can't be serious" he spoke and looked at her face for any humor but found her face full serious and then he looked into her eyes which are dry now. This made him worried and when nandini rubbed her eyes like a kid he got more worried and he ran to her.

"jaan are you alright?" he asked her cupping her face and she just nodded her head in yes looking at the other side. This made him realize that she is angry and he kissed her forehead. He made her sit on the bed and kneeled down in front of her. She looked at each and every action of his from the corner of her eyes.

"see my dear babies, your mother is not talking with me when she knew that I am just playing with her and see her punishment one year away from her and whom she is blaming we three knew that she can't sleep and do any work without me" he spoke and looked at nandini who had a smile on her face but when she saw that he is looking at her she hid her smile immediately and kept a poker face which made him smile at her.

"ok now I knew she want to smile but trying to act in front of me and I

y but when he was about to pull nandini inside, due to rush nandini hand slipped from his and someone pushed nandini from behind due to the rush. She slipped due to this unexpected encounter.

When manik felt the absence of nandini hand he looked back and he saw that nandini was about to fall on ground on her stomach this made him he horrified and he held her from her shoulders before that could happen. He made her stand and without a word he took her inside the airport and soon they sat in their private plane. It takes them 6 hours to reach Singapore and they decided to sleep in their respective rooms in the plane. All this while manik is all silent and even all observed this but decided to talk to him tomorrow. Nandini knew the exact reason and she decided to make him calm. After takeoff, manan entered inside their room. Manik sat on bed still in his silent mood and seeing him like this made her heart pain so she went near him and sat on his lap. He looked at her raising her eyes brows and she encircled her arms around his neck.

"I know what are you thinking but let me tell you nothing has happened to me and your babies too... we three are completely fine and also remember that when you are there nothing can happen to us and even you proved this to us now so remove this frown and give me my favorite cute sa, hot sa, sexy sa smile so that I can sleep" she spoke and listening to her he had a smile on her face but when he heard her last words he looked at her with a smirk.

"so you mean to say that I am hot and sexy?" he asked her pulling her closer to him by her waist. She nodded her head in yes and moved closer to his ears making his heart skip a bit

"and cute too" she spoke in his ears which made him smile. He hugged her and he lay down on bed with her on top of him. She snuggled more and more into his chest which made him smile.

"now sleep my dear babies" he spoke kissing her forehead and caressing her belly. She smiled and kissed him on his chest

"good night" she spoke and they both slept peacefully in their arms with a smile on their faces.

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