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   Chapter 32 Week 13 Rated R

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 4844

Updated: 2019-04-07 17:58

"Don't nandu, I knew what will happen if I leave these hands and I won't be able to control myself so please" he spoke in shallow voice as he is also breathless due to their intense romance. She looked at him with a determined face and he gave her a smile.

"what if I say I want that" she spoke and manik looked at her with a smile on his face. He smirked at her and kissed her on her lips making her moan his name. She pulled him more close to her and even he did the same. He broke the kiss when he finished ravishing her mouth but his attention went to her neck again and he kissed on her nuptial chain and licked the in around there making her moan his name in pleasure.

"you are gonna see my real monster now" he spoke after he removed his assault on her neck. She gave him a smirk and pulled him closer

"what if I say that I saw that monster already and love him" she spoke and he pulled her closer and gave his famous smirk

"then get ready to tolerate this monster for the night" he spoke and he kissed her on her lips and this time instead of just holding her in his arms he started to roam his hands all over her body and slowly his hands started to life her top from her belly, he even completely removed it too. His hands then reached her inner garment which is hiding her assents. He removed it too still kissing her and she moaned in his mouth when his hands fell on her upper body parts.

He then broke the kiss and kept his

babies this is not for you to listen so you both sleep peacefully and let me and your mother spend some time" he spoke and again kissed her belly and continued his works showing her way to heaven.

After their love making session, manik held nandini in his arms and she has a smile on her face. Their tired faces, sweaty body and smile on their faces show their happiness.

"I just forgot to mention that you are really wild this time and I don't know the reason" he spoke with a naughty smile on his face which made her blush. She then smiled at his words

"I think you loved this wild side" she spoke and he laughed listening to her words. He pulled her more close to him and he smiled at her and kissed her head.

"Of course I love this wild side and I think even you knew about it" he spoke and she looked at him with a smile on her lips.

"good night" she spoke and again kept her head on his chest and they both fell in sleep welcoming their dreams.

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