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   Chapter 30 Week 13 Part 02

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Morning sunrise made its own way into the room of manik and nandini making them wake up from their sleep. Manik is the first one to wake up from sleep when he felt some movement on his body. He opened his sleepy eyes to see the disturbance and saw the most beautiful site according to him. He saw his life partner sleeping peacefully in his arms and she had a smile on her face which made him smile too. He kissed her on her forehead and she smiled more and snuggled in his warmth. He then realized that they both are naked and tired too.

He moved himself completely inside the duvet and moved closer to her and moved down to her belly inside the duvet. He kissed her belly and nandini felt ticklish so she moved a little but got back to her sleep anyway.

"good morning babies and see how much tired is your mother is and the reason is me but I know she is happy with this tiredness but we should not trouble her more na.. we feel that girls are weak but you know what babies girls are very strong emotionally and physically too when they have their will power with then, no person in the world can reach them all we can do is respect them and give them their freedom so that they can achieve what they want but remember one thing once they give up on you only thing you can do is ask forgiveness for your mistakes and they being the most beautiful souls they will forgive you but they won't forget the things you done to them but we males do forget the mistakes but won't forgive them" manik spoke looking at her belly in the duvet and he spoke in such a low voice that no one other than the babies should listen his top secret. He then kissed her belly again and then he came out from the duvet. He then saw nandini who is sleeping with a smile on her face. He kissed her forehead and then took is shirt which is on the floor and made her wear it without disturbing her sleep. He then moved to washroom to freshen.

He came out from washroom after 15 minutes when he found his mobile ringing but since it's in silent mode there is no disturbance for her sleep. He moved towards his mobile and took it to see it's cabir call.

"yes cabir" he spoke when he reached the balcony attached to their room. He is still shirtless with just a towel around him which is hanging on his lower waist making him look like a Greek god.

"can't you just receive my call in the first attempt only" cabir spoke from the other side and manik rolled his eyes listening to the ranting of his best friend.

"I am in shower" he spoke with a blunt voice and cabir made a O face on the other side

"then what happened to my sister and don't tell me that you kidnapped her" he spoke and his words made manik want to bang his head somewhere.

"seriously cabir speak something which is useful" manik spoke and he looked at nandini who is now turning sides on bed as if searching for something. She has her eyes closed and her actions made manik smile and he looked at the garden again.

"she is sleeping" manik spoke with a smile and even cabir smiled at his words and the reason is not known to him also. manik was about to speak but he felt hands on his stomach and head on his back and the touch is the one which intoxicates manik very much.

"good morning" she spoke and manik had a smile on his face. He turned towards her and hugged her and she happily rested her head on his chest. Manik then kept his mobile in speaker mode

"good morning madam ji" cabir spoke and nandini looked at mobile in manik hand and then at manik who smiled and kissed her forehead. She again rested her head on his chest

"good morning" she spoke in her sleepy voice and they both smiled listening to her cute voice.

"ok manik, I called to inform you that meet all of us in my house at 10AM so come fast" he spoke and disconnected the call without listening manik reply. Manik chuckled seeing his friend behavior and he looked at his lifeline that is going to sleep again in his arms.

"my dear sleepy head do you want to sleep again?" he asked caressing her head. She nodded her head in yes and while doing this her lips touched his naked chest which made him closes his eyes in pleasure. He controlled himself as he doing from the last five minutes seeing her only in his shirt.

"ok then you sleep I will go and meet cabir and come" he spoke and she looked at him. She then thought for a minute and

time seeing the meaning nandini looked at him with an angry face which made manik to think about his punishment after this song and he knew it's not going to be simple

Nee andam rail engine tho na manasuni thokkinchav

With rail engine like beauty, you hurtle me.

Nannintta bhuchakram la nee chuttu tippinchav

You made me encircle around you.

Nannu atta itta thippi nanu borla padagottav

After dizzying-giddying me, you fainted me.

Duppatlo domai doori niddarne chedagottav

You entered under my blanket as a mosquito, and disturbed my sleep.

Na darina nepothunte nuvvenduku kanipinchav

Why did you showed up in my way?

Na dikku mokku nuvve anipinchaav

That changed my way strangely.

Mere liye oo soopu soode

Look at me once, Entantha kopam na meeda entantha kopam naa meeda

Why you are so much angry On me

Pilla chaavey...

Goodbye, girl

I Love you ante chi kotti pothav

I said I love you, but you left taunting me

O pilla chao pilla chao pilla chao chao chao

Oh girl, goodbye….. Goodbye… goodbye

Tere liye pichekki poye

I was mad about you, Nannitta vadili pothaava nannitta vadilipotahava

But how can you leave me like that

Manchonne kaada nennachaleda

Didn't you find me good, don't you like me?

O pilla chao pilla chao pilla chao chao chao

Didn't you find me good, don't you like me?

Mere liye oo soopu soode

Look at me once, Entantha kopam na meeda entantha kopam naameeda

Why are so annoyed of me?

Pilla chaavey...

Oh girl, goodbye

Manik ended the song and as soon as he completed manik got a flying pillow on his face from nandini. He looked at her with a apologizing face but she gave him an angry glare and sat on her place. All followed her and manik who sat beside her held her hand but she removed her hand from his hold and gave him another angry glare.

"nandini" he spoke trying to apologize to her but she didn't listen to him and she looked at others

"let's continue" she spoke and kept her hand on her belly and even manik kept his hand on her belly and this time nandini didn't say anything and seeing this manik kept his another hand around her shoulder but this time she gave him a smack on his hand and he removed it.

"I am not stopping you from touching your babies but you don't have to touch me" she spoke in low voice and he looked at her pleadingly but she didn't give any head to him. All smiled seeing their cute fight and giggled seeing manik expressions.

"so let's continue" cabir spoke and spin the bottle again this time iot landed on navya who is sitting opposite of him and he was about to ask her for choice but navya spoke before him.

"I want to confess something" she spoke with a determined face and all looked at her confused. They all nodded her to continue and she took a deep breathe.

"I am leaving" she spoke making all of them shocked and confused in their places

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