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   Chapter 29 Week 13 part 01

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Manik and nandini were sitting in their room and reading some project files when manik phone rang which made both of them stop in their conversations. Manik took his mobile to see cabir is calling him which made him confuse as it is 9:30 in night and nandini is already half way in her sleep but she is not saying anything as she wanted to spend time with manik.

"yes cabir is everything fine?" manik asked as he received his call and nandini looked at him confused. Whenever he gets any call when he is with nandini he keeps it in speaker, but now he is not doing it and manik even had his own intention behind this as he doesn't want nandini to have any intention about giving her stress.

"manik don't worry everything is fine and in fact I am calling you so that I want to share a good news with you" cabir spoke and when manik understood that there is no problem he kept the mobile in speaker mode.

"tell me what is it cabir?" manik asked being impatient soul which made cabir chuckle.

"bro, we have got an offer to perform a live concert" he spoke and manik awho is going to move his hand in nandini hairs ceased his movements in middle and looked at her with wide mouth. Seeing his expressions, nandini started to laugh loudly and listening to her voice manik came out from his shock.

"what happened nandini?" cabir asked nandini as he listened to her voice. Nandini took the mobile from manik hands and kept near her mouth

"nothing bhai, you friend's mouth is such a big one I think even black hole will be smaller than his wide mouth and now I understood where all his eaten food will go it will get digested in his mouth only and from where it will go to stomach so he stays hungry all the time" nandini spoke in one go dancing on the couch she is sitting and seeing her energy made again has his mouth wide open. Just sometime back she is looking for sleep and now dancing on the couch. He then understood that these are her mood swings and shook his head at her.

"wow my dear sister, I am proud of your invention so from tomorrow we will decrease the quantity of food for your lovely husband" cabir spoke and manik listening to this immediately took the mobile from nandini.

"shut up you both of you and you Mrs. Nandini Manik Malhotra I think my mouth still has some other functions shall I say them or show them?" he spoke to tease her and indeed he succeeded as she blushed and how can the great cabir leave this chance

"wow! Manik I never knew that your mouth will have such an important work so from tomorrow don't eat any food but just sit and do that important work.. and don't get anyideas I am telling about brushing and smiling" he spoke to tease both of them and they blushed for a second and then manik came out and spoke in the official tone.

"cabir come to the point" manik spoke and nandini gave him a smile to which he gave her a flying kiss.

"ok as I said already we have a chance to perform live and moreover there is another advantage i.e. we can select the venue but there is one problem" he spoke and manik who is smiling listening to his words looked at his mobile with a frown on his face.

"what is

then looked at manik with a pout on her face.

"manik even I want to listen the heartbeat" she spoke and manik smiled at her. He then came and sat beside her

"nandu don't worry we will use stethoscope tomorrow and you can listen the sound tomorrow morning" he spoke and she pouted but nodded her head in yes. Manik again moved down to her belly

"so now my crazy babies it's sleeping time so now you have your sleep and even we will" he spoke and kissed her belly with a smile on his face and he again listened the heartbeat of the babies which is now in a faint sound as if the babies are sleeping already. He then moved closer to nandini and kissed her on her lips. She encircled her hands around his neck and she pulled him closer to herself.

When he finished tasting each and every corner of her mouth he tried to break the kiss but she didn't allow him and pulled him closer to himself. He is shocked at initial but he came out from the shock and pulled her closer to himself but he made sure about her belly.

Manik broke the kiss after sometime but he moved to her neck and started to kiss her wildly on her neck. She started to moan his name and this act of hers made him crazy and he started to bite her neck which made her moan more loudly. She moved her hands closer to his shirt buttons and was about to remove them but manik held her hand and kept both of her hands in his single hand and he pinned them on bed above her head. She arched her back due to his action and this gave him more access to her neck and he kissed her neck more deeply. She tried to remove her hands from his hold but he held her more tightly and he looked into her eyes now.

"Don't nandu, I knew what will happen if I leave these hands and I won't be able to control myself so please" he spoke in shallow voice as he is also breathless due to their intense romance. She looked at him with a determined face and he gave her a smile.

"what if I say I want that" she spoke and manik looked at her with a smile on his face. He smirked at her and kissed her on her lips starting a new journey of their love.

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