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   Chapter 28 Week 12 Part 03

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"get ready to take revenge from this idiot" nandini said and all looked at her with a question mark face. She smiled at them and without giving them any reply she took her mobile from the side table. She then dialed someone number.

"hello dad" she spoke and all understood that she called raj which made them more confused. Without speaking anything, she kept the call on speaker.

"yes nandu and before let me tell the person responsible for this is going to pay a heavy prize" raj spoke and anger was clearly seen in his voice. All smiled seeing his possessiveness for the family.

"dad leave all that for now but tell me you are having the video which I gave you three weeks back?" nandini asked her father in law with a hope in her voice. All were in full confusion that what she is speaking

"yes my baby I am having it now also in the secret locker in our house" raj spoke and nandini gave her beautiful smile which made manik also happy. He smiled looking at her.

"dad release that video with the much needed information" she spoke and after listening to the positive reply from the other side she disconnected the call.

"now will you take the honor of saying what is cooking?" manik asked her with his eyes raised.

"how will I know what is the menu in the kitchen" she spoke shrugging her shoulders and manik gave her ARE-YOU-SERIOUS look. She gave him a serious look and he glared at her.

"for your information, I am not effected for your this fake glare ok" she spoke and all looked at them with an expression NOTHING-CAN-HAPPEN-WITH-IDIOTS.

"and for your information, even we are in this room and please nandini tell us what are you doing" cabir spoke and nandini looked at them with a smirk on her face. She then went near navya and held her hands.

"navya what is the punishment you want to give for that bast.. idiot" she was about to speak the wrong word but she looked at manik who is glaring at her as he restricted any sort of bad words in the house as he don't want his children to knew these bad words when they are in the womb only.

"what are you speaking nandini?" she asked nandini who is looking at her with a smirk. Nandini didn't speak anything but she switched on the TV. She tuned to the news channel and seeing the video playing in the news channel, all are shocked in their places.

The video is of Mr. Singhaniya bribing the photo editor to edit the pictures of some girl with some random boys in intimate positions. The editor agreed and he handed over the picture of the girl and without moving around the editor showed the picture to the camera and its navya picture.




"is this even possible?"

"how did you get this video"

These were the questions that they all spoke after seeing the video. She looked at all the people reactions and she smiled seeing their faces. She then looked at manik who is looking at her already.

"did you understand anything?" she asked him and he looked at her confused for a second and then he looked at the video again and this time he looked at the surroundings in the video and he understood what she wanted to say. He smirked at her and nodded his head.

"what is this sign language?" druv asked seeing them talking in the sign language. Manik l

"no he will never be a trouble for me" she spoke and all smiled at her. Navya and cabir along with sid took a leave from the room leaving manik and nanidini behind. Manik smiled at her and settled beside her on the bed.

"so what are you doing with these pictures?" he asked her as he saw their marriage album copy. They had their marriage album pics everywhere in their house, in their farmhouse, in cabir house, in alya ans druv house, in mukti house too and same is the case with cabir too. They have decided this so that they can relieve the memories whenever they want and where ever they want.

"nothing much just seeing those pictures as your babies and your baby's mother are missing you" she spoke and manik smiled and kissed her forehead. He then bent down to her tummy

"babies missed their papa right but don't worry I am back here and beside you only so now sleep and I will make you mumma too sleep" he spoke and kissed her belly. He then moved close to nandini who is looking at him with a smile. She then decided to ask about the person who did the wonderful job and she was about to open her mouth but manik spoke before her.

"before you ask anything let me tell you in advance that we didn't do anything more instead of some punches and some warnings in our style and finally giving him to the real police.. And now you close your eyes for some time and I will fresh and come" he spoke and she nodded her head in yes. He then stood on his feet and cleared the bed keeping the picture album in its place and he took his clothes and went inside the washroom.

After he came from washroom, he settled himself beside nandini and she smiled at him and kept her head on his heart while he too wrapped his arms around her.

"I love you" she spoke kissing his heart and then looked at him waiting for his reply but he pulled her closer to his face and kissed her on her lips replying to her I love you.

They broke the kiss when they are breathless and nandini snuggled herself in his arms.

"sleep love we need to wake up early tomorrow" he spoke and she mumbled a good night for him as she is tired already. He then kissed her forehead before sleeping.

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