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   Chapter 26 Week 12 Part 01

Perfect Pregnancy Phase By Prathyusha Eluri Characters: 10100

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"so cheers for the baby and this is the last week of your first trimester nandu Baby at 12 weeks is opening and closing his or her fingers and curling toes. And baby's brain is developing fast if you poke your 12-week pregnant belly while looking at baby on an ultrasound, you'll likely see movement." mukti spoke keeping her head on nandini's lap. Nandini smiled at mukti and kissed her forehead and mukti kissed nandini little projected belly. Nandini, mukti, alya and navya along with sid are sitting in nandini bedroom in their combined farm house. All boys were kicked out from the room much to manik annoyance. They tried to push side too along with them but suddenly the mother boy inside him woke up and he cried a lot till they allow him to stay in the room.

"mukti I don't think you want to see the angry side of manik as already you have annoyed him to core" alya spoke and mukti looked at her with a confused face. Alya then pointed towards their position and mukti shrugged her shoulders.

"I don't get scared of him and moreover I have the right to sleep in her lap" mukti spoke and looked at nandini asking her whether she is right or not. Nandini nodded her head in yes

"Off course you have that right and moreover I am bored with that stupid husband of mine" she spoke and they all giggled and even sid laughed to core making all of them laugh.

"see even this small boy is laughing at the cost of his father in law" navya spoke and all laughed again. After that day, everyone decided that if manik and nandini are going to have a girl, she is going to be the daughter in law of cabir and navya.

"really mukti you are not scared of me right.. No worries I will definitely prove that you are afraid of my anger and you Mrs. Malhotra, do whatever you want but done you dare strain my babies... I will definitely show who is stupid here... And my dear champ don't worry I will deal with you when I will get my daughter in my hands" manik voice echoed in the room and mukti immediately sat straight and nanidini had her eyes wide open and then even the little sid is scared as he started to cry now. They all looked at the source and alya took her phone from her side laughing like hell. They all saw that the call is connected to manik from the past ten minutes and they understood that this entire plan by alya and they all glared at her.

"stop glaring at alya and now don't be so shocked and get ready to face all the consequences" manik spoke and disconnected the call. After they realized that manik is not on the call, mukti fell on alya beating the hell out of her. Seeing mukti like this, even sid crawled from navya lap and gave his one hand in handling alya. Seeing his actions, nandini and navya laughed out loud while mukti and alya looked at them in confusion. Then alya felt her face coming in contact with tiny fist of sid and she looked at sid with a shocked face.

Although, sid doesn't know why he is doing and what he is doing but his actions were the things which are suitable to

amed respectively.

"it's Mr. Akash singhania" navya spoke and all looked at her in confusion as why is some old man involved in this.

"why?' manik and cabir spoke at a time with their voices anyone can tell that they were hell angry.

"remember guys I went to one charity function representing fab5 last month.. there I saw him and he talked with me professionally for some time but later he showed his true colors and asked me to spend one night with him and I became so much angry and gave him his gift by slapping him in front of all so he decided to this to defame me" navya spoke her story and the people in the living room where hell angry which made navya scared.

"why didn't you tell me this before only" cabir asked and navya looked at him with a smile.

"I thought it's a small matter and didn't share with you but I didn't know that person will get to this extent" she spoke and all nodded their heads. They are thinking about the next action.

"I will prove them correct" cabir spoke with a determined voice, making all of them confused of what he is speaking.

"yes they said that she is having an affair with a member of fab5 right then let's show them who is that member.. Sorry guys but I am, going public I don't want the privacy which I get on the cost of navya dignity" he spoke and looked at all who are having smiles on their faces.

"even I will go public" druv and alya spoke at a time as this is the beauty of their relationship.. If one is trouble all will be ready to make it alright.

"even I am ready" mukti spoke and she looked at abhi asking for his permission who blinked his eyes and kissed her forehead. She smiled and even cabir smiled.

"even I am in I don't want any fame by putting the dignity of my sister in dustbin" manik spoke and he looked at nandini for asking her permission. In all this thinking he didn't see nandini and when he saw her he was shocked, ceased, stunned and what not. He found nandini lying on the couch sleeping or unconsciousness?

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