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   Chapter 23 Week 11 Part 01

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"mukti now tell me what is the matter and why the hell did you ask me to give nandini samples in the hospital" manik spoke to her in an impatient voice and listening to his voice mukti knew that she has to answer his question anyhow. They are sitting in the lawn area of the malhotra mansion as they are waiting for call from the hospital.

"ok first let me change the mood of all these here" she spoke as she is looking at all the people who are curious around her but she knew there are two people here who are the most saddest persons today but they won't show it out.

"first in the ninth week there are no main changes but the baby organs will be developed and in the tenth week, baby has working arm joints, and cartilage and bones are forming, vital organs are fully developed and they're starting to function. Fingernails and hair are starting to appear And can you believe that baby's busy practicing swallowing and kicking inside your 10 weeks pregnant belly" mukti spoke making a curious face at the last line. As soon as she completed, nandini hand went to her tummy to feel the moments of the baby but she didn't feel anything.

"don't worry nandini, you can't feel it now as the movements are minor" mukti spoke seeing nandini holding her tummy. Manik smiled at nandini and kissed her forehead keeping his hand on her tummy.

"now come to the main point" manik spoke gritting his teeth making mukti scare a little but she shrugged her shoulders and she looked at him with a serious face.

"ok, the samples are taken for some test as I told before" she spoke and in return got a glare from manik as she is not providing any information to him.

"ok I will tell you, nuchal translucency screening (a.k.a. NT Scan) typically happens between weeks 10 and 14; it tests your fetus for risk of Down syndrome and several other chromosomal abnormalities. For it, you'll have a painless ultrasound, and baby's nuchal fold (back of the neck) will be measured for signs of abnormality. The NTS is typically done as part of a "First Trimester Screen" where your blood is tested and your risk is assessed based on the results of both the ultrasound and the blood test and the blood test results will come out after 8-14 days" she spoke and manik made a confused face at her but mukti eyes were focused somewhere else as she knew this topic will bring sadness to two persons there.

"A cell-free fetal DNA test, also known as a non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) is a blood test given at week 10 or later. It screens mom's blood for signs of risk for Down syndrome, Edward Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, and other chromosomal abnormalities" she spoke looking at her target but in return she didn't get anything form them. She is waiting for a reaction from both of them and soon she got as she saw tear drop fell from the eyes of those two people.

"Other, more invasive tests—the CVS and amniocentesis—can be used to diagnose abnormalities as well. They're typically performed if you have a higher risk of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality, whether based on family history, risk factors, or NTS or NIPT results. The CVS (chorionic villus sampling), given between weeks 10 and 12, uses an ultrasound to determine the placenta's location. Then, using ultrasound as a guide, the doctor either uses a speculum inserted into your cervix or a needle through your belly to collect cells from the placenta. Those cells are tested for

d out from there following him. All knew that they need some space so they waited back.

"what happened mukti and how did you know this and we didn't?" abhi asked mukti holding her from her shoulders. She looked at him and hugged him tight making him go by surprise but he managed to calm himself and hugged her back tightly.

"edward's syndrome is the disorder, where the children from the age 0 to 2 are most affected and the chance for these babies of birth when they are having this during embryonic development is very rare and even if they are born they will die within one year. Only 5% people are able to survive above one year, but also their life is hell as they are treated as physically disabled and even they have problems with speech and simply they will lead the life which we never thought. So cabir and navya decided to go for MTP" she spoke and closed her eyes allowing the tears to fall down from her eyes.

"what is MTP?" alya asked being confused. Mukti looked at her and then snuggled herself more in abhia rms. Even alya is in druv arms now.

"medical termination of pregnancy" she spoke in a straight word and all nodded their heads trying to absorb this news but the most shattered one there is manik now. He doesn't know about the results of his babies and he doesn't want to lose his babies now.

"you mean abortion?" he spoke finally making all of them look at him not because of the dialogue but due to the pain in his voice.

"no, abortion is different from MTP, as if it is done with the willing of parents then it's abortion but if it is done due to health issues then it is abortion and if it happens accidentally then it is miscarriage" she spoke and then moved out from abhi embrace. She moved to manik and hugged him tight.

"I have to meet cabir" manik spoke, mukti broke the hug and they all moved towards cabir and navya. They saw them hugging each other and crying, they all moved towards them and hugged cabir and navya making it a group hug trying to decrease their pain which is not at all decreasing the past years.

"why didn't you tell us before only" druv asked still in the hug.

"we don't want to make you guys sad along with us" cabir spoke and in return he got punched from all his friends. They all hugged each other again.

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