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   Chapter 22 week 10 Part 02

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Manik came down after having his shower and came down to his entire family waiting for him for the breakfast. He smiled at them and wished them good morning, before taking a seat beside nandini. He smiled at nandini and she too smiled at him. They started to have their breakfast

"Manik I got a leave application from you and you mentioned you need ten months holidays" raj asked manik when they are eating peacefully. Manik looked at his father and then at nandini who is giving him an angry look.

"Should I answer this to my father or to the owner of Malhotra industries?" manik asked his father ignoring the glare from nandini. Raj looked at manik for a second and kept his food on the plate which is in his hand till now.

"Answer to your head" he spoke and manik sat straight on his seat. He looked straight in raj eyes with a determined look

"sir, I didn't apply leave directly I am asking permission to work from home as my wife needs me during this time than anything else and I want to fulfill her unsaid wish I.e. my presence around her" manik spoke without moving his eyes from raj face. Nandini who heard this looked at manik with love in her eyes. She felt the need of manik so many times in this ten weeks but she didn't tell him about it as she thought that she will disturb his office work and this is not in her wish list, manik understood her dilemma and he decided to work from his home. He knew she will object him if he tell her before only so he decided to tell her after all is over but his father spoiled it.

"Ok as your head I give you that permission but I don't want any delay in the work" raj spoke with the Malhotra attitude and manik nodded his head at him. Manik was about to speak but before he could do that he and raj both got a slap on their heads given by nyonika.

"your this head and employee game play outside the house not in the house and in the house you are only raj and manik and if you try to behave like businessmen then find a new house for yourselves as I am going to kick you both out of the house" she spoke making both of them look at her horrified. Nandini laughed out loud seeing these two big men still afraid of nyonika empty threat. Seeing her smile, manik smiled to his core and he just wanted to kiss her but he controlled due to the presence of his parents.

"Ok manik now tell me the answer as a son" raj spoke and nyonika gave him a glare but he didn't see her as he knew if he sees her then he will get control on himself and can't tease manik.

"Dad I want to be with her in this phase and I don't want to miss a single thing in this phase... and office work should be handled by you in the office and the remaining will be done by me" manik spoke and raj has his mouth wide open. He looked at manik and then at nyonika

"See you are telling to do the office work outside but see your son he is planning to do work in the house and at the same time he is indirectly asking me freedom to romance his wife and me being the sad person should leave you among this love birds and go to office... What a fate I pray to god this point shouldn't come in anyone life" raj spoke dramatically making all of them laugh. Nyonik

o her neck and she started to moan his name which made him wilder. His hand moved all around her body and finally settled on her lower hip. Her hands were fisted in his hairs. Manik lips moved further down on her neck which made her moan and this time listening to her moan he came back to his senses and he stopped what he is doing. He looked at her and nandini looked at him confused

"Not now we will do this once when we are married" he spoke and kissed her forehead. Nandini smiled at his thinking and hugged him.

"What are you thinking?" nandini voice made him come out from his thoughts and he then felt her hands on his waist as she is hugging him from back. He smiled feeling her hands on him.

He broke the hug and turned towards her with laptop still in his hands. Seeing the laptop in his hands she is confused. Seeing her confused face he showed her the wallpaper and she smiled to full seeing the picture. She is about to say but manik mobile rang making her stop from saying anything. Manik took his mobile out from his pocket and saw mukti calling him.

"Yes mukti" he spoke answering her call and kept the call on the speaker.

"Manik we have completed shooting the video for our next song and we can release it whenever we decide" she spoke and manik smiled listening this

"Good" he spoke and waited for her to speak more as he knew there is something she wants to share.

"Manik take nandini to hospital and give her blood and urine sample as we have to test the health of the baby" she spoke and manik nodded his head. Then he understood that she can't see him so he told ok and disconnected the call.

"What test manik?" nandini asked him as soon as he disconnected the call. He looked at her and smiled, he pulled her closer to him by her hands and then his hands went on her waist

"There are some tests which are to be done in week 10 to 12 to test the health of the baby" he spoke and nandini nodded her head.

"After giving samples, we both will go for shopping" he spoke and nandini nodded her head as she needed some maternity clothes. They both got ready and left for hospital.

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